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HP 35/39 | AC 16 CMD 17 | Fort +7 Reflex +1 Will +5 | Perception +7 Initiative +1

About Kló

HP 32/39
AC 16 FF 14 Touch 11
CMD 17 FF 16
F +7 R +1 W +5
---> +2 trait vs. charms & compulsions
Conditions/Effects: Totemic Transformation: natural attack (1 of 10 rds), Rage
Current ACP -1 (shield stowed, Encumbrance light)

Class/Race Resources
Rage 11/12 rds remains
Totemic Transformation: 1/2 minutes remaining
Ferocious Strike (+1): 5/5 remaining
Karl trait re-roll 0/1 remaining
Cantrips: Create Water, Light, Purify Food and Drink, Stabilize
Domain: Enlarge Person
Level 1: Cure Light Wounds, Entangle, Shillelagh

Eysteinn: for trading places to free him. Regardless of the benefit to the group, Eysteinn gave his own freedom (for an unknown time) for Kló's.

Hunts-In-Shadows: will hunt and fight to recover our children, then Kló will help him reclaim his power from the thief who stole it.


Kló Björninnsson
Fisherman, Trapper, Hofn outsider, and fate-marked follower of the Old Ways

22 winters, 6'10" tall, 272 lbs, nearly black eyes w/ nearly white hair

Description wrote:

Klò is a bear of a man. Nearly 7 feet tall, wide-shouldered and thick-limbed. But he doesn't walk with the ungainly or stoop-backed gait of many men his height. Instead, he moves with an athletically powerful – if sometimes lumbering – force. His arms measure the thickness of most men's legs, and his powerful shoulders bear a slight downward slope… not as if weighed down, but the sleek slope of a swimmer’s shoulders … an ice bear's shoulders.

Most Ulfen wear pale skin. Klò's skin is paler still. Nearly that of the snow. His hair, long and unkempt, is white as well, and usually held back by a simple leather cord. His watchful, wary eyes – a brown so dark as to seem black – peer out of an over-long and scarred face. A face which seems longer still on his thick neck bearing a strange birthmark. The rakes of four claws running across the right side of his neck.

His Ulfen clothes, a mix of thick cloth and furs, are simple and well-tended, if faded and worn from years weathering the local seaborne storms. His armor is thick braided leather, flexible yet durable. And with the exception of a thick-bladed, well-tended fish cleaver hanging at his belt, his weapons all appear to be chosen for flexible, utilitarian use.


CN male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 1 / Druid (Bear Shaman) 1
Favored: Druid (+2 HP)

str 19 dex 13 con 15 int 12 wis 15 cha 11

Speed 40; Initiative +1

Languages: Skald, Druidic, Ork


HP 33 (1d12 [12] + 2d8 [10] + 6 con + 3 toughness + 2 favored)
AC 16 (1 dex, 4 armor, 1 natural)
CMD 17 (2 bab, 4 str, 1 dex)

Fort +7 Reflex +1 Will +5
---> +2 trait bonus vs. charm and compulsion


BAB +2; CMB +6

Melee +6
. . fish cleaver +7 (1d6 + 4; 18/x2)
. . cold iron falchion +6 (2d4 + 6; 18/x2)
. . longspear +6 (1d8 + 6; x3; brace, reach)
. . shortspear +6 (1d6 + 4; x2)
. . boarding axe +6 (1d6 + 4; P or S)
. . club +6 (1d6 + 4; x2)
. . daggers +6 (1d4 + 4; 19/x2)

Ranged: +3
. . sling +3 (1d4 + 4; x2; 50 ft)
. . dagger +3 (1d4 + 4; 19/x2; 10 ft)
. . shortspear +3 (1d6 + 4; x2; 20 ft)


Special Abilities:
Bonus Feat: Toughness
Heart of the Wilderness: 1/2 character lvl to Survival checks. +5 bonus to stabilize checks. Add 1/2 character level to Constitution score when determining how many negative HP’s to death.

