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Full Name

Laralai Grahn




Witch/Monk Gestalt 2 | HP: Dead | AC: 17 / T: 16 / FF: 11 | Fort: +4, Ref: +7, Will: +6 | CMB: +5, CMD: 17 | Init: +3, Perception: +7 |








Neutral Good



About Laralai

Laralai Grahn

Female Human Martial Artist Monk / White-Haired Witch 2
Neutral Good Medium Humanoid (Human, Humanoid)

Initiative; +3 Perception +7

Daily Abilities:

Spell Points - 5/6
Stunning Fist - 1


AC 17 touch 16 flat-footed 11
hp None
Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +6


Speed 20 ft.

Unarmed Strike - +5 to hit - 1d6 Damage - x20 Crit
Hanbo - +5 to hit - 1d6 Damage - x20 Crit
White Hair - +7 to hit - 1d6+4 Damage - x20 Crit
- Grab - +7 Grab on successful attack.
- Constrict - Additional damage on grapple.


Casting Tradition Possession of Winter.
- Casting Sign -When using spells hair moves as if in a wind no else can feel, even blowing against natural winds.
- Wild Magic - There is a 10% chance each spell point used will create an unusual effect.
- Magical Focus - Ring. Without spells require a concentration check.
- Easy Focus - Changes Concentration Checks to a move action.
Caster Level 1
Spell Points 6
Difficulty Check 14

Life Sphere Magic - Allows the use of Healing and Restorative talents.
Invigorate - Add a number of temporary hit points equal to caster level to a target. These do not stack with other temporary hit points and cannot increase it over there starting HP.
Cure - For one spell point, heal 1d8 plus your level.
Restore - Removes a variety of ill effects.
- Restore Health - This talent adds an additional 1d8 to all Cures cast, and allows Restore to affect Diseases and Poisons.

Nature Sphere - Grants access to the powers of the natural world.
Vortex - Needs a large amount of water. Creates a vortex ten and five feet high plus five per caster level. Any creature in it takes 1d8 + half of caster level unless it makes a Reflex save. If smaller than the vortex they must pass a second reflex or be sucked in.
Fog - Creates a bank of fog, creating 20% concealment within 5 feet and 50% concealment further. In stronger winds it will be dispersed or blown away.
Freeze - Spend a point to flash freeze water. It is one inch thick, and five by five in size. If large enough to catch a creature it traps them unless they make a reflex save.

Destruction - Grants the use of various devastating blasts.
Destructive Blasts - Deals 1d6 per 2 caster levels in bludgeoning damage as a touch attack or ranged touch attack. At the cost of one Spell Point this can be increased to 1d6 per caster level.

Protection - Allows the casting of physically protective magic.
Ward - Creates a protective barrier that blocks movements and attacks.
Aegis - Adds a +1 to AC per five caster levels, and lasts for one hour per caster level.


Str 10 Dex 16, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha, 10
Base Atk +2; CMB +5; CMD 18

Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Agile Maneuvers, Dodge, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (White Hair), Combat Reflexes, Feral Combat Training.

Auspicious Tattoo, Honeyed Tongue, Hirdman.
Drawback One Leg
Racial Traits
Bonus Feat, Skilled.
Skills Acrobatics +7, Climb +5, Diplomacy +9, Escape Artist +7, Heal +7, Knowledge (Arcana) +7, Knowledge (History), Perception +7, Profession (Farmer) +6, Ride +7, Sense Motive +7, Swim +5.
Bonus Skills Craft (Carving) +8, Linguistics +8
Languages Norsk, Runic, Nuklander, Seagestrelander, Andovan

Combat Gear Hanbo, Chain Shirt, Light Wooden Shield
Other Gear Riding Horse.
Money, 255gp
Carrying Capacity Light - 38 lbs, Medium - 76 lbs, Heavy - 115 lbs

Special Abilities

Agile Maneuvers - Use dexterity in place of Strength for CMB.
Auspicious Tattoo - Adds +1 to will save.
Bonus Feats - Humans gain one bonus feat at level 1. Monks add an additional one at level 1.
Combat Reflexes - Allows as many Attacks of Opportunity as Dex modifier.
Dodge - Adds plus 1 to AC.
Evasion - On a successful reflex save against an attack that does half damage, it deals none instead.
Familiar - A Thrush which adds +3 to Diplomacy.
Feral Combat Training - Allows the use of Monk abilities and Flurry of Blows with natural attacks.
Flurry of Blows - Allows an attack similar to Two Weapon fighting, but requiring only a single weapon or Unarmed strike.
Hirdman - Gain 5 votes at the Thing, land that produces 100gp in profit when worked, a horse and a bonus 150gp in starting money.
Honeyed Tongue +1 to Diplomacy and Diplomacy becomes a class skill.
Patron - Winter, granting cold related spells.
Skilled - Adds an additional skill point at each level.
Stunning Fist - Allows the use of the Stunning Fist feat once per level, with scaling benefits.
Unarmed Strikes - Grants Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat, allowing unarmed damage to be lethal and scaling the damage as levels progress.
Weapon Finesse - Allows dexterity to be used in place of strength to hit.
Weapon Focus (White Hair) - Adds +1 to hit with White Hair.
White Hair - Allows the use of White Hair to attack and grapple a foe, up to 5ft and inflicting Intelligence as damage. On a successful attack a grapple can be Initiated. This does not count as being grappled.
- Constrict - Grappled foes receive White Hair damage as a swift action.

