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Full Name

Korash Ekrion Bramblemien, Eighth Grandmaster of the Way of the Open Palm


Gladiator 1 | Soulknife 6 (Deadly Fist, Gifted Blade)


Vitals (M/L/H):
Init +5, HP 79/92, PP 23/26 | AC 36/34/32, T 20/18/16, FF 36/34/32 | Fort +6, Ref +11/10/9, Will +10 | Perception 17 (Low-Light)


Deciduous Seedling - Martial Artist 2 |








The Sun


Seedling, Arborcommon, Arborfey, Tyran, Draconic

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 20
Charisma 16

About Korash the Spiky

One does not simply grapple a spaceship.

Image (medium-sized)
Image (large-sized)

A peaceful tree-man taken from his home and forced to fight for aliens' amusement, he has learned how to use his body as an effective—and nonlethal—weapon.

• Maneuver master: Can reliably grapple a mid-sized dragon. Will eventually be able to alter gravity, which is useful on a spaceship.
• Battlefield control: Ability to modify size and reach should allow him to disarm or trip half his enemies before they even reach the party. Also reasonably tough.
• Decent social skills, excellent perception.
• Can function effectively without weapons or armor, while able to deal slashing, bludgeoning or piercing damage with his versatile plant arms.

* * *

Offense/Defense (Medium):

Speed: 30 ft.
Initiative: +5
BAB: +8
Resist Electricity 5

Unarmed Strike, +16/+11 to hit (1d6+7)
Flurry of Fists, +14/+14/+8+8 to hit (1d6+7)
Sun Blade, +18/+13 vs evil (1d10+9/19-20), usable with shield, x2 vs undead
+1 Halberd +15/+10 to hit (1d10+6/x3)
+1 Vicious Wounding Glaive +15/+10 to hit (1d10+2d6+6/x3) (1d6 self)
Lesser Mace of Smiting, +17/+12 vs constructs (1d8+8/x2)

Disarm CMB: +22
Trip CMB: +22
Grapple CMB: +17 (+22 with grip of iron), deals 1d3+5 damage
Other CMB: +10

Psychokinetic Discharge, +15 to hit (1d6+6, 10' increment) (A sort of flying-punch bludgeon thing)
Sparkwave Starknife, 8d6 lightning bolt (Reflex 14 half), 1/day
+1 Throwing Axe, +15 to hit (1d6+6, 10' increment)
+2 Trident, +16 to hit (1d8+7, 10' increment)

AC 36 (+8 Armor, +1 Feat, +5 Shield, +1 Proficiency, +4 Dodge, +3 Dex, +1 Natural, +3 Deflection)
Touch 20, Flat-Footed 36

+4 Light Steel Shield
+5 Parade Armor
Ring of Defelction +3

HP 92 (1d12+8d10)
Fort +6, Ref +11, Will +10
CMD: 30 (22 to maintain grapple, or 37 with grip of iron)

Offense/Defense (Large):

Speed: 30 ft.
Initiative: +4
BAB: +9
Resist Electricity 5

Unarmed Strike, +15/+10 to hit (1d8+7)
Flurry of Fists, +13/+13/+8 to hit (1d8+7)
Sunblade, +17/+12 vs evil (2d8+9/19-20), usable with shield, x2 vs undead
+1 Halberd +14/+9 to hit (2d8+6/x3)
+1 Vicious Wounding Glaive +14/+9 to hit (2d8+2d6+6/x3) (1d6 self)
Lesser Mace of Smiting, +16/+11 vs constructs (2d6+8/x2)

Disarm CMB: +23
Trip CMB: +23
Grapple CMB: +19 (+25 with grip of iron), deals 1d4+5 damage
Other CMB: +12

Psychokinetic Discharge, +13 to hit (1d8+6, 10' increment) (A sort of flying-punch bludgeon thing)
Sparkwave Starknife, 8d6 lightning bolt (Reflex 14 half), 1/day
+1 Throwing Axe, +14 to hit (1d6+6, 10' increment)
+2 Trident, +15 to hit (1d8+7, 10' increment)

AC 34 (+8 Armor, +1 Feat, +5 Shield, +1 Proficiency, +4 Dodge, +2 Dex, -1 Size, +1 Natural, +3 Deflection)
Touch 18, Flat-Footed 34

