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Full Name

Padre Thomas 'Jinxo' / 'Chef' Jordan


HP 30/30 | AC 19(21) | F +7 R +7 W +6 | Perc +4 | Stealth +0 |


speed 20 | focus 1/1 | Active Conditions: ---


CG Male Human, Liberator of Cayden Cailen level 3 |






Common, Varisian, Dwarven, Sylvan (centaur)

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About Padre Tom

The Padre, referring to himself as Tom is a middle age man, dressed in a simple loose fitting monk style tunic and cowl over some clunky plate armor. around his neck a simple chain with a wooden tackard hags around his neck.

His dark hair has started to thin out on top but his beard and moustache are light and well kept.

On his side he has a nice looking rapier and attached to the other side of his belt is little more than a large metal pot lid turned shield.

He tends to have a barrel at his side and When travelling has the brewing equipment for a batch or two of beer in progress.

Character Name
Ethnicity: Generically Garundi
Nationality: Isgar originally
Birthplace: Saringallows
Age: 35
Gender & Pronouns: Male (he/his)
class; Champion Liberator 3
size traits: Medium Humanoid Human
Follower of deity - Cayden Cailen
Common, Varisian, Dwarven, Sylvan (centaur)
Perception: +5 (0(wis) + 5(prof) + (item)) [T/E/M/L]
Special Senses:
AC: 20 (10 + 1(dex) + 5(prof) + 4(item)) [T/E/M/L]
Steel Shield: +2 Hardness 7 Max HP 30 / BT 15 Current HP 30/30
Heavy: [T/E/M/L]

Fortitude: 8 ((con) + (prof) + (item)) [T/E/M/L]
Reflex: 8 ((dex) + (prof) + (item)) [T/E/M/L]
Will: 7 ((wis) + (prof) + (item)) [T/E/M/L]
Notes: (conditional modifiers, reactions, resistances, immunities, etc.)


Rapier +9 - 1d8+4, Deadly d8, Disarm, Finesse

Class DC: 18 (10 + (key stat) + (prof) + (item)) [T/E/M/L]
Speed: 20 Movement Types: (e.g. climb, burrow, fly)
Melee Strikes
[Dice=weapon, str, trained]1d20 +# +#[/dice]
[Dice=[B/P/S] (traits)]1d#+#[/dice]
Ranged Strikes
[Dice=weapon, dec, trained]1d20 +# +#[/dice]
[Dice=[B/P/S] (traits)]1d#+#[/dice]
Weapon Proficiencies
Simple: [T/E/M/L], Martial: [T/E/M/L], Other (weapon): [T/E/M/L]

Acrobatics: 6 = (dex) + (prof) + (item) - (armor) [T/E/M/L]
Arcana: 3 = (int) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Athletics: 11 = (str) + (prof) + (item) - (armor) [T/E/M/L]
Crafting: 7 = (int) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Deception: 6 = (cha) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Diplomacy: 6 = (cha) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Intimidation: 1 = (cha) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Lore (hunting): 7 = (int) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Medicine: 0 = (wis) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Nature: 0 = (wis) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Occultism: 7 = (int) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Performance: 6 = (cha) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Religion: 5 = (wis) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Society: 7 = (int) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Stealth: 1 = (dex) + (prof) + (item) - (armor) [T/E/M/L]
Survival: 5 = (wis) + (prof) + (item) [T/E/M/L]
Thievery: 1 = (dex) + (prof) + (item) - (armor) [T/E/M/L]
STR +4
DEX +1
CON +1
INT +2
WIS +0
CHA +1
Ancestry Feats and Abilities
Special 1st:
Heritage 1st: Skilled Heritage -> Another Skill

Background: (feat) Forager

Class Feats and Abilities
Feature 1st: Liberator - LIBERATING STEP [reaction]
Feature 1st:
1st: (feat) DOMAIN - Indulgence - Overstuff
Bonus Feats
Shield Block
Skill Feats Extra skills
2nd: (feat) Alchemist Dedication.
General Feats
3rd: Canny Acumen (expert in Reflex)

Combat Gear:
steel shield
Brest plate
javelins (x4)

Magic Items:
Other Gear:
explorers clothing (L)
still (more cookware)
wooden holy symbol

Bulk: # (Encumbered at: ## = 5 + (str); Maximum at: ## = 10 + (str))
Coins: # copper # silver # gold # platinum (or total in gold)

Source Core Rulebook pg. 275
Price 8 gp; AC Bonus +4; Dex Cap +1; Check Penalty -2; Speed Penalty -5 ft.
Strength 16; Bulk 2; Group Plate; Traits —

Shield Bash
Source Core Rulebook pg. 281
Price —; Damage 1d4 B; Bulk —
Hands 1
Group Shield; Traits —
A shield bash is not actually a weapon, but a maneuver in which you thrust or swing your shield to hit your foe with an impromptu attack.

Source Core Rulebook pg. 281
Price 2 gp; Damage 1d6 now 1d8 P; Bulk 1
Hands 1
Group Sword; Traits Deadly d8, Disarm, Finesse
The rapier is a long and thin piercing blade with a basket hilt. It is prized among many as a dueling weapon.

Steel Shield
Source Core Rulebook pg. 277
Price 2 gp; AC Bonus +2; Speed Penalty —
Bulk 1; Hardness 5; HP (BT) 20 (10)
Like wooden shields, steel shields come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Though more expensive than wooden shields, they are much more durable.

Cookware - Item 0
Source Core Rulebook pg. 288
Price 1 gp
Hands 2; Bulk 2

Source Core Rulebook pg. 282
Price 1 sp; Damage 1d6 P; Bulk L
Hands 1; Range 30 ft.
Group Dart; Traits Thrown
This thin spear is well balanced for throwing but is not designed for melee use.

• You must never perform acts anathema to your deity or willingly commit an evil act, such as murder, torture, or the casting of an evil spell.
• You must never knowingly harm an innocent, or allow immediate harm to one through inaction when you know you could reasonably prevent it. This tenet doesn’t force you to take action against possible harm to innocents at an indefinite time in the future, or to sacrifice your life to protect them.
• You must respect the choices others make over their own lives, and you can’t force someone to act in a particular way or threaten them if they don’t.
• You must demand and fight for others’ freedom to make their own decisions. You may never engage in or countenance slavery or tyranny.
• Anathema waste alcohol, be mean or standoffish when drunk, own a slave

Overstuff - Focus 1
Uncommon - Cleric - Transmutation
Source Core Rulebook pg. 394
Cast Two Actions somatic, verbal
Range 30 feet; Targets 1 living creature
Saving Throw Fortitude
Huge amounts of food and drink fill the target. It receives a full meal's worth of nourishment and must attempt a Fortitude save.

A target sickened by this spell takes a –10-foot status penalty to its Speed until it's no longer sickened.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success The target is sickened 1, but if it spends an action to end the condition, it succeeds automatically.
Failure The target is sickened 1.
Critical Failure The target is sickened 2.

Liberating Step Reaction
Source Core Rulebook pg. 107
Trigger An enemy damages, Grabs, or Grapples your ally, and both are within 15 feet of you.
You free an ally from restraint. If the trigger was an ally taking damage, the ally gains resistance to all damage against the triggering damage equal to 2 + your level. The ally can attempt to break free of effects grabbing, restraining, immobilizing, or paralyzing them. They either attempt a new save against one such effect that allows a save, or attempt to Escape from one effect as a free action. If they can move, the ally can Step as a free action, even if they didn’t need to escape.