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About Nar'shuun

Titles First among the Damned, Apostle of Possession and the Bargainer
DomainsEvil(devil), Law(slavery), Magic (divine), Repose (souls), Knowledge (memory)

Nar'shuun is the creation of the very cosmos itself, Nar'shuun was willed into being to maintain the cosmic order. For every soul that has ever existed their is a place in the planes upon the death of the mortal form. Mortals would be assigned to afterlives that best suited their personalities. Nar'shuun was created to oversee one of these planes, for all its power Nar'shuun is but a tool of the cosmos. His purpose is to spread what mortals call "evil" into the cosmos, yet in his first form Nar'shuun was judged by the cosmos to be unsuitable for his task. For while he spread evil as intended he forsook his dominion and rebelled against his purpose. The cosmos reshaped Nar'shuun turning him into the pure embodiment of both evil and order. Nar'shuun is but a tool that has been molded by the cosmos, Nar'shuun exists to serve the balance of the cosmos and nothing else.

As the lord of the Inferno where the souls of the evil will be housed for eternity Nar'shuun has many duties as ordained by the cosmos. It is Nar'shuun's task to lead mortals to evil, forbidden knowledge and inevitably to the Inferno. To do this Nar'shuun looked forth upon the world and took the most pathetic of the individual races, the infirm, the weak, those who were simply not meant to survive in the world. Nar'shuun whispered to them and offered them the chance to live, all they need do was become his first servitors. So they did, through Nar'shuun's power they would arise to become the first devils, daemons and demons. With these tools in place Nar'shuun set about to do what it was designed to do, evil was spread to the races and corruption was sown. Soon Nar'shuun gained his first priests who were known as the First Warlocks, they were given all manner of power in exchange for undying obedience to their lord Nar'shuun. These warlocks would ascend to become the first archdevils, Overdaemons and Demon Lords. While all represented a different form of evil they all served Nar'shuun.