HP 92 (1d12+8d10)
Fort +6, Ref +10, Will +10
CMD: 31 (33 to maintain grapple, or 38 with grip of iron)


Points/Day: 26 (3 + 2 (blade skill) 15 (wisdom) + 6 (campaign wisdom bonus))
Manifester Level: 6

Powers Known:
Expansion (1 PP: L, 5 min; 7 PP: H, 5 min (or L, swift); 3 PP: L, 50 min)
Grip of Iron (5 PP: +6 to Grapple, 5 rnds, swift)
Biofeedback (4 PP: DR 3/-, 5 minutes)

* * *

Feats and Traits:

Psionic Knack (Manifester Level +2)
Reactionary (Init +2)

Combat Reflexes (1)
Panther Style (3)
Panther Claw (5)
Improved Grapple (7)
Greater Grapple (9)
Combat Expertise (Gladiator Bonus 1) (-3 to hit, +8 to AC)
Exotic Armor Proficiency (Partial) (Gladiator Bonus 1) (Additional +1 to AC)
Weapon Focus: Unarmed (Gladiator Style - Executioner 1) (may retrain to beast-fighter)
Agile Defense (Martial Artist Bonus 1) (Additional +3 to AC)
Dodge (Martial Artist Bonus 1)
Web of Steel (Martial Artist Bonus 2) (Additional +6 to AC)
Improved Unarmed Strike (Soulknife Bonus 1)

Martial Strike (Combat)
Improved Disarm, Mighty Oak, Rapid Grappler, Agile Maneuvers (Gladiator 2), Binding Throw
Bladewind (Soulknife 8)


+1 Vicious Wounding Glaive (1d10+2d6/x3, Bleed 1) (1d6 to self)
+1 Halberd
Sun Blade (1d10/19-20) (+2, light, or +4 vs evil) (x2 dmg (x3 crit) to undead) (sunlight 1/day)
Lesser Mace of Smiting (1d8/x2) (+1 adamantine, or +3 vs constructs) (extra dmg on crit)

+5 Parade Armor (+8 AC, +5 Max Dex, 0 ACP)
+4 Light Steel Shield (+5 AC, 0 ACP)

Ring of Continuation (10m/lvl spells become 24-hr)
Ring of Protection +3

Wondrous Items:
Eyes of Eyebite (11/day, CL 11)
Highwayman's Cape (+5 Stealth, +10 Escape Artist)
Caltrop Boots (Caltrops! Everywhere!) (Swift, 10 rnds/day)
Tentacle Cloak (Standard, 1/day)
Hunter's Band (+5 Survival, Tireless Pursuit)

Pliant Gloves/Longarm Bracers


*Indicates class skill

Total points: 45 (Soulknife 24, Gladiator 2, Martial Artist 4, Int 9, Favored Class 6)

*Acrobatics +7 (1)
*Autohypnosis +9 (1)
*Bluff +7 (1)
*Climb +5 (1)
*Craft (sculpture) +13 (9)
*Craft (tattoo) +5 (1)
Diplomacy +7 (4)
*Escape Artist +13 (+10 Cape)
*Intimidate +12 (4)
*Handle Animal +10 (4)
*Heal +9 (1)
Knowledge (nature) +2 (1)
*Knowledge (psionics) +5 (1)
*Knowledge (history)
*Knowledge (religion) +5 (1)
Linguistics +2 (1)
*Perception +17 (9) (Low-light vision)
*Perform (Act) +7 (1)
Perform (Sing) +4 (1)
*Sense Motive +13 (5)
*Stealth +15 (4, +5 Cape)
Survival +11 (1, +5 Headband)
*Swim +5 (1)

Class Abilities, Explained:

Blade Enhancement: +1 Dueling
A dueling weapon (which must be a weapon that can be used with the Weapon Finesse feat) gives the wielder a +4 enhancement bonus on initiative checks, provided the weapon is drawn and in hand when the Initiative check is made. It provides a +2 bonus on disarm checks and feint checks, a +2 bonus to CMD to resist disarm attempts, and a +2 to the DC to perform a feint against the wielder.

