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Full Name

Nefertiti Abdul


Human (Keleshite) Evangelist Cleric 5 | HP 37/38 | AC 16 (18) | T 11 | FF 15 | CMD 13 | F +7 | R +3 | W +7 | Init + 3 (5 in surprise rounds) | Per +7 | Status: Wisdom Restored


15/17 rounds bardic performance | 8/8 rounds channeling | 28/50 charges CLW wand | 2 hero points











Strength 9
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 20

About Nefertiti Abdul


Nefertiti looks much like her avatar, but here is alternate concept art. She generally wears light face paint that indicates she's a guest of the Moamasu tribe, and under their protection.

She tends to dress modestly unless going to a high-class social function, in robes for daily wear, or tight-fitting pants and shirt for flying. She's petite and light weight, with her dark hair cut very short for flying.



Nefertiti felt the call of Horus young.

Nefertiti’s mother was the Osirion concubine of a wealthy Qadiran merchant prince. By Qadiran law, this meant that Nefertiti (unlike her mother) was born free, but treated forever as a foreigner and unable to inherit her father’s wealth, the way a true Qadiran daughter would.

Late at night, her mother would tell her stories of the ancient gods:
“Then Horus, god of two horizons, heard the cries of the Osirion people against their oppressor. He faced off the evil Set in a mighty struggle. The battle cost Set a testicle, leaving his desert sands infertile forevermore. Horus himself lost an eye, but the praises of the grateful Osirion people ensured that he grew a new magic one that would allow him to watch out for them forevermore.”

There was no doubt in Nefertiti’s young mind who the real desert oppressors of Osirion were. She prayed that Horus would come to her one day in the form of a giant falcon that she and her mother could ride. ”Take us away from here, Lord of the Sky,” she whispered.

To her surprise, she heard a voice in her head, If you are true, you will come to me. She looked up and saw a falcon soaring overhead in the blue sky.



Nefertiti's mother was not treated well by her father. A rumor spread through the harem one day when Nef was fourteen that her father planned to sell her mother, who was finally losing her beauty. Her mother held her head high, but killed herself rather than face an unknown fate. She left Nefertiti her only prized posession -- sleeves of many garments -- and a letter, urging the child to seek her god and her freedom and not look back.

As soon as Nefertiti came of age at fifteen, she left home to travel to Osirion. She was awed by the pyramids and the river Sphinx, both even grander than they had been in her mother’s stories. But the Osirians had little welcome for the half-Keleshite girl. Still, she did not give up. She traveled to the ancient temple of Horus, a magnificent ruin with statues of Osirion gods that towered eighty feet high. She called out, ”I have come as you bade me!”

A falcon tail feather floated down slowly from the sky. As she caught it, she had a vision of herself walking a distant beach in a lush tropical land.

You have traveled far for me. Would you travel further still?

And she whispered, "Yes.”



She arrived a few months later, one of many immigrants to the Razor Coast and the bustling and dirty city of Port Shaw. Clutching the falcon feather, she looked up at the sky as she disembarked. "Now what?"

There was no immediate answer from the Lord of the Sky. Fine, I'll find the answers for myself.

Heads turned wherever she went in Port Shaw, and not just because she was a petite woman with striking looks. Nef had a sense of purpose that drove her in all her actions. It kept her on task when dealing with the corrupt and slow-moving bureaucracy to get her missionary's license, even when a clerk sneered, "Horus? Do you really think you can interest those tattooed savages in a forgotten Osirion god? Do you even speak Tulita?"

Nef left the office, fuming. And then she stopped short, looking at her untattooed skin, so different from the natives she saw moving through the Port Town.


She found both her first friend and her first teacher of Tulita in the Native's Delight tattoo shop in the Silk District. Oren was a big kind man 12 years her senior. She admired his wicked sense of humor, inquisitive mind and his artistry. Nef bought a wrist tattoo from him of the Eye of Horus, and kept coming by his shop regularly to talk, laugh and practice her Tulita. Oren gave her tours of the city, and helped her make contact with the charities in town that serve the Tulita. Oren became the big brother she never had.

Nef found many of the charities in town problematic. The Church of Quell offered free food, but only if you prayed first to Quell. Some of the charities offered help to Tulitans by finding them work where they were poorly treated and poorly paid. Others tried to educate and dress Tulitan children like miniature colonials.

The only place Oren wouldn't take her was the Outskirts, the Tulitan ghetto/slum on the outskirts of Port Shaw.

