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Full Name

Morgssan Axveilismart the Librarian


Advanced Advanced Serpentfolk


20 Order of the Tome Musketeer(Cavalier archtype)/Telepath/ 2 Psionic Gunslinger







Special Abilities

Challange 7/day, Telepathy 620 ft., Darkvision 60 ft.








Common,Draconic,Undercommon,Aklo,Abboleth,Abyssal,Aquan,Auran,Azlanti,Celes tial,Cyclops,Dark Folk,Dwarven,D'ziriak,Elven,Giant,GnollGnome,Goblin,Halfling,Ignan,Infernal ,necril,Orc,Protean,Sphinx,Terran,Treant,Sylvan



Strength 14
Dexterity 35
Constitution 27
Intelligence 27
Wisdom 36
Charisma 29

About Morgssan Axveilismart

6 ft. tall 120 lbs. Dressed in an immaculant monk robe over what looks to be a suit in the school colors.. Green compelling snakeeyes. Maroon back and leg scales. Yellow and black belly scales. Monk robe hides his holsters.


Custom Caster: Double barrelled over under breakaway revolver pistol with the pistol chambered for 6x .454 under the Caster barrel. Revolver chamber loads only the pistol and the caster barrel incorperates the upper brace for the revolver cylinder. All normally metal parts are made of a deep crystal colored viridian. Running the length of the barrel and ending right above the handle, a pair of entwined snakes that are remaniscent of the double helix are engraved and highlighted in mythral. The custom fit handle is made of tiger-eye (the gemstone not the animal). Engraved in the handle is an emblem of a book and pen on one side and the symbol of his deity (named Breyess)on the other. It also has a 10x low light scope.

Gifted firearm: Super Redhawk Casul .454 [Chrome with mother of pearl grips engraved with the symbol of his Order, chambered for 6.]

(6)6 shot .454 Speedloaders
2 holster speedrig
36 Alchemical cartridge (18 Standard, 12 silver, 6 Dragonbreath)
Alchemy Kit
Bookbinding kit
Gunsmithing kit
Monk robes
Greater Clothform Serpentfolk Armor(Snakescale scalemail +3, grants +15 competence bonus to stealth and climb)
+3 Corrosive burst transformative cold iron battle axe


Outflank,Allied Spellcaster, Seize the Moment, dodge, Psionic Body, up the walls, combat reflexes, Psionic dodge,Precise shot, Technical Proficiency,Craft wonderous Item, crack shot,Point blank shot, Expanded Knowledge (Telepathic Manuever), Psionic Meditation,Rapid reload (Pistol), Gunsmithing, Improved Critical (Firearms), Scribe Scroll,
Speed of thought,Mobility, Ghost Attack, Great fortitude, Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse, Shields, light armor,Medium armor, Simple weapons, Martial weapons, Firearms, Fast heal (epic), Craft Caster and Shells


Acrobatics: 27
Disguise: 23
Escape Artist: 35
Knowledge Arcana: 35, 45 if dealing with written arcana
Perception: 33
Sense Motive: 23
Spellcraft: 43
Use Magic Device: 27
Climb: 15, 30 with armor bonus
Craft (Bookbinding): 30
Intimadate: 23
Fly: 27
Ride: 27
Stealth: 27 (42 with armor bonus)
Survival: 23
Swim: 15
Bluff: 23
Knowledge Religion: 28
Autohypnosis: 23
Knowledge Psionics: 28
Knowledge Dungeoneering: 28
Knowledge Engineering: 28
Knowledge Geography: 28
Knowledge History: 28
Knowledge Local: 28
Knowledge Nature: 28
Knowledge Nobility: 28
Knowledge Planes: 28
Profession Librarian: 23
Diplomacy: 23
Handle Animal: 23
Perform Dance: 20
Linguistics: 38
Craft Alchemy: 33
Craft Gunsmith: 33
Repair: 21


Darkvision 60 ft. Poison (bite Fort DC31, frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Str; cure 2 saves), Scent, Perception +10, Immune poison, Immune paralysis, Immune Mind Altering Effects, Gifted Firearm, Challange 7/day, Oder of the Tome (Specialized Knowledge, Powerful Knowledge, Defensive Knowledge), Tactician, Cavilier's Charge, Banner, Greater tactican, Mighty Charge, Demanding Challange, Greater Banner, Master Tactican, Detect Psionics, Discipline talents(Conceal thought, Mind thrust), Mental Intrusion, Telepathy 620 ft., Last respite, Guarded thoughts, Turn Power stone to Caster Shell.

Spell like abilites:(CL 4th; concentration +7)

At will—disguise self (DC 14), ventriloquism
1/day—blur, mirror image, suggestion (DC 16), dominate person, major image, mass suggestion and teleport.

Focused Mind
Dirty Fighter

Phlosophy & History:

Morssgan knows that knowledge must be protected even from itself. While he uses his Mr. Morgan disguise to deal with the everyday tribulations of the Avalon library, sometimes words and perceived authority are not enough. When something truly threatens the books he is there to ensure it's put down. If protecting the students is part of protecting the books; so be it.


HP: 484
SR: 32
PP: 453
Speed 30 ft (40 if Psionicly Focused)
Fort: 26
Ref: 29
Will: 27
Bab: 30/25/20/15(STR) or 42/37/32/27(DEX)
CMB: 30
CMD: 52
INI: +14
AC: 37
ACT: 24
ACFF: 25