Empowered Strikes (Su)
At 1st level, the deadly fist can, as a move action, wreath his body in psionic energy distilled from his own mind. This energy lasts until the deadly fist chooses to dismiss it as a free action. When empowered strikes is active, the deadly fists's unarmed strikes deal 1d6 points of damage if Medium-sized (or your normal unarmed strike damage, if higher) and are considered to be magic weapons for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Adjust unarmed damage if the deadly fist is a size other than Medium.

Psychokinetic Discharge (Su)
A deadly fist of 1st level learns how to take the energy he has charged into his unarmed strikes and release it as a blast of energy at an opponent. As a ranged attack, the deadly fist can make an unarmed attack at an opponent. The attack deals damage as normal for the deadly fist's unarmed attacks.
The range increment of the attack is 10', but is considered to be a projectile instead of a thrown weapon, so the attack has a maximum range of 10 increments instead of 5. Whether or not the attack hits, the deadly fist's unarmed attacks are no longer empowered and he must take the normal time to empower them.

At level 3, a Gifted Blade gains the ability to cast a limited selection of Psionic powers. This has, I believe, the slowest progression of power level and powers gained of any psionic class, rather comparable to a Paladin's spells.

Quick empower
At 5th level, the deadly fist can activate his Empowered Strikes ability as a free action instead of as a move action. He may only do so once per round.

Blade Skill: Focused Offense
As long as the soulknife maintains psionic focus, she adds her Wisdom modifier to her attack and damage rolls instead of her Strength modifier.

Flurry of Fists (deadly fist bonus)

Improved Flurry of Fists

Extra power (Biofeedback) +2 pp, from other blade skill

Chosen Weapon (Ex)
The martial artist selects one type of weapon or unarmed strikes as his chosen weapon. When striking with his chosen weapon, he gains a bonus to damage equal to half his level (minimum 1).

Intimidating Stare (Ex)
At 2th level, the martial artist gains a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex)

Race Abilities, Explained:

Low-Light Vision
Seedlings can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light. Seedlings make their home in the twilight beneath the thick, intertwined canopy of primordial forests, and they are used to seeing with limited sunlight.

Has Resist Electricity 5.

Natural Armor Bonus
Their plant-like nature has gifted seedlings with a fibrous, stiff skin much like bark. This grants them a +1 natural armor bonus.

While seedlings need to eat and breathe, their leaves and nettles can photosynthesize their own food and oxygen, allowing seedlings to go longer without sustenance. They receive a +2 racial bonus on Constitution checks to resist suffocation, drowning, and starvation.

Seedlings receive a +2 bonus on saving throws versus mind-affecting effects and paralysis.

Seedlings have the following spell-like ability: 1/day—speak with plants. The caster level for this effect is equal to the seedling’s level.

Desert Kin
Your clan’s ancestors were desert-dwelling plants. The whole of your body is covered with small spines. When you are struck with a natural weapon or unarmed strike, your opponent suffers 1d3 points of piercing damage. You also deal this damage to your opponent each round while grappling. This racial trait replaces planting.

* * *

Homeworld and Languages:

Common languages of Arbor:
-Arborcommon, a trade pidgin somewhat intelligible to traders of nearby worlds
-Kirdu, the etiquette-centered language of the feathered people
-Morgath, a whistling tongue spoken by the craft nomads
-Arborfey, a language of the deep jungles, spoken by the Fey of Arbor
-Seedling, a language shared by the most intelligent plants, with many dialects
-Tyran, the official language of the Tyran Empire, of which Arbor is nominally a part
The world of Arbor, as it is known to nearby planets, is covered in verdant forests at a vast variety of climates. To the Seedlings, it is merely called "Green." But the people of Arbor are, by and large, not a spacefaring bunch.

In forests across the world, the reclusive Seedlings build treetop cities out of the bones of their ancestors, carved into spiritualistic totems and sacred works of furniture, spread across the planet in a thousand different tribes, each with its own culture, branch pattern, and leaf shape. Some have joined the planet's more cosmopolitan societies, but generally at the outskirts, as traders, scouts, and skilled farmers.

In the open spaces and friendlier jungles, humanoid creatures mingle. The lofty Kirdu, tall and feathered, have devoted much of their history and culture to the precise wording and delivery of messages over great distances, building the solid communication network on which Arbor society is now built.

