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Full Name

PANGEA Zeta Model


Active condition(s):


N Xenoseeker lvl 5 Envoy (worships Triune)


Android | SP 30/30 ; HP 34/34 ; RP 7/7 | EAC 14 ; KAC 15 | (+2 vs. spells, SLAs, disease, mind-affect', poison & sleep) Fort. +1 ; Ref. +7 ; Will +6 | Speed 30 ft. | Perc' +9 ; SM +8+1d6 |












Common ; Akitonian ; Ysoki ; Drow ; Aklo ; Communicate w. Animals & Magical beasts


Travel VLogger

Homepage URL


Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 20

About Pangea-Zeta


Current Mission Log:
• Inspiring boost used on
• Health Status: --
• Ammo: --

Operative Melee & Ranged : +3 BAB +4 Dex
Damage: +0 Str +2 Weapon Spec'

Swagger Handcannon:
(lvl 6) Underwater property: no penalty to attack & full damage
Dam' 1d12 P ; Range 40 ft. ; Crit’: Knockdown (no save) ; Analog ; Unwieldy (no full action) unless Free hands (1)
Capacity: 6 shells (1 use)
[dice=vs. KAC]1d20+3+4[/dice]
Full Attack:
[dice=vs. KAC]1d20+3+4-4[/dice]
[dice=vs. KAC]1d20+3+4-4[/dice]
- regular clip loaded (6/6)
3 x clips w. 6 regular shells (+3 extra shells)
[dice=P ; Magic]1d12+2[/dice]
4 x clips w. 6 explosive shells (+1 extra shell)
[dice=P & F ; Magic]1d12+2[/dice] (deals 1/2 dam’ to targets that take 1/2 from energy but none from kinetic (like incorporeals) ; counts as explode property vs. swarms ; at GM’s discretion can set extremely flammable materials on fire, such as oil-soaked rags or dry tinder)
Crit’ = ALL damage is F ; Knockdown + Push (5 ft.)
Cruel Fusion
When hit a target that is frightened, panicked, or shaken, target is sickened for 1 round. When successful attack drops a foe, gain 5 temporary HPs that last for 10 minutes.

Survival Knife:
(lvl 1) Underwater property: no penalty to attack & full damage
Dam' 1d4 S ; Critical — ; Analog, operative
[dice=vs. KAC]1d20+3+4[/dice]
Full Attack:
[dice=vs. KAC]1d20+3+4-4[/dice]
[dice=vs. KAC]1d20+343-4[/dice]

Smoke Grenade:
(lvl 1) Underwater property: no penalty to attack & full damage
Damage — ; Range 20 ft. ; Critical — ; Capacity drawn ; Has 4
Releases a cloud of dense smoke. Lasts 1 minute, 20 ft. radius.
All who inhale smoke save vs. Fortitude (DC = 15 + 1 per previous check) or spend round choking and coughing: he can do nothing else.
A character who chokes for 2 consecutive rounds takes 1d6 nonlethal damage. (Active environmental protection armor prevents this effect altogether) Regardless of armor, smoke obscures vision: concealment to all within it.
[dice=vs. AC 5]1d20+3+4[/dice]
2 are in backpack

Restraining Spinneret:
[dice=Web vs. EAC]1d20+3+4[/dice]
If hit, target is entangled for:
[dice=1d4 rounds]1d4[/dice]
Ending entangled requires target to succeed at an Acrobatics or Strength check as a move action. DC 16 (DC = 10 + half your level + your Dexterity modifier)
Once used, restraining spinneret cannot be used again 10 minute SP rest.
Can spend 1 Resolve Point at any point to recharge it immediately.

Space Combat:
• Captain
[dice=Diplomacy]1d20+14[/dice] check result and either reroll or add [dice]1d6+1[/dice]
• Gunner
• Engineer
• Pilot
• Science Officer

Prototype Android & Nanite Genesis Enterprise - Akiton PANGEA Zeta model serial #101218-706
Non-sexuated Android N Xenoseeker Level 5 Envoy
SFS #101218-706
V-Logger for PANGEA
Worships Triune
6ft1” (185 cm), 187 lbs. (85 kgs)

A tall non-sexuated android, with yellow lights under dark synthskin.
It is wearing a simple stationwear flight suit, with an Acquisitives patch on one shoulder, and an Obsidian Spiders one on the other shoulder.
Zeta has some notepads and mini-cams attached to its suit, for V-Logging.
It has a Starfinder Insignia pinned to its chest pocket, besides a PANGEA patch.
It points to a serum of healing and a medpatch fixed to its chest: ”In case of emergency", Zeta says.
On its belt there are a couple smoke grenades, a survival knife, and some kind of oversized revolver, with a really big chamber, and a super long barrel!
A few speed clips are attached beside it.
Zeta has a Starfinder pack on its back.

