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So I have read through all the rules on how Kingdoms make money and I am a little surprised that if you fail the economy check to get BP, you get nothing. Ergo you either have a good month of getting at least 4-5 BP or you get nothing. How has this worked out for people? It seems too easy for a couple of bad rolls to kill a Kingdom with little options to pull yourself out of the nosedive.

Have any other GMs changed this right away and how did the changes go?

Short version: Will having one month of the year with double consumption cripple any PC city regardless of budgeting?

The basic premise: I am using the idea that the party needs to make deals to fund their kingdom. This is a monster campaign NOT working with the Swordlords so I have made a bunch of different organisations to sponsor them along the lines of the thread here "Venture-Capital-aka-A-Deal-with-the-Devil".

Each organisation has:
Offer - how much BP they will give you
Stated - what they tell you up-front that they want from you
Hidden - the favour they are planning to ask for in the future, but they won't mention it until the time is right (thus discoverable via investigation)
Delayed - the favour that they aren't even thinking about right now, but once you become large/successful, will realize they should ask (thus not discoverable until later)

Because the party is monsters, I am only including evil churches, 2 of which will pay a lot to have exclusive worship. To balance the big payout, there will be big hidden costs that I worry are too big and will kill any city regardless of how they play it. The hidden cost being "Huge destructive festivals in the month of Rova doubles consumption for this month."

I have never played PnP Kingmaker before so have no idea of scale or if a month with double costs will kill a city or hobble them so much early on to make choosing this church a drawn out suicide.