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Colour me intrigued!

Nice start here, looking forward to more. Just one question: Who is Huginn? Is he Victoria's familiar? The name pops up somewhere in the middle without having been mentioned before.

Once again, a highly entertaining post, Mr. Vergee. So, are we approaching the conclusion of this AP? I remember that you've skipped Adventure 5 completely, right?

Oh, that's a shame. Why would the campaign end here? I mean they've just gotten started in fact, and the threat posed by the shoggoth hasn't been banned yet either. Already planning on a new campaign?

I own the first version of Neoexodus and still consider it among the three best settings I've come in contact with. So I'm wondering whether to buy this new version or not. Perhaps you,Louis,could be so kind to elaborate what elements exactly have been added or changed or in how far the original has been expanded in general. For example, has some of the stuff previously described in the various supplements now been incorporated in the main sourcebook? Thanks for your answer in advance.

Sorry to read about Quint no longer being part of this story but looking forward to seeing it continued at least. Good luck to your new player!

Great update as always, MrVergee. I wonder where this stuff with the blood clones comes from. It isn't part of the actual AP, is it? So did you make it up on your own or was it proposed somewhere as a possible side trek? Blends in quite perfectly with the rest of the plot.

Very entertaining journal here! Looking forward to seeing how the characters will further develop. Is this journal up to date or written in retrospective btw?

I'm following your journal both here and over at Enworld (even though I actually don't like the AP as I don't get the appeal of playing a downright evil character). That said,your writing is as entertaining as in your previous campaign logs so I'm more than likely to keep readin' :-)

Calling for an update!

Great session here! Once again you're proving your ability to beautifully interweave the general plotline with the characters' background and personal relations. Very much looking forward to Adventure 3!

Ouch! Pretty deadly sidetrek adventure here, huh? Hope that at least Mazael will come out of it alive or can be resurrected. Kudos!

This journal continues to be just awesome. Looking forward to what you might encounter in the icy wastes around the North Pole!

Noch update this weekend, JollyDoc?
I am real anxious to see how your decimated group will fare against this adventure's main villain...

Wow, this fight appears to have been an extremely close call. Where was Boris during that session? I guess without the support from Spivey this could have easily ended in a TPK, couldn't it?
BTW: Boris = most hilarious character ever played in one of your campaigns ( or at least the ones I read). His indignant demand for "werewolf" actually made me chuckle.
Great journal, Jolly Doc, as epic as ever!

Just de-lurking to say that this is a fantastic journal, especially considering that you aren't even a native speaker. Do you have any plans yet which AP you're gonna start next? Kudos!

Remembering your great story hours from over at Enworld, I am very glad to see you back posting. Lovin' the goblin PC and lookin' forward to the next entry!

In the absence of other former regular posters, please let me just tell you that I am still eagerly following this journal. As I have not played the Adventure Path myself, sometimes it is a bit hard to keep track of all the characters poppin up now and then but I guess the interaction with so many various NPCs is just what makes this AP stand out from the others and has arguably turned it into the most popular of all APs. Kudos to you as the DM for fleshing them out even more and establishing closer connections to the PCs as this makes the setting come so much more alive. Looking forward to the next entry!

Based on the short description above, this campaign seems to be primarily (or at least originally) set in an Eastern-inspired setting, which I like. I don't know when but I will certainly check this out and post a comment here once I've caught up with all the entries of the journal.

Certainly the most hilarious PF fiction story so far! Lovin' it!

Joining the choir of those lamenting that your journal has been discontinued. That said, I understand all too well that sometimes one has to set other priorities.

I hope that perhaps one time in the future we'll see you and another great journal of yours back on the boards again!

Nice stuff here, Haladir! Keep it up! So has Player S designed his character already? Seems like the group needs a new magic user, doesn't it?

Isn't there a French journal already?

Ay, el primer jornal de campaña en español en este foro si no me equivoco. Bienvenida aquí, Señora Redforest. Ya tengo mucha curiosidad leer Sus aventuras y ya espero que este inicio prometedor sea seguido por muchos resumenes más.

Very interesting updates. Love the enormous bunch of characters you're introducing to make the setting appear more alive. Also loved your handling of the "Hangman's Noose" even though the situation seemed to be quite grim for the characters midway through it. Looking forward to the next entry!

This is fantastic news, Brainiac. The drawing is a bit too cartoony for my taste but I would gladly see your campaign journal return as I remember it for being very detailed and well-written.

Looking forward to an update and wishing you all the best for your wedding!

Lovin' the concept of The Story, Orthos. I'll probably borrow this idea for my own homebrew setting. Looking forward to the next entry!

Thanks for the answer, Olwen.

Given their future employer, I have to concede that LE certainly is the best-suited alignment for this AP, but Mordrick's presentation really read like "this is a deranged chaotic madman" to me.

