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Armorist/Incanter Gestalt Level 4 | HP: 40/44 | AC:24 / T:15 / FF: 18 | Fortitude: +8, Ref: +7, Will: +7 | CMB: +4, CMD: 17 | Init: +4, Perception: +9








Neutral Good





Strength 11
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 17

About Opi

Opi Wandshard
Female Halfling Incanter - Blaster Armourist Gestalt 4
Neutral Good Medium Humanoid (Halfling, Humanoid)

Initiative; +4 Perception +9

Daily Abilities:

Spell Points - 6/13


AC 24 touch 15 flat-footed 18 - +10 Base - +1 Size - +7 Armour - +2 Shield - +4 Dexterity
hp 44
Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +7


Speed 20 ft.
Melee - Energy Blade - +9 to hit - 2d8+3 Fire Damage +1d6 Cold Damage + 1d6 Electric Damage - x20 Crit.
Ranged - Armorist Destructive Blast - +11 to hit - 1d8+4 Fire Damage +1d6 Cold Damage + 1d6 Electric Damage - x20 crit
- Deadly Aim Armorist Destructive Blast - +9 to hit - 1d8+4 Fire Damage +1d6 Cold Damage + 1d6 Electric Damage - x20 crit


Casting Tradition Focused Caster
- Focus Casting - Casting is significantly more difficult without the staff.
- Magical Signs - Glowing tattoos.
- Vocal Casting - Casting requires a vocal component.

Caster Level 4
Spell Points 13
Difficulty Check 15
Magic Skill Bonus 4
Magic Skill Defence 14
Ranged - Close (35ft) - Medium (120ft) - Long (480ft)

Life Sphere - Allows the use of Healing and Restorative talents.
Invigorate - Add a number of temporary hit points equal to caster level to a target. These do not stack with other temporary hit points and cannot increase it over there starting HP.
Cure - For one spell point, heal 1d8 plus your level.
Restore - Removes a variety of ill effects.
- Restore Health - This talent adds an additional 1d8 to all Cures cast, and allows Restore to affect Diseases and Poisons.
- Restore Soul - Add 1d8 to all Cures Cast, and allow Restore to affect ability drain and temporary negative levels.
- Ranged Healing - Healing abilities change to ‘close’ instead of touch.
- Mass Healing - Spend a spell point to heal an extra person, adding an additional person per two caster levels.

Destruction Sphere - Grants the use of various devastating blasts.
Destructive Blasts - Deals 1d6 per 2 caster levels in bludgeoning damage as a touch attack or ranged touch attack. At the cost of one Spell Point this can be increased to 1d6 per caster level.
- Energy Blade (Blast Shape) - Add a Destructive Blast to a weapon attack as a standard action.
- Focused Blast - Add +1 point of damage per dice.
- Sculpt Blast - Create a Blast in a Close ranged Cone or Mid Range Line.
- Searing Blast - Inflict 1d8 Fire Damage instead of Bludgeoning.

Time Sphere - Manipulate the flow of time for various results.
Haste - Allows a character to make an additional attack.
Slow - Target can only make a move or standard action, not both.
- Ranged Time - Affect allies up to ‘close’ ranged instead of ‘touch’.
- Group Time - Spend an additional spell point to include up to 1 person per two caster levels beyond the original number in the spell.


Str 11 Dex 18, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha, 16
Base Atk +3; CMB +3; CMD 16

1st - Precise Shot
3rd - Point-Blank Shot
Bonus Feats - Deadly Aim, Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Finesse
2nd - Selective Channeling
4th - Rapid Shot

Traits Practised Aim, Unrealized Telekenetic

Racial Traits Fey Thoughts, Fleet of Foot, Halfling Luck, Keen Senses, Small, Weapon Familiarity

Skills Acrobatics +8, Climb +6, Diplomacy +9, Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Knowledge (Religion) +6, Perception +9, Spellcraft +6, Swim +6, Use Magic Device +7
Bonus Skills Craft (Food) +8, Perform (Song) +9, Perform (Tales) +8, Knowledge (History), Linguistics +6
Languages Westerling, Halfling, Erskin, Old Suli, Gasquen