She wound up spending quite a bit of time at the Run Aground Tavern, where the kindly bartender, Falgor, often fed the hungry. And she spent hours each day there practicing her rudimentary Tulita, asking questions and trying to learn the stories of the Tulitan faith. How could she bring Horus to these people, if she didn't know how they believed and lived?


Unbeknownst to her, she was also being watched by a young Moamasu tribesman named Zemwaar. Elemakule, one of the elder shamans of the Moamasu tribe had shared with Zem a vision. "She is coming. You must seek out the foreign woman with the voice of the Eagle. If you deem her worthy, bring her back here."

It didn’t take long to find the foreign woman. Others pointed her out immediately when he asked, but he spent nearly a month watching her just the same. At first, it was just to see if she was sincere. Was she the real thing, or another colonial come to tell Tulita what to do? It was not hard to follow her movements. The woman had a strong presence, and caused talk wherever she went. Two things impressed him though... she was scrupulously fair, and she worked hard at listening and learning about the Tulita.

He had no idea how to approach her, though, but thought that the gods of the Razor would give him a sign. The sign came in the form of a drunken group of sailors who one day encircled the little priestess, and started leering and making threatening comments. Without thinking, Zem burst in the midst of them to defend her. And then something happened that he had never seen before. The girl channeled, dazing the sailors all around them while Zem remained unaffected. Though momentarily startled, he waded into the fight with a style quick and brutal, lashing out with precise strikes. He did not seem to be carried away by the clash itself - fist, knee or backhand, all the blows were taken to subdue their opponents, as opposed to seriously harm them.

It was her first time seeing Zem in action. She learned that day that he moves fast, hits hard, and doesn't dwell on the fight once it is done. He left the sailors in an alleyway, and suggested that they both move out quickly.

She looked wide eyed for a moment, then recovered. "That seems prudent. Perhaps we could go somewhere to talk? If you like, I could buy you lunch in thanks for your timely rescue." She smiled. "My name’s Nefertiti. You can call me Nef."

"I will share a meal with you, but there is no need to offer me food or thanks" - the man responded with a nod, still pondering what exactly had happened to make the sailors so distracted during their brief fight, and staring back into the alleyway - "I agree we do need to talk, as you most likely understand my presence here is not by the works of fate - I have coming looking for you" - was all he had to say at that moment, and in a public place - "Come!" - he offered his hand in guidance.

Over lunch, he told her of Elemakule’s vision. ”Will you come with me to meet him? Now?”

Though startled, Nef agreed. How could she not? Horus was finally smoothing her way. They made it back to Zem’s village, where she finally met Elemakule. The old man was near blind, but grasped her hand. ”So, Zemwaar decided you were worthy after all.”

"I had a vision of you. I saw the forgotten eagle god traveling across the sea, saying, 'I have lost my people. I would like to find a place amongst yours. Accept me, and I will care for you and fight the encroaching desert.' Is that why you have come?"

"Yes," said Nefertiti, all in wonderment, "your vision was true."

The old man nodded. "There is a price to be paid. You must also honor and protect the gods of this land. You must travel this land, explore it, and choose it as your true home, forsaking the one from which you came. You must help Turtle and Dolphin and Whale. And you must find ways to help our people be strong again."

”I promise,” Nef said, searing the words into her heart.


Anneke -- Nef's Mother, now deceased. An Osirion slave girl.

Abdul Basara -- Nef's Father, a Qadiran Merchant Prince. As the daughter of a citizen and a slave, Nef carries her father's first name as her last.

Ismah "The Infallible" Basara -- Nef's half sister. Heiress to house Basara's fortune.



Kraken, if there's a combat, here's what Nef would do for botting purposes.

1) Activate Bardic performance. Between Inspire Courage and the Flag, she gives a +3 to attack and damage to the entire party.

2) Get airborne if possible. She'd get up on Wedjat and try to position herself so that she can activate Dazing Channel without taking out her fellow crew. She can select out 5 creatures to exclude from the daze. So long as some of the crew are out of range, this should work.

3) Getting Wedjat to attack. She might help others by ordering Wedjat to Flank Attack with Aikane so that Aikane can get full sneak attack damage. Or just send Wedjat to attack enemy if they're humanoid and on the ship or land. If it's some sea monster, she'll keep Wedjat out of combat since he can't swim.

4) Other Melee. Attacking with her khopesh or her mace is a desperation move. She can do it, but she generally does damage through others.