Looking forward to the next update (the one with the killed goblin it, I presume...).

Olwen wrote:
carborundum wrote:
Dramatic stuff! Great fun already :-)
Thanks! It's always great to know we have some readers. :)

Once again, call me in, as well, Olwen!

Would you be so kind to share the PCs' alignments with us?

I would guess they are LE or NE, LE (but only due to the diva's Chelish origin), NE and CE in the order the characters are presented in the first post above...?

Bumpin' this thread in the hope of seeing more updates soon!

So now we've arrived at the Hangman's Noose. I think you've managed to integrate this great adventure quite seamlessly in the overall course of action and am really eager to see how it will play out.

Bumping this for others to learn about Orthos' new blog. BTW, I'M really not that much into gods and creation stuff but I find yours to be really well thought-through (is that correctly hyphenated?) so far.

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I would very much like to hear more about the major cultures and races of Finiens.

Thanks, Orthos, this is great news! Now off to subscribe to your RSS feed...

I also vote for #1. Cool idea BTW!

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Orthos wrote:
One of the major races in my group's homebrew world is a drider-like race. There's a part of the world they are common in that is also home to an avian-esque race, loosely based on the Raptorans from 3.5. As such, among other things, there has developed a clear social distinction - those who can climb or fly (naturally or magically) to the higher-constructed buildings are the literal upper class, while those who cannot live in the lands below as the poorer social strata. Heck, there was a time in that region's history where the lower-realm tried to name their own rulers, since the upper-crust often didn't pay any attention to them; this of course was seen as revolution and quickly squashed, though an uprising of better representation for the low-landers has slowly begun to trickle into the culture as a result, if slowly.

Having already been intrigued by the various lore snippets provided in your campaign journals, now I would really like to see an overview of your homebrew campaign setting somewhere!

Thanks for your answers, guys, much appreciated!

Nice to see this campaign journal back! Honestly, I hadn't expected it to be continued anymore.

What kind of race is Jaeger? And what is his motivation for assisting the group in their antics? I would be really looking forward to reading a bit more about this character's background.

Woohoo, I've finally caught up with this awesome journal again.
Seven posts in as many days most certainly compensate for the long drought suffered before...;-)

Still, I do have one question regarding "Beyond the Doomsday Door", which apparently was a real meat grinder:
Where did the group fight a baregara in the last section of this adventure? Was it summoned by the elven priest? You mention it in your "damage" comments below the post but did not describe the actual combat scene.

Looking forward to the group's antics in Guiltspur (and hoping for less character deaths this time ;-)).

Great update! Good to see you back on track.

B.A. Ironskull wrote:

I'd like to see exactly the opposite of what seems typical-

A land of high magic, mythic monsters, unchecked power claimed by tyrants and heroes both. Something epic and inspiring, not a rehash of Euro-USA history.

The same opinion here. You're showing some great ideas in your post.

I'm also all in for a great frontier setting with
- lots of weird stuff to explore and bizarre new monsters and races to encounter (would it actually be feasible to adopt some of the races found in the NeoExodus setting?),
- and/or familiar races being given a twist (as in civilized minotaurs vs. marauding centaurs, as described above),
- and/or less common races being given a more prominent role (like in, for example, a whole region dominated by bugbears, ogres, medusas, satyrs, tanuki, syrinx, ryven, grippli, etc.).

Bumpin' this again!

Check out the Dragon Below and Legacy of Dhakaan trilogies by Don Bassingthwaite both of which are set in Eberron and heavily feature the Darguun goblin empire and the (non-evil) orcish Gatekeepers respectively.

So why did Ursus indulge in cannibalism? Is this part of the AP or some character development of his? I'm not really getting this part of the story, sorry...

Otherwise, very good journal once again, Moonbeam!

Tippin' my hat to your ability to foreshadow so many later events and have your characters establish relations to several NPCs that will have an appearance later on. Absolutely brilliant stuff here!

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This is an amazing project! You've put some great effort in this, showing some really fantastic ideas and a lot of creativity here. I've only skimmed over the 1st adventure so far but I really like what I see, especially that it's set in Minata!

Oops, my fault. I haven't started reading the second entry yet, so I was mistaken in believing that the entire journal would be written from a 1st person perspective...Anyway, good stuff here!

A 1st person narrative by a NE female character on a ship in a tropical setting?

Well, Moonbeam's Savage Tide journal basically featured the same premises and soon turned out to become one of my favorite journals here on this board (to be checked out here:

Thus, the benchmark has been set...;-)

Anyway, as you have already proven to have some great writing style in your RotR journal and the beginning of this journal is also looking very promising indeed (ever tried writing an actual novel, Poldaran?), I am expectantly looking forward to these new adventures of yours.

To be honest, this plan of Geo's is a yucky idea...

I like it. :-)

Lovin' this thread and lookin' forward to your Serpent's Skull journal!

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