Combat Gear Masterwork Breastplate, Darkwood Heavy Shield with Shield Sconce and Everburning Torch
Other Gear Force Hook, Fez of Storing.
Masterwork Packpack, Coffee Pot, Belt Pouch x 3
3 x Explorer's Outfit, Cold Weather Outfit, Warm Weather Outfit, Perfume (10), Soap x 3, Steel Mirror
Bedroll, Blanket, Medium Tent
Cooking Kit, Grooming Kit, Mess Kit, Umbrella
Hemp Rope x 50ft
Halfling Trail rations x 3, dried meat x 10, Travel Cake Mix x 10, Wandermeal x 10, Cheese (1lbs), honey (1/2 lbs), Beans (3 lbs), Coffee Beans (2lbs), Mint (1/2 lbs), Cinnamon (1 lbs), Oregeno (1lbs), Garlic (1 lbs), Potatoes (5 lbs), Flour (5 lbs)
Money 2gp, 9sp, 1cp

Special Abilities

Armour Training - Increases max dexterity and reduces ACP for armour worn by 1 each. These bonuses increase every 4 levels after 3rd.
Arsernal Trick - Gained every even level, these enhance an ability.
- Variable Barrel Geometry - As a full round action, apply a Blast Shape talent to a shot, and increase damage to 1d6 per level. Any point cost for the Blast Shape must be paid.
- Improved Equipment - Make a Bound Weapon an additional +1.
Bound Equipment - Call a unique summoned piece of equipment, one ever 5 levels. They gain a +1 Enhancement ever odd level, but some must be spent on abilities.
- Arm Cannon - A unique bound weapon gained at 1st level by Blasters, this functions as both a weapona and a Destruction Sphere Blast, dealing 1d6 points of damage and gaining an additional 1d6 at 5th, and every 4 levels beyond that. It has a range of Close, but is modified by any Destruction Sphere talents.
Deadly Aim - Sacrafice accuracy for damage.
Destruction - Gain the Destruction Sphere, or a talent from it, at 1st level, and a second at 5th.
Fey Thoughts - Adds Diplomacy and Perception as class skills.
Fleet of Foot - Increases Halfling movement to 30ft.
Halfling Luck - Add +1 to all saves.
Incanter Specilization - Incanters can focus there talents in certain areas, at the cost of bonus feats.
- Channel Energy - Heal 1d6 per 2 Incanter level in a 30 ft burst. Usable three times plus Charisma modifier.
- Destruction Sphere Specilization - Add several tricks to the Destruction Sphere, as well as the Sphere itself.
-- Intense Magic - Add half your Incanter level to damage inflicted. At level 20 roll twice against spell resitance and take the better result.
-- Movement Burst - Launch yourself 20ft in any direction as a swift action. Increase the distance by 5 feet for every 2 Incanter levels.
Improved Unarmed Strike - Makes Unarmed attacks lethal.
Keen Senses - Add a +2 racial bonus to Perception.
Point-Blank Shot - Add +1 to damage at to hit within 30 feet.
Practiced Aim - Add +1 to hit with Destructive Blasts.
Precise Shot - No penalty for firing into close combat.
Rapid Shot - Fire an extra shot at highest BAB, but all attacks take a -2 to hit.
[i]Selective Channeling
- Choose to exclude targets from channeling.
Small - Small character gain a +1 to hit, a +1 to AC and a +4 to stealth.
Weapon Familiarity - All weapons with ‘Halfling’ in the name are classed as martial weapons.
Weapon Finesse - Use dexterity rather strength to hit.
Unrealized Telekenetic - Gain Mage Hand as a cantrip, and gain access to Protokinesis feats.

Favoured Class Bonus ¾ Swift Action Bonded Weapon summoning.

Dark skinned, dark haired and dark eyed, Opi is pretty is a short way. A very short way. Being a Halfling means that she typically doesn’t even come up to the waist of many humans, and her pretty face and braided hair typically gives the impression of someone more like a child to many humans. This is somewhat offset by the crackling staff of magical energy she carries around, but still…

Opi typically wears a hooded blue robe with a silk scarf draped over the shoulders, both decorated in silver thread and arcane symbols. She typically wears light linen pants and a shirt beneath, along with a heavy leather belt covered in pouches. As with most Halflings, she won’t typically wear shoes unless she has to, but she does tend wear armour, being surprisingly adept with it.

Her long hair is braided and tied back with a silver clip. She typically wears a rose scented perfume, although mostly to cover the smell of armour, and her voice is deeper than one would expect for her frame.