Female human (keleshite) cleric (evangelist) of Horus 5 (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 40)
LN Medium humanoid (human)
4'10, 95 pounds, brown eyes, short dark brown hair
Init +3 (+2 in surprise round); Senses Perception +7

Animal companion: Wedjat

AC 16, touch 11, flat-footed 15 (+5 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 38 (5d8+10)
Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +7

Speed 30 ft.
Melee mwk cold iron khopesh +3 (1d8-1/19-20) or
silver light mace +2 (1d6-1)

Special Attacks:
Channel negative energy 8/day (DC 18, 2d6)
Bardic performance 17 rounds/day: countersong (DC 17), fascinate, inspire courage +2, sermonic performance

Cleric (Evangelist) Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +7)
3rd—flyD, *Magic Circle Against Evil, Magic Circle Against Evil, Magic Circle Against Evil
2nd—feather fallD, Burst of Radiance, Burst of Radiance, Burst of Radiance
1st—calm animalsD (DC 13) Ant Haul, Sanctuary, Cure Light Wounds
D Domain spell; Domain Animal (Feather subdomain)
0--Light, Create Water, Stabilize

* = used today

Str 9, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 20
Base Atk +3; CMB +2; CMD 13
Feats Boon Companion, FlagbearerISWG, Selective Channeling, Undersized MountACG

Traits reactionary, sacred conduit

Appraise +5
Diplomacy +13
Handle Animal +10
Knowledge (religion) +9
Perform Oratory +9
Perception +7 (Racial Modifiers +2 Perception)
Ride +9
Sense Motive +6
Swim (Untrained) -1

Languages Common, Kelish, Tulita

SQ animal companion (Haast's Eagle named Wedjat), eyes of the hawk, public speaker, spontaneous casting, variant channeling (rulership variant channeling)

+1 mithral chain shirt, mwk cold iron khopesh, silver light mace, boots of the cat, headband of alluring charisma +2, pathfinder pouch, sleeves of many garments, flag, cloak of resistance +1, smelling salts, spell component pouch, tattoo holy symbol of Horus, scroll of Neutralize Poison, potion of touch of the sea, and 2 air crystals.

Also paid 150 gp for a tattoo of Carry Companion spell to be placed on Oren.
Shared cost with Oren of a 50 charge wand of Cure Light Wounds.

115 gp


Animal Companion Link (Ex) You have a link with your Animal Companion.

Bardic Performance: Fascinate (2 targets, DC 17) (Su) One or more creatures becomes fascinated with you.

Bardic Performance: Inspire Courage +2 (Su) Morale bonus on some saving throws, attack and damage rolls.

Boon Companion (Animal Companion) +4 levels to calc familiar/animal comp abilities (max of your HD).

Boots of the cat When falling, always land on feet and take the minimum damage.

Cleric (Evangelist) Domain (Feather) Add Fly to your list of class skills. In addition, whenever you cast a spell that grants you a fly speed, your maneuverability increases by one step (up to perfect).

Cleric Channel Negative Energy 2d6 (8/day, DC 18) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.

Eyes of the Hawk (+2 Perception/+2 Init.) (Su) +2 Initiative during a surprise round.

Flagbearer Grant bonuses to allies who see your flag.

Pathfinder pouch (1 @ 4 lbs) This nondescript belt pouch is quite popular among Pathfinders who need to smuggle items past snooping guards or government officials. Detect magic does not detect that it is magical (as per the magic aura spell), but the pouch acts as a very small bag of holding (contents limit 10 pounds, volume limit 2 cubic feet). With a command word, the wearer can close or open the extradimensional space within the pouch; when closed, the pouch holds no more than a mundane belt pouch the size of a human fist, though objects within the extradimensional space remain stored, unreachable until the pouch is unsealed again. This allows the user to empty his pockets or even turn the pouch inside-out to prove he carries no contraband, and access the hidden goods later when in a safe place. Because of their nonmagical auras, these pouches sometimes hold secret treasures for generations without their owners realizing their nature. Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, magic aura, secret chest; Cost 500 gp

Public Speaker (-10 DC to hear) An evangelist gains Perform as a class skill. In addition, she is trained to project her voice with great skill and effect; the DC to hear her speak in difficult conditions is reduced by an amount equal to her class level plus her Charisma modifier.

Rulership Variant Channeling (±2 Profane) Diplomacy bonus/dazed

Spontaneous Casting An evangelist does not gain the ability to spontaneously cast cure or inflict spells by sacrificing prepared spells. However, an evangelist can spontaneously cast the following spells by sacrificing a prepared spell of the noted level or above:
1st - command
2nd - enthrall
3rd - tongues
4th - suggestion
5th - greater command
6th - geas/quest
7th - mass suggestion
8th - sympathy
9th - demand