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Full Name

Khalaban Zahedi


Skinwalker Kineticist 3 | HP 32/35 | AC 18, T 11, FF 17 | Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +1 | CMB +6, CMD 17 | Perc +10 | Init +1 | Burn 6/7




Chaotic Good

About Khalaban

Note: When a number is in a bracket, the number is for those occasions when Change Shape is not being used, and Constitution is as a result slightly lower.

Khalaban Zahedi

Male Skinwalker (Ragebread) Kinetic Knight Kineticist 3
Chaotic Good Medium Humanoid (Skinwalker, Shapechanger)
Initiative; +1 Perception +10

AC 18, touch 11 flat-footed 17
hp 35 (32)
Fort +7 (5), Ref +4, Will +1
Resistance None

Speed 20 ft.
Melee Kinetic Blade (Earth Blast) - +8 to Hit - 2d6+4 Damage (Bludgeoning, Piercing or Slashing) x 20 Crit.
Light Crossbow - +3 to Hit - 1d8 Damage (Piercing) - 19-20 x 2 Crit


Str 18 Dex 12, Con 18(16), Int 10 Wis 11, Cha 10
Base Atk +2; CMB +6; CMD 16

Feats 1st - Toughness - Gain an additional 3 HP. At fourth level and beyond, gain another HP each level.
3rd - Weapon Focus (Kinetic Blast) - +1 to hit with Kinetic Blasts
Bonus Feats - Alertness - Gain a +2 bonus to Perception at Sense Motive, increasing to +4 at 10th level.

Chosen Child - Increase Starting Funds by 900gp.
Traumatic Shift - Gain a +1 to Bluff, and it becomes a Class Skill.
Armour Expert - Reduce ACP by one.
Insatiable - Goods and services are 10% more expensive, and it takes twice as much food and water to prevent starvation and thirst.

Racial Traits
Change Shape - Add+2 to Constitution and gain one special ability.
Speak With Animals - Three times per day speak with Boars and Pigs.
Skill Bonus - +2 to Handle Animal and Perception.
Low Light Vision - See twice as far a normal human in the dark.

Skills Acrobatics +6, Bluff +5, Diplomacy +9, Perception +10, Sense Motive +7, Stealth +5, Survival +5
Bonus Skills Handle Animal +7, Craft (Food) +5, Linguistics +2
Languages Common, Orc, Dwarf

Combat Gear Masterwork Armoured Coat, Darkwood Heavy Shield with Shield Sconce, Armoured Kilt, Light Crossbow, Masterwork Light Crossbow, 70 bolts
Other Gear
Outfit Explorers x 3, Filter Scarf,
Masterwork Backpack, Waterproof Back, Bandolier x 2, Belt Pouch x 5, Canteen x 3, Hip Flask
Coffee Pot, Coffee Beans (6 lbs), Chocolate (1 lbs), Cinammon (4 ounces), Honey (1 lbs), Flour (5 lbs), Beans (5 lbs), Nuts (3 lbs), Oregeno (4 ounces), Salt (4 ounces), Pepper (4 ounces), Chillies (1 lbs), Cheese (1 lbs), Trail Rations (Gnome) x 7, Trail Rations (Halfling) x 7, Wandermeal x 14, Travel Cake Mix x 14 Cooking Kit.
Armour Truss, Flint and Steel, Large Tent, 100ft Rope, Compass, Everburning Torch
Abstinth, Apple Jack, Mead
Money 66gp 4sp 7cp
Special Abilities

