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I do agree with Starfox that it is too many rolls. I don't agree however that it should be automatic when trained enough as the Failure and Crit-Failure add interesting dynamic with time-crunched parties.

But since rolling 6 checks per hour is pretty tedious, maybe it'd be good to have the option to roll once for X*10 minutes for X* Treatment healing? That would keep the risk of Failure while greatly reducing number of checks.

And while I can't speak to Math balance on the DCs Night rests do need a buff in potency, I could see something like 1/2 Max HP for long rest and Full HP for non-rolled Healer tended bedrest.

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So, to get straight to the point how would people feel if the bard had spellcasting taken out and replaced with extra feats only for Archetypes? Let's say at levels 2, 4, 8, 12, and 18 with lowered requirements for dedications like only needing 14 in a stat and being able to take another dedication without finishing an existing one.

This would let Bard players have the Option of being (Mostly) full casters, or simply be jacks-of-all-trades to help round out a party while also giving them the unique potential of prestige specialists. Because who better to emulate the renowned then those who study and sing about them?

Just as a side note this is assuming that if it were put in that the dedications have more thematic requirements or are very fairly balanced, I’m just wondering if the core idea seems appealing.

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I really like this idea, it would make it so we don't need so many scaling DCs to prevent auto-critical on checks from a few levels ago, and needing to roll a Nat 20 to pass something that would be trivial for a higher level character.

But I believe it might have a couple issues if we are too varied with the ranges. For example, a Player wants to do something unexpected, DM finds or sets the DC at 16. In the current system if the player rolls a 26 or a 6 the DM knows if they've Botched or Crit, and if the DM told the player the DC they also know how they did, so fewer hard feelings.

Issue being if crits can be anywhere from +1 to +10 the DM then has to think what a +/-4 critical is worth, then on top of that what hitting +8 means. And then the player rolling a 23 might think they crit when the DM set the crit range at +/-8s, which might make the player feel slightly cheated.

A way around this would be to standardize what types of roll crit with which numbers. For example, keeping Attack rolls as +/-10, then change skill check to +/-5, then for an epic campaign roll like a unique ritual every +/-2 meaning something horrible or wonderful. I think it would help reduce mental gymnastics.