Proficiencies: all simple and martial weapons. light and medium armors, as well as shields.
Fast Movement
Rage: 12/day

Nature Bond: Ferocity Sub-Domain
--- Ferocious Strike: 5/day; +1 to damage
Nature Sense: +2 Survival & Knowledge: Nature
Wild Empathy: +1 (+5 w/ bears & wolverines as a full-round action)
Woodland Stride (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, a druid may move through any sort of undergrowth (such as natural thorns, briars, overgrown areas, and similar terrain) at her normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment. Thorns, briars, and overgrown areas that have been magically manipulated to impede motion, however, still affect her.
Totem Transformation, Move, 2 min/day (Su): At 2nd level, a bear shaman may adopt an aspect of the bear while retaining her normal form. She gains one of the following bonuses: movement (+10 enhancement bonus to land speed, +4 racial bonus on Swim checks), senses (low-light vision, scent), toughness (+2 natural armor bonus to AC, Endurance feat), or natural weapons (bite [1d6] and 2 claws [1d4] for a Medium shaman, +2 to CMB on grapple checks). While using totem transformation, the bear shaman may speak normally and can cast speak with animals (mammals only) at will. Using this ability is a standard action at 2nd level, a move action at 7th level, and a swift action at 12th level. The bear shaman can use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to her druid level. These minutes do not need to be consecutive, but they must be used in 1-minute increments. This is a polymorph effect and cannot be used while the druid is using another polymorph effect, such as wild shape.

Caster Level 2
Concentration +4
DC’s = 12 + spell level

Cantrips (infinite): all
Level 1 (3 + 1 per day)
Domain: Enlarge Person


Feats: Toughness (Human), Power Attack (1), Extra Rage (3)
Traits: Birthmark, Karl

Skills: (18 total = 4 Barb, 8 Druid, +3 Int, +3 Karl)
Acrobatics +5* (1 rks)
Climb +8* (1 rks)
Craft: Satyrs brews +5 (1 rks)
Heal +6 (1 rks)
Intimidate +4 (1 rks)
Knowledge: Geography +5 (1 rks)
Knowledge: Nature +8 (2 rks, 2 Nature Sense)
Perception +7 (2 rks)
Profession: Fisherman +7 (2 rks)
Ride +5* (1 rks)
Survival +10 (2 rks, 2 Nature Sense, 1 racial)
Swim +9* (2 rks)


Encumbrance levels: 116 > 233 > 350

cold weather outfit
mwk leather lamellar armor
heavy wooden shield
cold iron falchion
fish cleaver (mwk scimitar)
shortspear x3
boarding axe

belt pouch:
flint & steel
Monies (23.62g)

Oiled Satchel (waterproof bag)
Scroll of Endure Elements (CL 1) x2
Scroll of Ice Armor (CL 2)
Scroll of Longstrider (CL 1)
Leshy head-gourd (Potion of Feather Step; CL3)

masterwork backpack
winter blanket
10 fish hooks
twine (50ft)
fishing net
drinking horn
rope (50ft)
empty sack x3
torch x3
waterskin x2
+1 bone scale armor of the Blue Wyrm

The Faðir
The Father
Björnin had always lived on the fringes of Hofn, a strange—if massive man—with strange ways. His home, just outside the wall so Hofn, which the man rarely actually used, was bare and sparse. He spent most of his time on his small fishing boat ranging the coastline for fish or roaming the coastal countryside hunting for fur or meat. By all accounts, it seemed a lonely existence. Children’s rumors and late night tales followed him when he came to town, but Björnin bore it stoically. Followers of the Gömlu Leiðir, the Old Ways, were used to such treatment. The bear of a man kept to his strange ways and provided the small town with a regular supply of fish, meat, and fur.

It was a surprise when he asked Brenda, the smith’s daughter, to wed. And a further surprise when she agreed. Though truth be told, more than one Hofn woman whispered, the woman was unlikely to get many other offers (do with that as you will, Dien). To Hofn’s credit, most celebrated when they announced the would have a son … then mourned when Brenda did not survive the birth.

The Sonr
The Son
Since his first ragged breath, Kló was different. He didn’t have the dark, coarse hair of Björnin, nor the coppery-red hair of his mother. His hair was white, like the snow that raged outside the small hut in which he was born. And he was born big, like his faðir. And strangest of all was the mark.

