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As Kalim curses Orcus the floor splits open beneath his feet. Suddenly, an image of a demonic humanoid who is squat and bloated, standing nearly three times as tall as a normal human appears. Its goat-like head sports large, spiraling ram-like horns. Its legs are covered in thick brown fur and end in hooves. Large powerful arms wield a wicked skull-tipped wand. Two large, black, bat-like wings protrude from its back and a long, snake-like tail, tipped with a sharpened barb, trails behind it.


intimidate: 1d20 + 60 ⇒ (20) + 60 = 80

Ok...I'm just fooling with you. The big one doesn't appear quite yet. You need quite a few more levels for that battle to occur.

I editted the post to make it an image rather than the real baddie.