As a member of the cult of Yidhra, Opi is probably not what most would expect. Most don’t expect someone less than three feet tall to carry a staff designed to blow things apart, for example, and to also carry a belligerent streak enough to use it. Or at least wish she could. If she could blow people up, there would be a lot less short jokes…

It’s difficult to say whether Opi is more interested in adventuring to help people or simply prevent boredom. Either way, she chose to start adventuring at least partially because it allowed her to do both. She was mildly surprised by how much she enjoyed the whole thing, especially the helping people - although the reducing monsters to smaller, deader monsters was also pretty cool.

She also has a knack for support, and enjoys doing helping so, although admittedly she likes to support people by violating the laws of time and space. If you can’t help others while making causality cry, you must be doing it wrong.

Despite her obvious leanings towards a chaotic nature, Opi has tempered herself with discipline and understanding. Although her first instinct is often action, she is capable of caution and thinking and will use both to achieve any goals she might have. This isn’t always easy for her, however - her first reaction is often violent, and has often been right enough that she doesn’t always reign it in even when she should.

There aren’t many Halflings in the Sundered Kingdoms, and most of those that are there either work in small, family businesses or on a farm. Farming is boring. You hit the dirt with sticks and things, and then you wait for plants to show up. You aren’t even supposed to violate the laws of time and space to make it faster. And working in some shop where people make ‘short order’ jokes for the entire time you’re in there.

It was not a shock to many people when a teenage Opi decided that one of the two typical fates for Halflings, and took the unspoken third option - become an adventurer. It was possibly more of a surprise when she took up Yidhra as her personal goddess, eventually being banned from taking any kind of religious orders. Which is probably the fate of most people who try, really, and has no real status.

Still, the service of Yidhra was not an arduous task. She rarely wanted anything Opi could provide, really. Her abilities with time certain couldn’t produce a paradox worthy of her goddesses attention, and while her desire to blow some things up and heal others was somewhat paradoxical, but again possibly maybe not enough to please Yidhra.

Opi decided that the life of an adventurer would be a suitably paradoxical existence. What was better than murdering things and taking all there stuff in the name of good? And the best part was it usually did help people!

With her gifts of exploding, healing and such, Opi had an easy enough time finding a group that would take her. Finding one that would keep her, however....

The first party she joined planned to raid a small complex populated by Goblins that were getting strangely organized. It turned out that a Hobgoblin soldier, separated from his people by a magical accident and using the Goblins, and their terror of him, to rise to power. The Goblins certainly didn’t mind the fact they were winning for the first time, although the Hobgoblins often forced them to reign in their desire to burn everything.

After the party made it to the creature the party attempted to bargain with the creature, as it had taken a number of local farmers hostage for such an occasion. Opi, instead, opened fire...and hit the party leader. The Hobgoblin burst into peals of laughter long enough for Opi to adjust her aim. The party leader, however, was less impressed...especially by Opi’s claim that it must have been Yidhra’s will and also was really, really funny.

She was politely asked to leave.

The second party she joined was a rigid, formal group. Opi chafed at the restrictions they placed on her, as they went roughly against her nature. And yet...Yidhra taught, or maybe didn’t, that doing things opposite of one’s self was a vital step in becoming stronger. By tempering her wild and impulsive with the groups discipline and tactics, she felt, she could make herself stronger.

She was right. Although Opi would never be a tactical genius, or even able to resist eating a pie while it was still fresh from the oven, she could at least be counted on to not shoot someone at once. Or because it was funny. Or simply because she could.

When the party was asked to defeat a necromancer who had a fondness for making his servants from children, Opi found her new found self restraint tested to the breaking point. As the healer, she was ordered to hold back and support her allies, rather than rushing ahead. But when they found one of the children being transported in a cage, Opi had a great idea! Her leader refused. Opi did it anyway.

When the cage was taken to the necromancer, it was Opi inside it, pretending to be a child sacrifice. The party burst into the chamber at the sounds of screaming, only to find that it was the necromancer screaming as Opi unleashed a stream of magic directly into his eye. Although successful, Opi’s plan had risked her self, and through the loss of her healing powers, her team. Even though it worked, and they suffered less harm than they would have fighting him directly..

She was politely asked to leave.

The closest town was Tasuc Cer, and Opi went there. Although small, it gave her a place to practice, grow stronger and work on the idea that other people had valid ideas. She defeated some bandits, blew up a few zombies, and rode a Worg through town and into a wall.

Still, given that she was rapidly running out of things to do that were remotely interesting, and hearing that some of the other’s were heading to the city down the King’s Road, Endhome, Opi decided to up roots, gather her belongings, and tag along.