Burn - To power some abilities, Burn must be used. A Kineticist can take Burn equal to 3 plus there Constitution Modifier. Each point of Burn inflicts 1 non-lethal damage per Character level. There is no way to avoid this.
Elemental Bastion - Atune a shield so that Gather Power can be used while carrying it.
Elemental Blade - A Kinetic Warrior can only use the Kinetic Blade infusion, and reduces its burn to 0. However, all Kinetic Blasts MUST use the Kinetic Blade Infusion or an Infusion that requires it as a prerequisite.
Elemental Overflow - Points of Burn come with an obvious elemental effect, but add +1 to hit per three Kineticist levels, and double that to damage (Kinetic Blade does not get this ability). At 6th level, when they have at least 3 points of burn, they gain a +2 size bonus to two physical stats, and at 11th level it becomes +4 and +2 to the others when you have 5 points of burn. You also get a percentage chance to ignore Critical damage equal to 5x Burn.
At 16th level, when you accept 7 points of burn, these bonuses become +6, +4 and +2.
Gather Power - So long as both hands are free you can use a move, standard or full action to reduce the Burn of a Kinetic Blast by 1, 2 or 3 points.
Infusion Wild Talents - Alters a Kinetic Blast in some way, shape or form - but usually at the cost of Burn.
- Kinetic Blade - 0 Burn - Create a close quarters weapon of the chosen blast, lasting until the end of the turn. This can be used to make multiple attacks, but cannot be used for Attacks of Opportunity.
Blade Rush - 2 burn - Move up to 30ft in any direction, including up, and perform a Kinetic Blade attack at the end.
- Pushing Infusion - 1 Burn - Perform a Bull Rush with the Blast to drive the opponent back 5 feet. Add an additional point of Burn for an additional 5 feet.
Kinetic Blast (Earth) - A Kineticist can form powerful attacks from a chosen element, each doing 1d6 + Con Modifier if a physical attack or 1d6 + ½ Con Modifier if an energy attack.
Resolve - Once a day, and every 2 levels after third, activate Resolve for one of several effects.
- Determined - As a Standard Action remove the sickened, fatigued or shaken conditions. At 10th it removes nauseated, staggered, exhausted and frightened.
- Resoloute - When rolling a Fotrtitude or Will save, as an immediate action, roll twice and take the better.
- Unstoppable - When reduced below zero, use this ability to stabalize. He does not begin dying until he uses a standard action.
Utility Wild Talent - A number of spell like or supernatural abilities, usable as a standard action.
- Basic Geokinesis - 0 Burn - Move upto 5 pounds of earth, rock, soil, etc as a move action up to 15 feet away. Can use Sift as a spell-like ability.
- Elemental Whispers - 0 Burn - Gain a familair made from the elements, gaining its powers and Alertness when it's not manifested, or as a creature of its type while loosing Alertness.

A massive man with heavy, thick shoulders and a great solid stomach, Khalaban is rarely the hardest person to spot. At a towering 6ft and 5 inches tall and weighing 350 lbs, he is not exactly a subtle presence. Dark skinned and with a shock of red hair that resists brushing, a great beard that falls to his chest, and several rings in his ears and nose. He squints out of storm grey eyes with flecks of silver and bronze within them.

Proud, or at least claiming he is, of his Ragebred bloodlines and ties to Wereboars, Khalaban rarely assumes his more human form except to occasionally pretend to be someone else and dodge some of the chaos. As a result he has a noticeably upturned, flattened nose and small but noticeable tusks. It would take a dedicated liar to claim that Khalaban was a beauty, but his roaring laugh, infectious humour and generous nature tends to outweigh that.

Typically dressed in plain and practical, but comfortable, clothes in backs, greens and browns, Khalaban also wears a massive, fur lined leather coat with thick cuffs and a collar. He also tends to strap on whatever armour plating he has that will actually fit him, including a heavy darkwood shield on one arm. As a Kinetic Knight he carries no obvious melee weapon, instead forming it when he needs it.

Khalaban rarely smells badly (like many of the Suidae family, he can’t sweat) but his skin is often and easily flushed red.

Big, brash and bombastic, Khalaban is the sort of man who prefers to embrace life and experienceit to the fore - to love hard and weep harder, to feast on the finest foods and to drink heartily and roar for more. Tomorrow is another day, after all - and you might not see its sun set. But today, you are alive! So live like it.

Everything about Khalaban is big - his body is big, his lies are huge and his appetites for all that life has to offer are inexhaustible. He throws himself into adventure with a huge grin and grand dreams of heroic acts and extraordinary prizes,

Uncaring about laws, Khalaban loves people - brave, stupid, insipid and divine people. He forms close bonds with those he cares about. He forms friendships readily and is happy to supply enough of his endless stores of energy to see that it grows and matures into whatever it will become.

