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Full Name

Korwin Kurze




Blackguard (Antipaladin) 1








Lawful Evil






Prisoner (former Knight)

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Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 15
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 9
Charisma 15

About Korwin Kurze

Korwin Kurze
Male Lawful Evil Human Anti-Paladin (Blackguard), Level 1, Init +2, HP 13/13, Speed 30ft
AC 12, Touch 12, Flat-footed 10, CMD 16, Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +2, CMB +4, Base Attack Bonus 1
(+2 Dex)
Abilities Str 17, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 15

Once, long ago in Talingarde's history, the family of Kurze had been powerful, enjoying all the trappings of wealth and prestige which came with. There are those of course to attribute Talingarde's decline into degeneracy and corruption, which only the advent of the new ruling family of Darius some time ago has managed to turn around. As one of the family's at the forefront of power during the old order, the high household of Kurze was one of those most fully to bear the blame and be stripped of its lands and titles in the interest of the new order's reformations towards 'fair and just rulership'. Long had the household fought against this slight, and long have they suffered for it. Not ones to cowtow and make obeisances before the new regime and it's pathetic devotion to new deities. Though not a house strong in faith, the Kurze's had long revered might and the acquisition of power for it's own right. These attitudes, more than anything, have placed the house of Kurze into a slow decline which has left them virtually defunct, and irrelevant.

Thus, born to a down-on-it's-heels noble family, Korwin was squired to a sadistic and cowardly knight, a desperate attempt to give him some chance at honor and respect at court. Sir Terrec Raus was a brutal taskmaster, and took particular pleasure in demeaning Korwin as the son of a noble household where he was an admittedly lowly and ill-thought of knight. Yet Korwin bore the abuse, and the humiliation, gritting his teeth and using Sir Terrec's merciless sparring sessions as an opportunity to not only practice his swordplay, but duplicity, as he grew all the better at feigning his losses and leading on Sir Terrec to think himself the better. This served him every bit as well in his dealings with others, leading them on, flattering their egos, and in a way, gave Korwin the sort of familiarity with deceit and guile to rival any courtier.

It was one night, at a tavern where Korwin allowed himself too much to by way of security in his own abilities; going so far as to not quite openly mock Sir Terrec in front of the other patrons, and securing the attentions of a particular woman Sir Terrec had has his eyes on. It was pride, plain and simple for Korwin did not doubt that all assembled could see he was the more worthy bearer of title than Terrec, who had not yet seen fit to knight Korwin despite his years of service, and undeniable prowess. In him had come to fruition the full destiny of house Kurze, and he had grown to act the role despite all circumstances and every disadvantage, and in the light of that moment it became obvious even to Sir Terrec.

Enraged at having been deceived all these years by his own squire, he declared Korwin a simpering coward and drew his sword to teach the boy a bloody lesson, and likely would have maimed Korwin or worse. Korwin was caught unawares, more than a little drunk himself, and the ensuing duel was more than just some tavern brawl, sending all patrons fleeing and the inkeep to hide himself away. Though Sir Terrec's fury and the element of surprise earned him several blows in his favor, Korwin was by all accounts the superior swordsman, and moreover, as his own ire rose, it instilled in him a power the likes of which he had never felt before. Terrec was stunned, and Korwin pressed his advantage, savaging his former master and leaving him a disarmed and bloody mess. Before the final blow, Korwin felt the call of even greater power, and executed Sir Terrec, without a drop of remorse.

In that moment, Korwin knew that he had touched a power greater than simple might of arms, and his moment of reflection over Sir Terrec's corpse suddenly seemed to stretch on into an eternity all it's own. He felt a pulse, a whisper, embodied in the signet ring he wore, one of his family's few remaining heirlooms, and suddenly it as as though the sigil of his house seemed to come alive before him, a manifestation of burning shadow which spoke to him, saying all the more power could be his. Long ago, it told him that his house had been joined with that of a powerful dragon, an creature of power, ambition, and greed, and that in him that blood now flowed reborn, stronger than any of house Kurze in any generation before. It would be his destiny to restore not only there house to grandeur, but to renew the covenant of his household with their draconic ken.

All this, Korwin was promised, and all he had to do was bring about the downfall of house Darius. Though initially stunned, it seemed to him that in the aftermath, he could feel the hand of that beings power, as all those who had witnessed Sir Terrec's outburst testified that Korwin had defended himself admirably, and in protection of his own life. The event won him not only sympathy, but a reputation, somewhat bloody, but none the less a modicum of respect as Sir Terrec had been as infamous as he was ignominious. Korwin subsequently distinguished himself further, in joining Talingarde's legions and earning a proper knighthood, as well as fame at court as well as with the peasantry.

Not one to seem ungrateful, and eager to taste more of the unholy power offered him, Korwin turned all these new resources towards one goal: gathering enough support to eventually rebel against house Darius and bring about a new order in Talingarde once more, His Order. Alas, whether he moved to quickly or too soon, his efforts were undone, with seemingly almost prescient foreknowledge by royal agents and authorities to exactly what Korwin's intentions were. Korwin himself had entrusted no one with the end-game of his motivations and machinations in securing the loyalty of certain sell-swords and had even begun to make overtures to others wronged by house Darius and minor noble households, but it all came crashing down, as if the agents of the King had been waiting in the wings for the opportunity to be rid of house Kurze once and for all.

Stripped of all titles, his remaining family was imprisoned, and Korwin was tried and justly found guilty of High Treason, as he would not bring himself to lie or plead before the King and Court as the other families had done so long ago, and he himself had in suffering under Sir Terrec. He delivered a scathing tirade against house Darius, and it's supporters and now finds himself branded a traitor to the crown and imprisoned in Brandenscar awaiting execution. Korwin however has not despaired, not by any means. The entity promised him power, and this he sees as just a test of faith along the way, one which he intends not simply to pass, but to thrive upon. After all, the King's agents might have known of Korwin's treasonous actions, but they could not hope to guess at this true motivations, his ethereal allies, or the destiny revealed by his draconic blood. Soon though, all would be revealed to him, once Korwin escaped, and made himself known to Talingarde anew, not as a shining knight in service to the realm, but the most black-hearted of villains whom all would come to fear and serve.



High Treason: You have willfully worked to bring down the current Monarch of Talingarde, the beloved King Markadian V, called the Brave of House Darius. To be successfully tried for High Treason you have done more than merely dislike the king, you did something tangible to undermine his rule. Alas, that you failed at your plot and are now headed to Branderscar Prison. Treason is the only crime that is still punished by the gruesome ritual of being drawn and quartered. Your stay at Branderscar will be brief.

Prince: You have been raised to expect obedience from those around you, regardless of their station, and are not shy about demanding what you want.