An early Pangea Beta-Model from Akiton, this android works for the family company that created it.
It is the V-LOGger for PANGEA, in charge of making the company’s social media presence funky!
Given the long alliance between the Obsidian Spiders and PANGEA, Zeta is part of the Acquisitives and helps provide support and to Starfinder missions.

STR 10 ; DEX 18** ; CON 10 ; INT 14 ; WIS 13 ; CHA 22*
* Key Ability (+4 Synaptic Accelerator) ; ** (+2 Synaptic Accelerator)
(lvl 5 boost to Dex ; Int ; Wis ; Cha)

30 SP ; 34 HP ; 8 RP

EAC 14 ; KAC 15
(+0/+1 Armor + 4 Dex)

Init' +4 ; Speed 30 ft. ; BAB +3

Low Light, Darkvision (60 ft)
Does not breathe, nor suffer effects of vacuum

+1 Fortitude (+1 +0 Con)
[dice=Fortitude]1d20+1[/dice] (+2 insight vs. spells & SLAs ; +2 racial vs. disease, mind-affecting, poison & sleep, unless vs. constructs)
+7 Reflex (+3 +4 Dex)
[dice=Reflex]1d20+7[/dice] (+2 insight vs. spells & SLAs ; +2 racial vs. disease, mind-affecting, poison & sleep, unless vs. constructs)
+6 Will (+3 +1 Wis +2 Iron Will) spend 1 RP to reroll Will save
[dice=Will]1d20+6[/dice] (+2 insight vs. spells & SLAs ; +2 racial vs. disease, mind-affecting, poison & sleep, unless vs. constructs)

Light Armor ; Basic Melee ; Small Arms ; Grenades
lvl 1 - Spellbane
lvl 3 - Iron Will ; Weapon Specialization
lvl 5 - Improved Iron Will

speaks Common ; Akitonian ; Ysoki ; Drow ; Aklo
can communicate w. Animals & Magical Beasts (Int. 1 or 2)
(information given usually consists of simple concepts such as “danger,” “food,” or “that way”)

8+Int/level ; * = class skill
+12 *Acrobatics (Dex) 5 ranks +3 class +4 Dex
+8 *Athletics (Str) 5 ranks +3 class skill +0 Str
+14 *Bluff (Cha) 5 ranks +3 class skill +6 Cha
[dice=Bluff]1d20+14[/dice] (+2 DC Sense Motive vs. me)
+6 *Computers (Int) 1 rank +3 class skill +2 Int
+6 *Culture (Int) 1 rank +3 class skill +2 Int
[dice=Culture]1d20+6[/dice] (+4 to decipher writing)
+14/+15+1d6 *Diplomacy (Cha) 5 ranks +3 class skill +6 Cha (reroll or add +1d6+1 Insight)
[dice=Diplomacy]1d20+14[/dice] check result and either reroll or add [dice]1d6+1[/dice]
can attempt Diplomacy checks to influence Animals & Magic Beasts (Int. 1 & 2)
+6 *Disguise (Cha)
+6 *Engineering (Int) 1 rank + 3 class skill + 2 Int
[dice=Engineering]1d20+6[/dice] (+4 vs. traps)
+15+1d6 *Intimidate (Cha) 5 ranks +3 class skill +6 Cha +1d6+1 Insight
+6 *Life Science (Int) 1 rank +3 class skill +2 Int
[dice=Life Science]1d20+6[/dice] (-5 DC to ID a rare creature)
+6 *Medicine (Int) 1 ranks + 3 class +2 Int
-- Mysticism
+9 *Perception (Wis) 5 ranks + 3 class +1 Wis
[dice=Perception]1d20+9[/dice] (+4 to search)
+6 * Physical Science (Int) 1 ranks + 3 class +2 Int
[dice= Physical Science]1d20+6[/dice]
+12 *Piloting (Dex) 5 ranks +3 class +4 Dex
+14 *Profession, PANGEA V-Logger (Cha) 1 rank + 3 class skill + 6 Cha + 4 Kit
(+1 for Day Job: +15 & Take 10 = 25 or 50 Cr. x 3 Known Quantity = 150 Cr.)
+8+1d6 *Sense Motive (Wis) 5 ranks +3 class skill +1 Wis -2 racial +1d6+1 Insight
[dice=Sense Motive]1d20+7+1d6+1[/dice]
+8*Sleight of Hand (Dex) 1 rank +3 class skill +4 Dex
[dice=Sleight of Hand]1d20+8[/dice]
+8 *Stealth (Dex) 1 rank +3 class skill +4 Dex
+2 Survival (Wis) 1 rank + 1 Wis

