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G'day peeps,

I've been searching around lately for a decent tracker so I could see more easily which scenarios I had done and if I could line up any story arcs for particular characters, it's always a disappointing feeling when you have done x in a series with one character to later find out you've levelled them out of the (x+1)th. All of the ones I found were well out of date, at least a year and a half, and they were usually PDFs which are a little more difficult to edit on the computer.

So I made my own, it's not finished yet but I'm working on it and I've copied it over to google drive so other people can use it. I'm going through the arcs listed here so if you could help me by adding any arc additions to that thread it would be appreciated. If I have made any mistakes then please let me know in this thread.
I also need to thank the people behind the Golariopedia for their tabulated listing of the first 3 seasons.

PFS Scenario List/Tracker

Also usable for rerolls at PFS events?

How do you feel about wondrous items that seem a little... okay very over-powered? As someone who has ran a few games I'm seeing a number of items that just make me shudder, either because the power/cost ratio is well off or it is just too extreme. How do you treat them in the voting? What if it is up against an item that fails on other levels?