Khalaban is both polyamorous and extremely demisexual, to a point where he barely notices the gender and race of other people. They’re mere details to his way of thinking, and he cares little about it. People are people, not there race or gender

Because of his unusually deep bonds, Khalaban is very protective of those he cares about. He can be stubborn, determined and brutally effective when needed. His mood is also somewhat volatile, and he feels things very deeply, as a result of which he struggle to keep his emotions in check. When angered or irritated he becomes very aggressive and moves constantly.

It is unwise to order the pork around him.

Born to the lordling of a minor village far from anywhere, Khalaban’s birth was an auspicious one. Born under the full moon of Ascension Day, exactly 1919 years after Cayden Cailean took up the Starstone and Ascended, he was said to be especially blessed. Presents and gifts were showered upon the newborn child - presents of gold, silver and the finest of brews. His family enjoyed those on young Khalavan’s behalf.

Passionate, headstrong and very large for a child his age, Khalaban enjoyed life. As he grew older and larger, he also grew to enjoy other things - the fine brews so enjoyed by his patron,Cayden Cailean, for example, and the company of several of the other young people in his home village.

It was during a very loud, very public argument with his older brother over the fact that at least one of Khalaban’s companions was both a half-orc and a young man, neither of which Khalaban especially cared about, that the brothers descended to blows and Khalaban...changed. His voice dropped, hair grew where there had been no hair before, and significant tusks appeared cracked two of his teeth.

At that point his sexuality became a much smaller issue.

His nature revealed, Khalaban roared back to his home, confronting his father about his obviously...unusual bloodline. His father refused to speak, however, and his mother would not meet his eyes.

Furious at being lied to for his whole life, Khalaban took the more valuable gifts that had been given him when he was born and left, tears in his eyes and a stubborn refusal to look back.

Not ready to face people, Khalaban remained in the woods, practicing the hunting that had once been a simple past time until he could survive. As he spent time in the mountains he came to appreciate the steady, continuous nature of the hills and the stones, something clicked. He began to manifest the powers of a Geokineticist.

It was something of a shock, at first, and didn’t exactly appeal to someone who’d only just discovered they were one kind of weird creature - not to mention being told there preference for loved ones was weird as well. But as he practiced his new founds powers, forming a small network of caves from which to hunt, it occured to Khalaban - the mountains didn’t care what people thought of them. The stones didn’t weep if people insulted them. They were what they were. There was a...certain comfort to that. Khalaban might have to care what people thought, but he didn’t have to change just because of that. He was who he was, and decided he would make no apologies for it.

As he sat in the hills, he discovered something - wolves might not hunt humans as a general rule, but they were quite interested in something that smelled like a wild boar in a lean winter. Unable to escape, Khalaban was forced to withdraw to his caves and try and hold out - but food was an issue. He was...not great at rationing. Within two weeks, he was out of food and forced to leave. The wolves were waiting.

Wounded and now carrying a number of fine pelts, Khalaban considered his options. In pain and tired of being alone, he thought about what he’d learned.

First, he did not like wolves.

Second, he wasn’t going to change.

Third, the wilderness was a good place for reflection, but not to find much else.

If not at peace then at least accepting he wasn’t going to find it, Khalaban returned to civilization - but not home. Khalaban headed for the nearest city, taking odd jobs - his supply of gold wouldn’t last forever. Besides, the gold was needed for other things.

The wolf skins made a fine coat.

Looking for both adventure and coin, Khalaban eventually decided to join the Pathfinder Society for both.


Male Pig Familiar
Initiative; +1 Perception +7

AC 13 touch 11 flat-footed 12
hp 15
Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +1

Speed 30 ft
Gore - +2 to hit - 1d4+1 damage - x20 crit


Str 11 Dex 12, Con 15, Int 6, Wis 13, Cha, 4
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 12

Great Fortitude - +2 Fortitude.

Racial Traits
Low-Light Vision, Scent.
Perception +7

Special Abilities

Empathic Link - A familiar and master share an empathic link, and can sense each other's emotions within a mile.
Share Spells - The owner can cast spells with a target range of ‘You’ on the familiar, and the familiar can be affected by spells that would not normally affect its type.
Improved Evasion - On a succesful reflex safe take no damage.