+1d6+1 Insight bonus to Diplomacy, Intimidate, Sense Motive
Slick Costumer
Roll Diplomacy then either reroll or roll expertise die and add.

Language dependent ; Mind affecting
Standard action to grant a single move action to an ally within 60 feet.
The ally can use that move action during her next turn to take a guarded step, move up to her speed, or draw or sheathe a weapon.
The ally can use her extra move action in between her other actions, and she can even use it before or after a full action.
A character can use no more than one extra action from hurry in a single round.

Language & Sense dependent ; Mind affecting
Standard action to heal ally within 30 feet who has taken damage from any attack made by a significant enemy at any point after your last turn ended.
Heal 2 x Envoy level + CHA (or 16) SP.
Once ally benefited from inspiring boost, cannot use again until he takes a 10-minute SP rest.

Language & Sense dependent ; Mind affecting
Move action to choose one enemy within 60 feet.
Until the start of your next turn, you and allies gain a +1 morale bonus to attack enemy.
Bonus persists even if the enemy moves beyond 60 feet or out of line of sight or hearing.

Underwater property: no penalty to attack & full damage
Swagger Handcannon w. Underwater property & Cruel Fusion
Survival Knife w. Underwater property
Smoke Grenades w. Underwater property

worn on chest
• Mk 1 Serum of Healing (1d8)
• Medpatch

Stationwear Flight-Suit Level 1 Light Armor
EAC Bonus +0 ; KAC Bonus +1 ; Max. Dex Bonus +6 ; Upgrade Slots — ; Bulk L
Armor Check Penalty — ; Speed Adjustment —
Armor Benefits:
• boots anchor your feet to a solid surface in a zero-gravity, allowing you to orient yourself or return to normal footing when needed
• armor protects you from a range of hazards through an environmental field (a minor force field specially attuned to pressure and temperature that does not reduce damage from attacks) that lasts 24 hours / level (standard to turn on, can be used in 1 hour increments) - cf. p. 297/298 CRB
• armor facilitates self-contained breathing, protecting you against vacuums, smoke, and thick, thin, and toxic atmospheres (including any airborne poison or disease)
• self-contained breathing functions underwater and in similar liquid environments. This protection allows you to breathe in a corrosive atmosphere to prevent suffocation.
• armor protects you against low levels of radiation and grants a +4 circumstance bonus to saving throws against higher levels of radiation
• armor’s environmental protections reasonably protect you against both cold (temperatures below –20° F) and heat (air temperatures over 140° F)

In armor (80 charges, use 1/hour)
A personal comm unit is pocket-sized device combining minor portable computer (tier-0 computer w. no upgrades or modules) and a cellular communication device, allowing wireless communication with other comm units in both audio- and text-based formats at planetary range.
Also includes a calculator, a flashlight (increases the light level one step in a 15-foot cone), and several entertainment options (including games and access to any local infospheres).


(personal upgrade slot)
Jet Pack Fly speed of 30 feet (average maneuverability) 40 cap' / 2 per round
You can use this for “cruising flight” at a usage of only 1 charge per minute, but you are flat-footed and off-target while doing so.
Changing from normal flight to cruising flight or vice versa is a standard action.
A jetpack can’t lift you if you’re encumbered.


(right hand)
This implant rests underneath the skin of the palm of right hand.
Can be activated or deactivated mentally as a swift action.
Activating the implant causes a rendition of the Starfinder Society’s symbol to glow underneath the skin.
This augmentation acts as a mark, letting others know you are a member of the Starfinder Society.
It also increases the light level within 5 feet by one step while active.

