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Is there any extra information about what to do if your domain(or any additionally granted spells to a spell list) includes a racial spell?

Typically, I know that a racial spell can only be cast by the race that it belongs to. This includes purchasing scrolls or wands of that spell.

Is the domain spell useless to the caster?

My question is based off of Savage Maw and the Crocodile domain.

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There are several questions I have regarding this mode of movement.

If you have a natural burrow speed can you breathe while burrowing?

What materials can burrow move through? Mud, clay, hard packed earth, rocky dirt? I'm fairly certain stone is excluded, though.

Is there a such thing as difficult terrain when burrowing?

Can you stealth while burrowing?

Can you leave a tunnel?

Does tremorsense allow you to sense immobile things, such as buried boulders?

Does blindsight work under the ground?

Are you always aware of which direction is up?

How do you tell which direction you are moving?

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I've been watching through the movies again after many years... and was thinking what a pathfinder version of these beasts would look like?

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I have had some issues in the usage of the Swarm of Fangs spell during PFS play. Though, this question is not PFS specific. The spell is in the Monster Codex under Troglodyte.

The issue is this; I have had two GMs declare this spell unusable as they said the spell requires and is missing a stat block for the fang swarm.

Was this spell intended to have a statblock or does the spell work exactly as I believe, similar to a flaming sphere? I would appreciate an official response in either case.

Swarm of Fangs text:
You summon a swarm consisting of thousands of animate, flying teeth in a 10-foot-by-10-foot cube. These fangs attack all creatures within the swarm’s area. You can summon the swarm so that it shares an area with other creatures, and you can move the swarm up to 40 feet each round as a move action. If you choose not to move the swarm, it automatically moves up to 40 feet to envelop the nearest creature (including you) if it has not already done so.

Creatures caught inside the swarm’s area of effect take 2d6 points of damage. The fangs deal damage to all creatures sharing their area when they first appear, and at the end of their movement each round.

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NOTE: Eldritch guardian archetype grants all combat feats(even ones that don't meet prereqs) to the characters familiar at lvl 2. Mauler familiars grow to medium size.

Okay, say a fighter(eldritch guardian) with a familiar, the ride skill and mounted combat are hanging out in a bar. The tiny familiar is riding on the fighter's shoulder. Now, a guy tries to punch said fighter... can the familiar use mounted combat to attempt to negate the hit?

Say you have a flying mauler familiar and undersized mount, how does encumbrance effect the familiar's fly speed when the character tries to ride it?

More eldritch guardian fun.
Mauler familiar(scarlet spider) with dirty fighting, imp trip, imp unarmed combat, crane style, crane wing, greater trip, combat reflexes and vicious stomp...
Can the spider vicious stomp without taking feral combat training(use a non-listed unarmed attack instead of listed natural attack)?
Does the spider count as having an 'open hand'?

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Can a familiar based off an animal proficient in a bow use a bow, so long as it can wield it?
I ask because the difference between an animal companion and familiar is often blurred in the FAQs and an animal familiar is still tecnically an animal and thus could be considered only 'animal intelligence'.

Now, important to note... animal intelligence means that the creature must be coaxed to act via handle animal among the other things it does. So, it is either they can use manufactured weapons so long as they can hold them or they can not and must be convinced to do things via handle animal.

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This is a continuation of a discussion sparked on Pathfinder Society facebook public group.

Those of us who like the concept of animated the corpses of our foes and using them to make more corpses have been missing out on the action in PFS.
This is not wholly because you don't get to keep your undead minions between sessions or because they are expensive and may not do enough damage.
The reason is this; the full functionality of the spell has not been made clearly legal (or clear at all, really) in either the CRB, FAQ or Additional Resources.
There is a lack of clarity because the rules for creating undead are not in the spell itself, but in the stat blocks of the creatures that the spell makes as well as the fact that many of those stat blocks were written after the spell was. The spell only declares undead types it can make, namely skeletons and zombies. No variants are mentioned, except in Lesser Animate Dead which states that the lesser spell cannot create variants.
This leads to table variation. Some GMs judge that you only get the stat blocks in the bestiary book, which is mostly useless. Some say you get the template. Others say you get all the rules scattered throughout the books that describe how animate dead works.
But, a very strict reading says you only get vanilla skeletons and zombies.
Please, weigh in with your thoughts...

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I've recently come under some flak about using my azata's skills during out of combat situations. I was wondering how normal it is for gms to tell players that their imp familiar is unable to make a diplomacy check because no one in town will talk to it. Even though they are accompanied and assisted in the check by a 'normal' player.
As well, is it normal to have to argue about the ability of a imp familiar, that is explicitly able to use wands, to hold said wands for use?
Oh, and one more thing off topic... if a gm missplays a spell, what is the proper way to inform them that a spell does not work in that fashion? (especially when said spell would kill a player)
Thanks for the input!

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Is there supposed to be a stat block for swarm of fangs? It came up in a game recently where a GM asked me to provide the stat block when attempting to cast the spell, yet the Monster Codex does not provide one nor can I find one in any other book.

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Human Barbarian(Titan Mauler)2/Swashbuckler 10

DEX 19(+2 racial)
CON 15
WIS 10
CHA 14

Muscle of the Society

1 Weapon Focus(scimitar), |Human| Slashing Grace(scimitar)
2 Two Weapon Fighting
5 Toughness
6 |Combat| Martial Versatility(Slashing Grace)
7 Improved Two Weapon Fighting
9 Improved Critical(Elven Curve Blade)
11 Greater Two Weapon Fighting

I was looking at taking Swashbuckler at first level, followed by two levels of Titan mauler for Jotungrip. This would keep the character viable while waiting for 6th when he picks up MV so he can use elven curve blades in each hand with dex damage.

Note, even though he is human he will have elven weapon familiarity.

Do you think this would work?