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Full Name

Ozmin Black​stone


| Active Effects: None | Armor Environmental Seals: Inactive (3 days remaining)


| Male Elebrian (Death-Touched) Operative (Ghost) 3


| SP 24/24 | HP 20/20 | RP 5/5 | EAC 17 KAC 18 CMD 26 Electricity Resist 5 | Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +2; Evasion, +1 vs. radiation effects | Init +6 | Perception +7 (Darkvision 60ft) Trap Spotter +11 (10ft)










As far away from Eox as possible


Common, Eoxian, Drow, Aklo, Azlanti, Jinsul (6)

Strength 11
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 10

About Ozmin Black​stone

"What do you despise? By this you are truly known."
- Dune

Ozmin "Oz" Blackstone
Male Elebrian Death-Touched Operative (Ghost) 3
Neutral Medium Humanoid (Elebrian)
Init +6; Perception +7; Darkvision 60ft

SP: 24 HP: 20 RP: 5
EAC: 17 (+3 Armor, +4 Dex)
KAC: 18 (+4 Armor, +4 Dex)
AC vs CM: 26
Resistance: Electricity 5
Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +2; Evasion, +1 circumstance bonus vs. radiation effects

Speed: 40ft.
BAB: +2 Melee: +2 Ranged: +6 Thrown: +2 Grenades: +2

Anchoring Murmur Sonic Supressor +6 (1d4+1 So | Anchor or Stifle | 40ft | 20 Charges Usage 2) w/Light Bayonet Bracket
Lesser Shadowstaff +6 (1d4+1 C | 30ft | 40 Capacity Usage 1 | Swift: Shift to Melee)
Needler Pistol +6 (1d4+1 P | Injection DC +2 | 30ft | 6 Darts Usage 1 | Analog, Injection)
Mk.1 Holo Grenade +2 (Level 1, Range 20', Explode 10', Level 1 Holographic Image Caster Level 3, 2 Rounds | Draw | DC 10) x1
Energy Ray +6 (1d3 E | 30ft | At Will | SR: Yes)

Standard Syringe Stick +6 (1d3+1 P | Conceal, Injection, Operative) ^ (Light Bayonet Bracket w/Sonic Supressor)
Lesser Shadowstaff +2 (1d4+3 B or P or S | 2-Handed, Swift: Shift Melee tyoe or shift to Ranged | Block)
Survival Knife +6 (1d4+1 S | Analog, Operative)
Jolting Surge +2 (4d6 E | Touch | 1/Day | SR: Yes | Target electrical device being held (or target is an electrical device, such as a robot), attack gains a +2 bonus. Spell does not provoke)

Trick Attack: +1d8

Ammo Tracker:
Total Sonic Supressor Charges: 20 | Fired: 0 | Remaining: 20
Total Shadowstaff ammo: 80 | Fired: 4 | Remaining: 76
Total Darts: 31 | Fired: 0 | Remaining: 31
Spare Battery Charges: 20 | Fired: 0 | Remaining: 20

STR 11 (+0) DEX 18^ (+4) CON 14 (+2) INT 14 (+2) WIS 8 (-1) CHA 10 (+0)
^ Mk.1 Personal Upgrade

SKILLS (36) | (8+Int+Edge) = 12 skill ranks per level | Edge +2 | Armor Check Penalty: -1 |
Acrobatics (3) +12, Athletics (3) +8, Bluff (2) +7, Culture (2) +9, Diplomacy (0) +2, Disguise (0) +2, Engineering (3) +10, Intimidate (3) +8, Perception (3) +7*, Physical Science (3) +10, Piloting (3) +12, Profession (weapon/lab technician) (1) +12, Sense Motive (3) +7, Sleight of Hand (3) +11, Stealth (3) +12^, Survival (1) +5.