The artistic Morgath, slow, shelled nomads known for carrying their greatest treasures on their backs, have gradually transitioned into laborers and technologists, driven by their inner desire to create things.

Even some of the elusive Arborfey—a race of small, winged creatures who modify their own DNA over their ancient lifespans as they grow, until no two are alike—have found a place in the culture of Arbor. These individualistic creatures, though hailing from the darkest forests and usually only interacting with the seedlings, have occasionally followed a different calling, and become leaders, philosophers, or performers.

Over the three hundred years, an intermingling of these and more minor races, combined with the arrival of travelers from nearby planets and stars has led to the formation of a more global culture, with civilizations the world over learning a sort of traders' pidgin tongue, known as "Arborcommon."

A century ago, the alliance—and conquest—of nearby stars into the consolidated Tyran Empire (a small government of only a dozen stars, but the largest player in this backwater part of the galaxy) has changed things a bit. Arbor's space traffic is no longer limited to isolated traders, pilgrims and wealthy tourists; with the conquest of their more powerful neighbor systems, Arbor, with no planetary defense forces of its own, has fallen under the Tyran sphere of influence. Trade in weapons and technology has rapidly increased, and various officials have begun to scout the planet in increasing numbers.

Character Background:

While the Seedlings of Arbor, in their treetop cities, are prone to introspection and art, Korath was born an outsider. His unusual spikiness, found mostly among distant tribes, earned him the ire and ridicule of his childhood peers, and he learned at an early age to defend himself. As an adult, this turned into a study of the martial arts, practiced among his peaceful tribe mostly as ritual. Korath learned a great deal about inner calm as well as inner strength.

And when the men from Tyr came in their fiery drop ships, with hatchets and nets, considering the Seedlings nothing but brutal savages, Korath stayed behind and fought while his tribe fled, a sacrifice that helped his own family escaped. His strange fighting style, transforming his branches and spines into weapons, impressed and amused the Tyrans, who brought him back, kicking and screaming, to their homeworld.

In Tyr, Korath was forced into an arena, forced to fight strange beasts and wild men with barbaric, primitive weapons for sport. But his hide protected him from the worst assaults, and he fought in a way that few expected, twisting his opponents' weapons out of shape and charming the wildest carnivorous beasts with his flowery flourishes and the fact that he was not, in fact, edible to them.

Over the next forty years, his reputation grew, as a charismatic, compassionate gladiator who would spare any opponent who fought with honor. He learned to play this up, often keeping small birds in his branches and releasing them before a fight, to audience applause. And his strength grew as well. His people had not been a warrior tribe, and Korath impressed even himself with the new fighting styles he discovered. There was a certain inner strength—an ability to draw strength from the sun, the soil, the atmosphere—that he learned how to tap, twisting into stronger and stranger shapes in the blink of an eye until he towered twenty feet over the arena.

And then one day, when he was strong enough, Korath decided to make his escape, growing larger than he ever had before and bolting out of the arena, thundering past the crowd and out into the strange streets of Tyr.

The last thing he remembers, he had grabbed onto a low airspace defense craft ten times his side, and was screaming through the atmosphere over an unfamiliar city, when everything went dark.

And then he awoke here, in a strange prison.


Korath would like to see his home world again, if he can—but he is wise enough to know that things have changed over the decades. His original captors are all dead, and it is likely his tribe has dispersed or been conquered, if not his whole home world.

So he will do what he can, to help others escape from slavery and imprisonment. He will defend the weak, and teach his secrets of fighting to those who will listen. And maybe one day he can find a nice planet, with abundant trees, to settle down and begin self-pollenating.

Personality and Description:

Korash would be something of a gentle giant, except that when he becomes giant, it is rarely to be gentle. Normally, he stands just over four feet tall, with green woody bark and tiny thorns, but when provoked he becomes a towering monstrosity, a sort of oak tree golem covered in wicked barbs and knobs and blade like branches.

But he is no savage brute, either. Korash is highly introspective, thoughtful, and tactical. He fights with discipline, and only if he thinks he can win; he prefers to disable or disarm his enemies, and then idly threaten them until they see reason and surrender.

He is somewhat mild-mannered, but talkative when he can be, and has a friendliness towards small animals, which he often lets nest in his branches.