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My girlfriend laughs at my gaming. However she does not laugh too much so knowing that I don't go an blow $200+ bucks at a strip club every two weeks with my friends who are "acting like kids who dont want to grow up."
Skeld has good advice though. I might check into shorter biweekly games too. That 6-8 hours of gaming while having a kidlet, being a Dad and Husband might be what's getting her feathers in a bunch.

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#5. Really? Roflmao!
Guess I'm a dick DM then.

In 4E encounters I got that dick DM label for not allowing characters to use free heals from clerics in between sessions because they were "out of combat".

I'm a 31 year DM. In MY experience, splatbooks unequally increase power between characters. Meaning that some characters are awesome and some characters suck. This causes player frustration, interplayer friction and player apathy and people quit playing till the next game. It also unnecessarily increases encounter design difficulty and time required to construct encounters. Then the cycle repeats.

The splatbook powercreep happened in AD&D(Unearthed Arcana), 2nd Ed (kits) 3.X (splatbook of the month) 3.P (-sigh-), 4E (PHB 2 especially) and now I'm seeing it in the 5E playtest materials ( and it doesn't even have splatbooks yet!). You would think in 28 years we would figure out how to handle powercreep.

I really wish that all of the core classes were on equal footing with splatbook classes. But you you know what they say:" if wishes were horses then beggars would ride."

Now I wanna "Dick DM" t-shirt.

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I'm all for it. 
However, there is certainly such a thing as too much information. I hope there is more adventure and couple pages of barely sketched out background and history.

I certainly get more out of the old school modules and their three paragraphs of background information than out of a 128pg sourcebook. A DM can take three paragraphs and run with it, filling in some blanks and keep that sense of mystery alive. A detailed sourcebook doesn't have the room so to speak and ends up functioning more as a straight jacket or a ball in chain. 

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I cannot tolerate the intolerance of tolerances.

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I loved reading this adventure, thinking it had great potential as a Norse/Irish flavor with the horned god of the hunt or using it with LotFP. Good job Sutter!