Running across his little neck were four purple-red streaks, in the shape of the marks left by a bear claw in an attack. An ætla-mark, his father called it. A mark of fate. A mark of power. Among those who still clung to the Gömlu Leiðir, it was a mark of things to come. (Birthmark Trait)

And so Kló grew. His father didn’t—or didn’t know how—to teach him to be a part of the community, so the boy always felt like he was on the outside looking in. Much of the time, that was fine with Kló, as he always felt more at home in the icy hills, frozen forests, and frigid waves around Hofn than within its walls. And Björnin didn’t teach the customary ways of Hofn, but the older ways, the ways of the druids, spirits, and nature. So while those who would be his friends—Hrolf, Thorgal, Yngvi, and the others—were learning to work and to fight, Kló was learning a far more rustic way … way of spirits and survival.

In progress… During the infrequent times he spent in town, he struggled to connect with the other boys and girls. His immense size, reserved nature, strange beliefs, and odd coloring didn’t help, either. He always enjoyed the festivals, though. Something about those special days broke down the daily walls that separated him from the other children, especially during the games and contests. Unfortunately, he learned quickly that his size and strength were dangerous tools when he lost control of his temper (which he much of) …

Basically, he learned that the could seriously hurt someone when he lost his cool … which he did with tragic results one Jólday. In the end, he and Hrolf had a very unfriendly rivalry, which Kló always seemed to get the rough side of despite being bigger than Hrolf. Hrolf thought Kló was dangerous, and the other boys were basically unsettled that they couldn’t beat him martially.

I’m working towards there being some tension between many of the major warriors in town and Kló, so I’d love any thoughts you have.

The Veiðiferð
The Hunting Trip
It was a week until Jólday. Kló and Björnin rowed back into Hofn and tied off their keipr. The long fishing trip had been bountiful, and their sacks were heavy with the thick, flopping bodies of the cold-water fish that would be enjoyed so readily during the Jólday feasting. The two fishermen had meant to stay out longer, but the thick, dark offshore clouds roiled and threatened fierce storms. When the marr náttúra—the spirits that drove the clouds over the Ulfen seas—grew angry, men and beasts were smart to seek shelter.

After unloading their haul, Kló consulted the skies. The storms looked far out, and Björnin wanted their traps checked. So Kló grabbed his gear, some provisions, and headed out of Hofn and on a wide circuit of the icy coastal hills and forests. In the second afternoon of the first day out, Kló realized he’d misjudged the storms, which were sweeping inland quickly. He had a choice. Drive directly into the storm to reach Hofn or find local shelter. Luckily, Kló knew exactly what was nearby, the trull-caves that had made Hrolf so famous.

He made it just in time, and—as the storm built outside—Kló realized he would be in the caves for a while yet. Curiosity and boredom set in, so he began exploring. The caves were far more than they seemed from outside, and he soon found himself in a strange room with even stranger walls. And the deeper he went, the more the cave’s temperature changed … until the ground beneath his feet felt like soil, the air became warmer and warmer, and he emerged into the most brilliant summer light he’d ever seen. It was a summer he’d never experienced.

Kló ached to run, to explore. And that’s exactly what he did … until he heard the most intoxicating music he’d ever heard. It filled his mind, and drove out every other thought. He followed it to its source, a strange man with goat legs. In the moment—caught up in the man’s tune—Kló didn’t question who or what he was. And when the goat-man asked for Kló’s help, Kló was euphoric to oblige. This is how he’s spent the past few days (it’s actually been 22 years), happily working away helping the man, as well as a newcomer Kló hasn’t actually bothered to meet properly, work at making his drink.


Notable Traits
Kló is naturally quiet and reserved, though he has a frightening capacity for violence when angered or threatened.
He is was raised in—and is most comfortable—nature. The more people present, the stronger his tendency towards awkward silence becomes.
Sees himself as a constant outsider, always seeing a situation from the outside in.
Overly conscientious of his size and strength when around “his” people; has hurt people when growing up when wrestling/playing.
Kló is a good enough guy, but wouldn’t be called capital G Good. His is a pack world-view, where you protect your own against the predations of nature.

Primary Motivations:
To find his place in the Hofn community, and—by extension—to protect the people he sees as “his people” (Hofn)
To find his fate-chosen purpose, the reason for his marking and his gifts

Stats and Progression:

str 19 (17+2)
dex 13
con 15
int 12
wis 15
cha 11

1) Toughness, Power Attack
3) Extra Rage / Heavy Armor Prof (?)
5) Heavy Armor Prof / Craft Wondrous Items (?)
7) Natural Spell
9) Endurance, *Die Hard
11) ?[/ooc]