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, with a golden scarab embedded in her forehead.






46 (14 in human years)

Special Abilities

Hp = 256 + 203*18


Overwhelming good, evil, chaos, law.




Sphinx, common.

Strength 30
Dexterity 22
Constitution 22
Intelligence 7
Wisdom 7
Charisma 30

About Maya Rego

No, she's not actually human.

Maya Rego:

Female tiefling

Alternate tiefling traits-
Fiendish spinter, claws, prehensile tail.
None of these are visible or usable when maya is an elemental, unless she chooses to form them into her form at the beginning of the day- she tends to avoid this, and chooses to look like a normal human.

Str 26 (30 as an elemental), dex 22, con 22, int 7, wis 7, cha 30.

paladin 16 // shaman (speaker for the past) 16

Magic items-
Pharaoh's ward-
A +5 defending scimitar that grants the pharaoh evasion and makes reflex into a full progression save, so long as the pharaoh has no armor check penalty. The scimitar can be called to her hand as a non-action at any time, fully repaired if it was broken. If destroyed, the scimitar cannot be called for 1 minute.
The scimitar, rather impractically, is made of solid gold- due to the pharaoh's practicing with this weapon, she takes a -2 to hit with any weapon that isn't double weight.

Pharaoh's wealth-
Maya's pockets can access her treasury from anywhere.


Flaw- inattentive

Fey foundling, mystical healer, improved DR*5, improved calling.
Improved trip, greater trip, effiecent spell.

Savior of the people

Secret (efficient spell)
Crystal sight
Stone stability

Spirit shield
Voice of the grave
Time sight
Spirit walk

Spirit abilities-
Touch of acid
Body of earth (dr 4/adamanite)
Elemental form (16 hour earth elemental form, activated at the start of the day. Immune to precision, critical hits, bleed, dr 5/-, earth glide, +5 natural armor, +4 str.)


HP 256

10+ 6 dex + 10 armor (spirit shield) + 5 natural armor
Total 31, 16 touch, 25 flat footed.
With smite rival- +10 to all.
With barkskin- +5 to total and flat footed.
With defending active- +5 to touch and total.

28 fort
28 will (uses con due to stubborn as nails)
28 ref

To hit-
16+ 10 str.
Total +26.
+ 5 when defending is inactive
+10 with smite rival

1d6+15 (str), +1d6 acid.
+16 during smite.
+5 when defending is inactive.

10/- (5 from elemental body, 5 from improved dr five times.)
8 hardness when using statue.

Daily spells-
When maya awakes, she casts the following spells and abilities, and keeps them on all day, until she sleeps, having a duration of 16 hours.
Statue, elemental form (shaman ability), spellbane (champion ability), spirit shield (shaman ability), contingency (thorn body, trigger- when she casts barkskin).

Hero points-
3, regenerates one daily.

Perception of -6 "were you listening to a word I said?" "In my defense, I listened to at least three of them. A new record for me."
Sense motive +17
Diplomacy +29
Bluff +26
Spellcraft +17
Knowledge (religion) +17.
Knowledge (the planes) +17.
Knowledge (everything else) -2. "The hell is a dragon?"
Swim +10
Climb +10
Acrobatics +25
Stealth +22 (the funny thing is, if you wanna get technical, when she hides, she can't find herself.)
Ride +25
Fly +25

Doesn't get aura of faith or aura of Justice.