Skill notes: Can make all recall knowledge checks untrained, and can take 20 on these checks (takes 2 minutes) even when not connected to an infosphere. Can use Perception instead of Mysticism to recall knowledge about undead and negative energy effects.
* +4 vs. traps
^ +1 for trick attack

Skill-related Tool Kits and Other Items: Trapsmith's Tools (+4 circumstance bonus on Engineering/Mysticism checks to disable traps), Thieves' Tools (+4 circumstance bonus on Engineering checks to disable mechanical/tech locks and Computer checks vs. doors), Broad-Spectrum Scanning Kit (+4 circumstance bonus on Perception checks to search), Professional's Tools (+4 circumstance bonus to Profession (weapon/lab technician).

Languages: Common, Eoxian, Drow, Aklo, Azlanti, Jinsul (6)

Proficiencies: Light Armor, Basic Melee, Small Arms, Sniper Weapons.

1 - Nimble Moves (Ignore 20ft of difficult terrain per round and can take guarded steps while in difficult terrain)
1 - Skill Focus (Acrobatics) (+3 Insight Bonus to chosen skill) Operative's Edge Bonus Feat
1 - Skill Focus (Stealth) (+3 Insight Bonus to chosen skill) Operative's Edge Bonus Feat
3 - Weapon Specialization (Operative Bonus Feat)
3 - Mobility (+4 to AC when provoking via leaving threatened squares)

Class Features
1 - Operative's Edge (Ex) (Gain +1 insight bonus to all skills)
1 - Operative Specialization Ghost (Gain Skill Focus in Acrobatics & Stealth, plus 1 bonus skill rank in each, every level)
1 - Trick Attack (Ex) (Full round action, can move or not, Acro/Bluff/Intim/Stealth (Ghost +1 Stealth) vs DC 20+CR, success = enemy flat-footed and extra damage) +1d4
2 - Evasion
2 - Operative Exploit: Trap Spotter* (Double Operative's Edge bonus to Perception vs. traps and get automatic/free Perception checks when within 10 feet of a trap)
3 - Operative's Edge (Ex) (+2)
3 - Quick Movement (Ex) (Gain +10 to land speed in no/light armor)
3 - Trick Attack (Ex) (1d8)

Other Features
Death-Touched Theme (1) Theme Knowledge: Use Perception instead of Mysticism to recall knowledge regarding undead/negative-energy effects. +1 Constitution, +1 Perception.
Elebrian Race: Recall knowledge untrained and can take 20 (2 minutes) on all recall knowledge checks. Find Weakness: Make 1 melee/ranged attack as full action, deal 1/2 level bonus damage (miss or hit, target immune for 24 hours).

Active Systems
System: Armor - Graphite Carbon Skin (Environmental Protection available: 3 Days)
System: All Hands & Skin - Electrical Affinity Graft (You gain resistance 5 to electricity. In addition, you can cast jolting surge once per day and energy ray (electricity only) at will as spell-like abilities. The caster level of these effects is equal to your level.)
System: Personal Upgrade Mk.1 - Synaptic Accelerators (Dex +2)

Magical/Hybrid Gear

Mk.1 Serum of Healing x2

Other Gear
Graphite Carbon Skin Armor w/Infrared Sensors, Consumer Backpack, Engineering Toolkit, Environmental (Radiation) Clothing, Personal comm unit, Lighter, Rope (100'), Detonator (5u1, 500ft), Mk.1 Signal Jammer (Comms) (4 miles, DC 16, 1min), Mk.1 Signal Jammer (Cameras) (4 miles, DC 16, 1min).

Carrying Capacity
Bulk: 3.2 / Encumbered: 7 / Overburdened: 12

Slotted Boons[/url]
Ally - Dream Whispers.
Faction - Second Seekers (Jadnura) Champion, Improved.
Personal - Eoxian Heritage.
Promotional - Promotional Reroll (Organized Play (Venture Captain) Polo Shirt) (+5).
Social - Live Air Celebrity (Cooking Master, Kill Streak, Hold the Flag)
Starship -
Slotless - True Savior of Tasch [x][x][][][], Scoured Flora.