(left hand)
Restraining Spinneret
Melee attack against EAC w. dexterity.
If hit, target is entangled condition for 1d4 rounds.
Ending entangled requires target to succeed at an Acrobatics or Strength check as a move action. (DC = 10 + half your level + your Dexterity modifier)
Once used, restraining spinneret cannot be used again 10 minute SP rest.
Can spend 1 Resolve Point at any point to recharge it immediately.


• Finger sized crystal, attached to short metal chain, with "Pijurzi 'Ta" laser etched on the interior (in mentrasi, from 1-31)s
• Starfinder Insignia
V-LOGger Uniform
Starfinder Backpack
When seek object stowed in backpack, you find it immediately. Retrieve object as if drawing a weapon. Can stow objects of 1 bulk or less in pack as if sheathing a weapon.
in backpack:
• 6 x Mk1 Healing Serums
• 1 x high capacity battery (40 charges)
• Fire Extinguisher
• V-LOGger Toolkit
• Engineering Toolkit
• Hacking Toolkit
• Trapsmith Toolkit
• Broad-spectrum scanning kit
• Linguist’s kit
• Restraints

can carry 7 Bulk (5 w/o backpack) w/o encumbered
4 is Current Total
4 L - 4 x Grenades
1 L - Armor
7L - Healing Serums
1 L - Medpatch
6 L - 6 x Toolkits
1 L - Clothes
1 B - Jet Pack
1 L - Knife
1 B - Handcannon
1 L - Shells
1 L - Explosive Shells
1 L - Fire Extinguisher
2 B 25 L total

1000 + 720+44 + 753+44 + 200 + 719+44 +741+44 + 2180+44 + 1470+ 92 + 1530 + 1447+92 + 1467+92 + 4130+48 +1433+144
(12723 total credits)
50 Cr. - Medpatch
50 Cr. - Healing Serum
160 Cr. - 4 x Smoke Grenades (40 Cr.) w. Underwater (4 Cr.) (-10% from boon = -4 Cr.)
104 Cr. - Survival Knife w. Underwater
3100 Cr. - Jetpack
330 Cr. - High Capacity Battery
3828 Cr. - Handcannon w. Underwater 4350 + 435 = 4785 -20% from Gun Runner used
55 Cr. - Gun shells
110 Cr. - Explosive Gun shells
530 Cr. - lvl 6 Cruel Weapon Fusion (-50% from First Seeker’s Intuition)
1400 Cr. - Mk I Synaptic Accelerator (+2 Cha)
330 Cr. - Restraining Spinneret
500 Cr. - Wildwise
80 Cr. - 4 kits: engineering, hacking, trapsmith & Vlogger tools
400 Cr. - 2 kits: Broad-spectrum scanning kit & Linguist’s kit
5 Cr. - Professional Clothes
750 Cr. - Starfinder Backpack
15 Cr. - Fire Extinguisher
5 Cr. - Restraints
95 Cr. - Stationwear Flight suit
50 Cr. - Healing Serum
left before mission 12:
5058 Cr.
spent before mission 12:
100 Cr. - 2 x Mk1 Healing Serums
spent after mission 12:
6500 Cr. - Mk 2 Ability crystal (from chronicle of 1-21)

35 Cr. left
Acquisitives Champion (Faction Boon)
Allows Reputation gain w. Acquisitives

Promotional Record Keeper (Starfinder Player Character Folio)
1/ per session: • either reduce RP cost to regain Stamina by 1 (down to 0 RP)
• or reduce DC of one starship combat check (including a gunnery) by 4

Spirits of a Doomed People (from 1-31)
You saved the spirits of those mentrasi bound to the strange menhir in the lost city of Xaharee. (2/2 uses left)
When this boon is slotted and you have 0 Hit Points and are dying, you can check one of the boxes on this boon. You immediately gain 1 Hit point and 2d8 temporary Hit Points, as one of the mentrasi spirits temporarily rejuvenates you. You can activate this boon without spending an action even if it is not your turn, though you cannot activate it after being attacked but before damage is dealt. You can only benefit from this effect once in a 24-hour period. Once the final box is checked, this boon can no longer be slotted.

