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I can't recall when the actual ship date was, but I have yet to receive #117. I use the time I've read the #117 pdf as a base, and its been a while.

I have some extra copies of Dungeon that I'd like to sell:

#19 (deck of many things removed)
#22 (cover had detached, but I still have it)
#118 (still in shrink wrap)

If this place isn't appropriate, could someone direct me to a public forum (not Ebay) where I can get rid of these?

I'm just curious (and don't mean to toot horns)... who among the boards owns all the Dungeon magazines?

I'll sign myself to this... I've been a subscriber since the 20's-30's (if memory serves) and have grabbed the earlier issues through auctions and shopping luck.

Dungeon mags, as a set, are easily my most precious collectible. If my house ever caught fire, you'd see me dragging a Wal Mart crate (or two) full of Dungeons out the front door.