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Level 1 - Skin of the Chameleon

The vampire's skin changes color and texture to match his surroundings.
System: Spend 1 BP, raising your Stealth pool by 5 dice so long as you move no faster than a slow walk.
Level 2 - Scry the Hearth

Extend your senses through the structure of a building.
System: Spend a WP while in physical contact with a building or structure up to the size of a castle. This power lasts one scene, or until contact is broken. Gain an innate sense of the location and approximate size of all living (or unliving) beings within the structure. To pinpoint a specific individual’s location with this power, roll Perception + Alertness roll (diff 6). If the subject is attempting to hide, oppose with Wits + Stealth (diff 6). Characters using Obfuscate can be detected using the character's Visceratika rating as Auspex.
Level 3 - Bond with the Mountain

Meld with stone and stone-like substances for protection.
System: Spend 2 BP and four turns to meld with stone. A faint outline of the character is visible with a Per + Alertness roll, diff 9. While melded, the character triples his soak. If he takes 3L damage from a single attack, the meld is broken.
Level 4 - Armor of Terra

Gain the fortitude and toughness of the Earth itself.
System: This power is always in effect. Add 1 to all Aggravated and Lethal soak and 2 to all Bashing soak. Reduce wound penalties by 1 and halve the damage pool of all fire-based effects. The difficulty of any touch-based Perception roll is increased by 2.
Level 5 - Flow In The Mountain

Move while using the power of Stonemeld.
System: Spend 2 BP in addition to the normal cost of Stonemeld to move at a slow walking pace through stone-like substances. Alternately, the character can spend 1 BP and move through (Strength) feet of stone without first Bonding to it. If the distance is insufficient, the full version of this power must be used to finish crossing.


•••••• Passion

True masters of the Discipline of Presence can toy with the emotions of an entire crowd with but a glance. Passion allows a vampire to create violent, overwhelming sensations in another, subsuming her victim's rational mind under waves of emotion. The most stoic monk can become a sex-starved beast or a raging killer. The most hateful barbarian can be filled with true love. With something as simple as a few whispered words or a glance, the vampire changes the balance of humors in her target, creating the desired effect. The victim might not be aware of the arcane nature of his sudden emotional change, but he will likely realize that the vampire is the source — if only because his feelings seem focused on her.

System: The vampire can use Passion to create any powerful emotion, as long as it involves a loss of control: fear, lust, envy, love, hatred and anger are all viable candidates. When the vampire uses the power, the player must decide whether she is making herself the subject of the emotion or not. If so, it is the vampire herself whom the victim will love, hate, fear or desire. If not, the emotion is unfocused and much less controlled: Rage, paranoia or lust simply overwhelms the victim. The vampire cannot make a third party the subject of Passion.

To use the power, the vampire must initiate some form of communication with the subject, lx' it a glance, a subtle touch or a charming whisper. The player then rolls Manipulation + Expression (difficulty equal to the target's Willpower). Success indicates that the victim is overcome by the desired emotion for a scene. A botch renders the target immune to the vampire's Presence powers for the rest of the night and may have other effects at the Storyteller's discretion, such as making the target hate the vampire for the indefinite future.

The specific effects of Passion depend on the emotion created, but they are mostly up to the Storyteller and player to portray through roleplaying. Some of the most common uses function as follows:
Successes Targets Affected
One Two people
Two Four people
Three Eight people
Four 20 people
Five (or more) Everyone in the vampire's immediate vicinity.

Love: The subject falls madly in love with the vampire. He reacts to her as if he were under the blood oath except that he feels affection and romantic love rather than feudal loyalties. Each success on the initial Passion roll also reduces all of the victim's dice pool by one die for Social rolls made against the vampire.
Fear: The subject becomes terrified of the vampire or overcome by a generalized panic. The victim is immediately subject to Rotschteck (difficulty 5 to resist) and each success on the Passion roll adds to that difficulty. Mortals do not enter Rotschreck, but their players must roll Courage against a similar difficulty.
Greed: The subject becomes completely focused on acquiring valuables, status and wealth — as fast as possible. The victim's player must make a Self-Control or Instinct roll (difficulty 5 + successes on Passion roll) to resist taking any action that will lead to immediate material gratification such as stealing an available jewel or agreeing to murder a baron.
Rage: The subject's heart fills with rage, and she lashes out at anything nearby. Vampire victims immediately become subject to frenzy (with similar difficulties for fear). Players of mortal victims must roll Self-Control.

The vampire can also choose to target Passion at a single-subject or at a crowd. If she is targeting a crowd, the vampire must be able to communicate clearly to everyone within it, and the number of people who are affected depends on how many successes the player gets on her Manipulation + Expression roll, which has a flat difficulty of 7 for a crowd. The vampire cannot choose specific people in the crowd to affect. The emotions waft over the crowd and grip people starting from those closest to her.