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Huzzah! This is a very worthy alliance. I’m up for some good designing.

OSRIC, Castles & Crusades (Gary's last bit with Castle Zagyg), True20, and several others also strive to stay afloat in the Sea of Anachronism. They have some great ideas. Paizo is already selling 4E stuff on this very site, in any event. They will also cheerfully sell this new retro 3.5 system to PATHFINDER fans and those who can be freed from the PATH of 4E that we'll FIND on the major bookstore shelves for years to come.

Wait, never mind - I've GOT it; the new name should be:


This allows an infinite number of revisions without ever needing new editions! 3.1 -> 3.14 -> 3.141 -> 3.141592653589793238 etc. Joy of Pi

Had enough yet? I've downloaded it all and bought the Beta 2 Playtest hard copy already. See you in the design forum!

I have been lurking, waiting for this moment.

For those still confused about the cut material, it can be found as PZO1110BE Web Enhancement.pdf in the ZIP download.

Two days ago, I cheerfully downloaded the Beta. Yesterday, I even more cheerfully walked into my Friendly Local Gaming Store and purchased the hard-copy because it's more fun to read than off a computer and easier than printing the whole mess myself.

I look forward to playtesting this thing.