All Earned Boons
Ally - Acquainted with Datch, Ebaki's Debt, Dream Whispers (+2 retroactive bonus to a missed attack or failed saving throw, cannot use on natural 1).
Faction - Second Seekers (Jadnura) Champion, Improved (1/adventure, succeed at a Life or Physical Science skill check written into the adventure, recover 1 RP, up to your total).
Personal - Eoxian Heritage (2018 RSP Boon).
Promotional - Promotional Reroll (Organized Play (Venture Captain) Polo Shirt) (+5), Promotional Service Award (Organized Play Campaign Service Coin #801) (+5), Promotional Record Keeper.
Social - Distinguished Ambassador [x] [] [], Live Air Celebrity (Cooking Master, Kill Streak, Hold the Flag), AbadarCorp Acquaintance (Respect).
Starship -
Slotless - True Savior of Tasch [x][x][][][], Private Vault (Vanity), Scoured Flora (you can harvest parts of your plant and use them as part of a medicinal concoction to heal 1 point of permanent ability damage, though you can use this ability healing only on yourself. Alternatively, you can use a part harvested from this plan to increase the effective caster level of any one spell cast by an ally or purchased as a service at the end of the session by 2 without increasing the cost of the spell. The spell receiving this benefit must restore hit points, remove ability damage, or remove an affliction (such as a curse or disease). This caster level increase does not stack with other effects that increase the spell’s effective caster level. You can use this secondary effect on a spell purchased by an ally).
Variable -
Unidentified -

Starfinder Society Reputation
All Factions: 15 Reputation (Tier 2)
Second Seekers (Jadnura): 15 Reputation (Tier 2)
Acquisitives: 0 Reputation (Tier 0)
Dataphiles: 0 Reputation (Tier 0)
Exo-Guardians: 0 Reputation (Tier 0)
Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo): 0 Reputation (Tier 0)
Wayfinders: 0 Reputation (Tier 0)

XP / Fame
8 xp / 9 Fame


Starship Role Options:
Chief Mate: +12 (3 Ranks)
Pilot: +12 (3 Ranks)
Engineer: +10 (3 Ranks)
Gunnery: +7 (3 Ranks)
Captain: Diplomacy +2 (0 Ranks), Bluff +7 (2 Ranks), Intimidate +8 (3 Ranks)
Science Officer: N/A
Magic Officer: N/A

PbP Botting Information - Coming Soon:
Coming Soon

Adventure, Boon, & Purchase Logs:

Creation: 1,000 Credits


Scoured Stars Veteran (Slotless Boon; Limited-Use): By partaking in the Starfinder Society’s second expedition into the Scoured Stars you helped evacuate those Starfinders stranded from the previous mission. Whether you formed a close bond with a rescued Starfinder or saw firsthand the dangers of the Scoured Stars, the Society has earned an experienced agent as a result. Choose one of the two following options and cross the other off your Chronicle sheet.

Rescued Starfinder: You can start a new character who begins at 2nd level. This new PC begins play with 3 XP, 2,160 credits, 5 Fame, and 5 Reputation with the faction that character selects a faction boon for. You must keep a copy of this Chronicle sheet with the character.

(BOON 801-701 ~> 801-710)

1-99: 3xp, 5FR, 2,160 Credits


-1220c Buy Graphite Carbon Skin Armor (L3, E+3 K+4 D+4, ACP-1, U1, 1B)
-200c Buy Infrared Sensors Armor Upgrade (L1, Au1, LB)
-500c Buy Lesser Shadowstaff (Hybrid L2, M2:1d4 B/P/S, SA:1d4 C, 30 ft, 40c1, Swift shift, LB)
-160c Buy Shadari Confederacy Shadowstaff Ammo (L0, 40c)
-105c Buy Needler Pistol (L1, 1d4 P, Inject DC+2, 30ft, 6c1, Analog & Injection, LB)
-20c Buy Box of Darts (L1, 25c, LB)
-95c Buy Survival Knife (L1, 1d4 S, Analog & Operative, LB)
-50c Buy Mk.1 Holo Grenade (L1, 20ft, Explode 10ft, 1L Holographic Image, CL3, 2 Rounds, DC 9 or 10, LB)
-100c Buy 2x Mk.1 Serum of Healing