Favoured Class Bonus Monk - 2 Skill Point.

Tall and willowy, Laralai’s most striking and obvious feature is her ankle-length cascade of pure white hair. Woven with chains and charms the hair at the front is tied into a loose bun high on her head to keep the wind from blowing it in her eyes, but allowed to flow free down her back from the rest of her head. Occasionally her hair seems to move with a life an intent entirely of it’s own.

Tall and long limbed, Laralai is fit but not as heavily muscled as many of the Northlanders, and only average in height by there standards. Her skin is darker than many of her kin, contrasting with her hair, and her eyes are also a deep green colour. Laralai’s voice is a deep contralto and like most Northlanders she bathes often and well, resulting in a lingering scent of soap.

Her upper back and shoulders are covered with a tattoo dedicated to the Goddess Freyja, bearing writ in Runic asking her aid in life and magic. It is also noticeable, although often not at first, that her left leg is missing below the knee, replaced with a finely carved and hinged wooden prosthetic.

In terms of clothing Laralai prefers to wear whites and greys, further accenting her hair, and to keep her head bare if she can manage it.

Laralai is dedicated, to herself, her beliefs and her ally. She dedicated to learning an unusual style based on speed and grappling rather than try and meet more bulky, powerful opponents head on. When she lost her leg she forced herself to learn to walk again, rather than feeling like a burden to anyone. When she discovered her magic, she learned how to heal, so she could help others.

Once she chooses to do something she will likely keep working at it until it’s done or she has failed totally. If she doesn’t succeed one way, she’ll try another way, until she finds what works. She isn’t afraid to back off and away, however, to try again later.

Well read, she knows several languages, and studies others in the hopes of mastering them as well. Knowledge is a useful tool, and she has found a lot in the various tomes she has gathered from traders and friends that is useful.

Although not especially smooth, she has an earnest style of talking and great conviction. Part of her education involved diplomacy. She can’t lie to save her lie, nor can she sound even remotely threatening - her appearance is too young - but she can often convince others of her view point.

Born to the owners of a large holding, Laralai learned from an early age the simple pleasures of working the lands. Although not especially gifted at farming compared to others, she did develop a knack for carving as she grew, discovering that she enjoyed the feel and heft of wood as she slowly shaped it into a useful tool or decorative object. Occasionally she would gift these objects to others.

Her parents had earned the lands they owned through heroics and bravery, and Laralai yearned to do the same. She learned combat, focusing more of evading blows the heavier Northmen could throw rather than absorbing them on shields or armors, and how to grapple larger, heavier foes despite the main strength she lacked. She also picked up skills with a number of weapons, but it was with grappling she found herself most successful.

One day a youth from the village came to ask for her parents aid. One of the children had wandered away from the village, and a large bear had been seen in the region over the last several weeks. Groups were now searching, for both the child and the bear, and the villagers wanted her parents to help. However, they had recently left on their own trip. Her family's honour to uphold, Laralai chose to join the hunt herself, although she was barely old enough to join the hunt herself.

It was a bitter winter, even for the North, and as dusk began to approach what little warmth left the world, taken by the biting winds. Without the skills to search she was searching almost blindly, relying on how far sound could carry across the snowscape, but it was was difficult. As night fell, however, she saw torches to the east, and could hear the sounds of combat.

In time it took to reach the sound, she heard another sound - men and women dying.

Arriving at the clearing she found the warriors battling a massive bear, its dark fur tinged white in the light of the torches. Rearing back onto its hind legs it towered over those fighting it. Many already lay on the ground, armour and shields smashed and swatted aside as though they were kindling. The monster swatted another man - a well known bearsarker - aside, the man’s frothing rage no match for twelve feet of ursine muscle. But the creature was hurt. One eye had a dagger sticking from it, and the white fur was red in several places.

And behind them all, in a hollow, wept the missing child. His cries must have attracted the huge creature, but it was too big to fit inside.

It was clear this was no simple bear, but seemed more like one of the Landvættir of legend. But she couldn’t desert the people fighting, nor the boy. Taking up a fallen spear she attacked the creature from behind. For a moment it looked like the blow would strike true, but instead at the last moment the bear turned, smashing the spear with one paw and then the girl with another. The blow struck low and sent Laralai flying - and sent her leg another way entirely as the claws ripped it away from below the knee.