Known Quality (Social Boon)
Have become a rising celebrity backed by your faction.
Cost: 2 Fame (purchased after 6th mission)
After doubling result of Profession skill check & determining total earnings,
multiply by Acquisitives Reputation Tier

STARSHIP --choose one of the following two:
Hero of the Stars (Starship Boon; Limited Use)
Anytime reduced to 0 or fewer Hull Points your starship immediately regains tier x 5 Hull Points (max' 30). Only 1 boon / starship. When activated, cross off sheet
Weapons of a Lost Civilization (Starship Boon)
One light weapon onboard starship becomes tactical nuclear missile launcher (Starfinder Core Rulebook 302). Or one heavy weapon becomes heavy nuclear missile launcher (Starfinder Core Rulebook 303). Same arc. Only one weapon replaced by this kind of boon with this name. –1 penalty to fire.
Tactical 0/20 used ; Heavy 0/10 used.

Purveyor of Fortunes (Slotless Boon)
Cost: 0 Fame (purchased after 3rd mission)
After scenario where achieved primary success condition & $10 in Starfinder Society Retail Incentive Program: earn 1 additional Acquisitives Fame & Rep'
Only 1 / tier:
• tier 1 - after 4th mission
• tier 2 - after 6th mission
• tier 3 - after 8th mission
• tier 4 - after (to do) mission
Starfinder Insignia (Slotless Boon)
Appears as ordinary medal showing symbol of Starfinder Society, can store as much information as a common tier-1 datapad. DC 20 Perception or Sense Motive to realize insignia is a storage device.
Abysshead Download (Slotless Boon)
A digital copy of the drow album Abysshead infected every digital device you have.
Marked Field Agent (Slotless Boon)
Subdermal Implant
Society Contract
(for playing pre-gens) from 1-00 Claim to Salvation
Claimant to Salvation
(for Salvation’s End) from 1-00 Claim to Salvation
Ghibrani Linguist (Slotless Boon)
Learn Ghibrani

Journey to the Scoured Stars: Segment 1 & 6 (Unidentified Boon)
You were present at Luwazi Elsebo’s announcement declaring the Starfinder Society would continue investigating the Scoured Stars system.

• 14 XP
• 38 Total Reputation (Tier 3)
• 32 Acquisitives Reputation (Tier 3)
• 2 ExoGuardians (Tier 0)
• 1 Wayfinders (Tier 0)
• 1 Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) (Tier 0)
• 2 Second Seekers (Jadnura) (Tier 0)
• 28 Fame

• Grand Lodge PFS Faction Pin
1/scenario add 2d4 to Culture skill & treat as trained, even if you don’t have a rank in it
from The Commencement
• Faction’s Friend (Social Boon) to gain Rep' when failed
from the AP 1
• Loaned Ship: Sunrise Maiden (Starship Boon)
• Street Cred: Absalom Station (Social Boon) helps to fight gangers
from 1-05
• High Society Influence (Ally Boon):
During the course of Luwazi Elsebo’s gala to announce the future of the Starfinder Society, you impressed one or more of the guests in attendance. How this influence will play out in the future is not yet clear, but you have nevertheless ingratiated yourself with a number of influential people. You will be told if this boon is important to a future scenario prior to slotting your boons. Your GM will cross out the attendees your failed to influence.
▫ Iteration-177 ▫ Ykris ▫ Naiaj ▫ Zo! ▫ Royo

• Honorary Spider (Social Boon) gain bonus w. Intimidate or Sense Motive
• Second Seekers (Elwazi Elsebo) Champion (Faction Boon) from Protector of the Future
from 1-06
Half-Orc Admittance (Personal Boon)
from 1-04
Honorbound Allies (Ally or Starship Boon)
from 1-02
AbadarCorp Acquaintance (Social Boon) AbadarCorp Respect
from 1-03
Automated Defenses (Starship Boon) reduce incoming tracking weapons
Friend of the Ghibrani (Social Boon) Husk & Membrane
from 1-21
Knowledge of a Forgotten Military (Social Boon) reduce price of radioactive weapons

• 13 -
• 12 - 1-31 - Treading History's Folly
• 11 - 1-21 - Yesteryear's Sorrow
• 10 - 1-26 - Truth of the Seeker
• 9 - 1-06 - A Night in Nightarch (DM Credit)
• 8 - 1-00 - Claim to Salvation 
• 7 - 1-05 - The First Mandate 
• 6- DS (#1) - Incident at Absalom Station (DM Credit) 
• 5- 1-04 - Cries from the Drift (DM Credit) 
• 4- 1-03 - Yesteryears's Truth 
• 3 - 1-02 - Fugitive on the Red Planet 
• 2 - 01 - The Commencement (DM Credit)
• 1 - Q-01 - Into the Unknown (DM Credit)