-07c Buy Personal Comm Unit (L1, 80u1/hr, LB)
-01c Buy Lighter (Candle: swift, Full: full+)
-02c Buy 100' Rope (L1, LLB)
-10c Buy Environmental Clothing (L1, +1 circ vs radiation, LB)
-20c Buy Engineering Kit (LB)
-20c Buy Trapsmith's Tools (+4 circ to Eng/Mys to arm/disable traps, LB)
-150c Buy Detonator (L1, 1min program: no/mv/full, 500ft, 5u1, LB)
-100c Buy Mk.1 Signal Jammer (Comms) (L1, 4 Miles, Comp/Eng 1min DC 16 bypass, 12U1/10min, LB)
-200c Buy Thieves' Tools (L1, +4 circ to disable mechanical/tech locks, LB)
-200c Buy Broad-Spectrum Scanning Kit (L1, +4 circ Perception checks to search, LB)

Spent: 3160
Remaining: 0

Boons: Second Seekers, Jadnura [0F]

1-32: 1xp, 2 FR, 720 Credits
2-01: 1xp, 2 FR, 696 Credits

Cooking Master: You gain a +2 bonus to Profession (cook) checks when attempting a Day Job check with this skill. You gain a +3 bonus to any Profession (cook) checks in an adventure when those checks are specifically called out in the adventure’s text.

Kill Streak: You’ve got a knack for killing weaker foes in successive order. Once per adventure when time you slay an enemy whose CR is equal to or less than your level – 2, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and weapon damage rolls against other enemies until the end of your next turn.

Hold the Flag: Once per adventure, you gain a +2 bonus to your KAC when targeted by a combat maneuver or similar effect that would cause you to lose hold of an item that you do not wish to relinquish. Alternatively, you can gain a +2 bonus to a saving throw to resist an effect that would cause you to lose hold of an item or drop an item you do not wish to relinquish (such as a command spell). You can decide to add this bonus after the dice have been rolled.

2-09: 1xp, 2 FR, 720 Credits ~> Level 3

Available: 2,136 Credits

-1287c Buy Murmur Sonic Suppressor (L3, 1d4 So, Stifle, 40ft, 20c2, LB) -10% Amb
-440c Buy Anchoring Weapon Fusion ^ (
-150c Buy Light Bayonet Bracket ^ (L1, LB)
-125c Buy Standard Syringe Stick ^ (L1, 1d3 P, LB, Conceal, Injection, Operative)
-60c Buy Standard Battery (L1)
-20c Buy Professional's Tools (weapon/lab technician) (LB)
-03c Buy Consumer Backpack (L1, Str +1 for bulk/carrying)

Spent: 2085
Remaining: 51

1-02: 1xp, 2 FR, 1091 Credits + DJ (Tasch 1)
Remaining: 1142

1-16: 1xp, 2FR, 1460 Credits + DJ (Tasch 2)
Remaining: 2602

-1400c Buy Mk. 1 Synaptic Accelerator (Dex +2) Augmentation (Personal Upgrade)
-750c Buy Electrical Affinity Species Graft Augmentation (All Hands & Skin)
-100c Buy Mk.1 Signal Jammer (Cameras) (L1, 4 Miles, Comp/Eng 1min DC 16 bypass, 12U1/10min, LB)

-4 F Buy Second Seekers: Jadnura Champion, Improved Boon (Faction)
-2 F Buy Scoured Flora Boon (Slotless)

Spent: 2250 / 6 Fame
Remaining: 352 / 9 Fame


1300c ne
1350c ope
560c e%20Needler
375c one

300c =None
50+c Cable%20Line
400c ass%20Cutter
80c Family=None
50c y=None
160c popen
15c ly=None
5c 0Kit&Family=None

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