As she lay, pain greater than any she had known pulsing through her body, Laralai saw the bear - truly saw it. It really was a normal bear, she realized, but with something else inside it. Trapped. The creature and the bear had driven each other to madness in their battle for dominion. As she watched the last warrior fall she felt sympathy for them both.

Perhaps the maddened beast felt her gaze on it. Snout coated red it turned to her, and the thing inside as well. Eyes met eyes with a shock and a sudden, wrenching sensation as something cold and ancient filled her mind. Here, child, let me help.

The bear was stunned by the sudden absence of the thing in its head. That moment was all it took for Laralai’s hair - once raven black but now pure white - to rise into life and strike out the bears other eye. Roaring in blinded rage and agony, the creature swung wildingly, but claws that had sheared limbs could not cut the bright, white hair. Again and again the hair, growing ever longer, stabbed down on the great beast as it tried to find her, but Laralai dragged herself away to the cranny where the boy was hiding and it couldn’t reach her.
Blood pouring from dozens of thin wound, the already wounded creature finally fell.

It was morning when searchers found the remains of the party, Laralai hugging the child close. The stump of her leg had frozen during the night, keeping her alive. But it was her hair that caused the most comment. Spirit touched, they muttered in fearful voices. It was only two things that kept her alive - the hideous wounds and the account of the child, speaking on how she had saved his life.

Instead, she was taken before the Thing, and the Cunning Women. Fevered from the wound and exposure, she could only listen in a half dream state as it was argued over her future. Was she blessed by noble Gods, like Odin’s Baresarkers? Or was she touched by a dark spirit of mischief and pain? No one could decide. Her parents, and those of the boy she had saved, had a great deal of pull within the Thing. But the fear and awe of the spirits ran in many hearts. For hours they argued over the fading child.

In the end, it was the Cunning Woman who declared her fate. ”The fever shall show us where the truth lies,” she announced. ”None shall give her aid or medicine beyond rest and water. She may eat only what she eats herself. If she lives, then she is strong and the will of the Gods allows her to remain to us. If she dies then it was her fate and her death a brave one.” Her parents took up their daughter and returned home, angered by the decision - but unwilling to break the decree.

Laralai slept, and dreamed, for three days. She saw lands of green and yellow and brown, lands of black stone where mountains of fire wept. She journeyed through the planes of men and beasts and devils and gods, and each turned her away. And as she travelled she felt the same presence in her mind, imparting it’s power, trying to save her torn body. She was never sure how much truth lay in those dreams and how much was simply fever. A thrush was sat on the windowsill, watching her with strange intensity

On the third day she awoke, the fever broken, weak but alive. The Thing declared the verdict for all - she had been blessed by the Gods. None would voice their complaints, any many were relieved - but some remained watchful.

As her strength returned to her Laralai carved for herself a wooden leg from ancient oak, taken from the bow of the Jarl’s longship as thanks to her parents. And then she learned to walk again - first with a staff, then with a cane, and finally on her own. She wasn’t as fast as she had once been, but she could walk without aid. It was enough.

It was during that walk that the thrush returned, and to her shock voiced itself to her. It was an avatar of the being inside her, it’s will and mind. It's powered was bound now to Laralai, however. And it would teach her how to use it. ”Teach me how to heal,” the girl asked. And the thrush agreed.

Laralai took herself before the Cunning Women, and asked to learn their ways. After several tests to measure her and gauge her power and will they agreed, as her experience made her likely to gain strange gifts. From both sides she learned healing magic. And she also mastered the long, white hair that now flowed down her back. Soon she could strike and hold a foe with it.

As she grew older her father and mother took her with them on trips, to trade and to buy and to help others. It is on one such trip that it was decided she could remain in the household Olaf Hennrikson, and old ally of her parents, to help him as a healer and to learn away from her family and friends - and her enemies.


Male Thrush Sage Familiar
Initiative; +2 Perception +5

AC 16 touch 16 flat-footed 10
hp 5
Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +4

Speed 10 ft, 40ft fly.
Peck - +7 to hit - 1d2-5 damage - x20 crit


Str 1 Dex 15, Con 6, Int 7, Wis 15, Cha, 6
Base Atk +1; CMB -3; CMD 4

Skill Focus - Perception

Racial Traits
Fly, Talk.
Fly +12, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +2, Knowledge (Local) +2, Knowledge (Planes) +2, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Perception +5, Stealth +14.

Special Abilities

Dazzling Intellect - Intelligence is always 5 + character level.
Empathic Link - A familiar and master share an empathic link, and can sense each other's emotions within a mile.
Fly - a 40ft movement speed while flying with average maneuverability.
Talk - The ability to speak Norsk.
Sage’s Knowledge - A Sage gains a bonus equal to half their level on all Knowledge checks and can attempt them untrained. Additionally they gain two skill points per level.
Share Spells - The owner can cast spells with a target range of ‘You’ on the familiar, and the familiar can be affected by spells that would not normally affect its type.