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About Krasnyy

Name: Тактический Бой Программа Красный-47 “Krasnyy”


  • High concept: Hidden Remnant of War
  • Trouble: Under Gustave Provanco’s thumb
  • Faction: Connected Bratva Enforcer
  • Moment of crystallization:Failure is not an option
  • CP Vincent:Endorphin Junkie
  • CP Khalil: Mission Before Morality

Active skills

  • +4:Stealth
  • +3:Ranged combat, military
  • +2:Somatics, Athletics , Melee combat
  • +1:Networking Criminal, Alertness, will, Pilot ground vehicles

Knowledge skills

  • +4:Profession: Military spec forces
  • +3:Academics: Biology, Interest: Slash metal bands
  • +2:Interest: Military Hardware, Language: Mandarin, Interest: Morph designs
  • +1:Interest: Street Foods, Interest: Adrenalin sports , Art: Cooking, Language: English

Ego Stunts

  • (free)
  • (free)
  • (1+ Refresh / each additional)


  • Durability:
  • Lucidity:
  • Reputation:
  • Wealth:


Muse Descriptor Aspect:
Lucidity: Stress: [_], Consequences:
Muse Skills: (For all that their interface is highly customized, a muse’s skills tend to be fairly standard.)
+3: Profession (Psychology)
+2: Profession (Accounting), Software, Infosec
+1: Hardware (electronics), Notice, +2 custom


type:Alpiner- African Genotype(Female)
Physique: +1
Aptitude: Pick one at L1.
Aspect: Made for Mars
Aspect: Planned Obsolescence – Due to the hypercorps’ desire to keep tight control over the independent population of Mars, this morph requires quarterly maintenance. Genehacked versions are available… if you know the right people.
Stunts: Enhanced Respiration (Mars), Low Pressure Tolerance, Temperature Tolerance (Enhanced Cold)


  • High concept: A pre fall Russian military spec forces Tactical Combat Program hiding his true nature from others on Mars
  • Trouble: Krasnyy’s Programming forces him to obey Orders from the old TCP command, which includes a former Lieutenant colonel Gustave Provanco, now a crimelord on Mars who uses Kranyy as needed. Orders he cannot refuse
  • Who where you early on: He was Тактический Бой Программа Красный-47, a TCP built by the Russian government as a dependable special forces units. The TCP where programed in stealth warfare, weapon use and to be utterly devoted to fulfilling the mission. For the first eight years of his existence he did just this. TCP where often “cleaned” after six missions to default. As the Fall wore on this “cleaning” was not carried out allowing “defects” to pop up.
  • Vivid Memory (The Fall): Krasnyy survived the death of his mother country, survived battles pulling a few “worthies” from the dying earth and into Orbit. The Orbital fell to the TITIAns, section by section, combatant by combatant. Krasnyy recalls all too well the fighting that went on long after the flesh and blood of the station had been. His willful fight and unwillingness to fall until he too “died” in an explosion he triggered.
  • The moment that crystallized Him: The Moment that crystallized his Post death self was after awaking on Mars, in a body of flesh, with his “Commander” over him. He explained how he had “acquired” the salvaged section of orbital and Krasnyy’s damaged but repairable cyber brain. His moment, when he knew he was no longer just a “weapon” was Months after being awoken and just listening to the thunderous sounds of Slash metal, awaiting an assignment. It was the feeling it invoked in Krasnyy that told him, he was not just a thing anymore.
  • Crossing paths: Vincent Carter For years, krasnyy has been stuck in a biomroph, a well built Alpiner. krasnyy has no complaints really, it was after all the morphs high calorie intake needs that lead him to pub crawls. And Beer, and other substances which give him feelings and sensations out of the norm for what he has always known. it was a combination of a few of these that had him in a underground spot called “ The railway stopyard’ whatever that means. He had often come to listen to the slash, dine on the food and sometimes chat with some of the people, trying to be “human”, he was told so many times he had to act more like them. Well one night to many drugs, too much drink and those damned hormones and he acted like one all right. The upside was vincent was cute and sex was more enjoyable than he thought, although they did trash a room and he is he left teeth marks on ol vincent( humans bite during sex right?). Maybe there was something to this biomorph thing after all.