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Keldrianne Litna




Ranger 1












Southern Brevoy





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Keldrianne on myth-weavers

Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Keldrianne

While generally likeable enough, Keldrianne has not talked to many people over the last five years, and it shows. She often voices her observations with little thought as to the ramifications, creating awkward situations for those around her. Keldrianne has a deep respect of the natural world, courtesy of the cleric who saved her, and her years of wilderness living. She appreciates the finer things in life, although she has little experience with them, and she's fascinated by the swordlords, who seem living legends to her. Because of the recent incident, she is rather nervous around people travelling from Brevoy, as she fears they will bring word of her largely accidental murder. She hopes her taking up this charter will eventually lead to her pardoning, but if she catches wind of due process catching up to her, she is prepared to disappear into the wilds.

Keldrianne usually wears brown and green clothes under her worn leathers, to better disguise her out in the wild. Her dark hair is cut short with a dagger, something she did a few nights ago to disguise herself. Her eyes are green, and she is tanned from living outside.

Keldrianne is born in southern Brevoy, on the lands of house Rogarvia, and was destined to become a farmer like her parents before her. At age fourteen, however, she had a big fight with her parents, and she left home to live in the forest. A month later, she neared death by starvation. She was saved by a wandering cleric of Erastil, who taught her how to survive in the wilds. For the next five years, she lived in the wilderness, only returning to a nearby town to sell the hides of what animals she had caught. One night, after selling her catch of the week to a local tanner, she sad down at the inn to drink a pint. In truth, she had more than a pint, and the more she drank, the more it occured to her that she deserved a better life. Just as luck would have it, a buffoon entered, going on about how he was a scion of the swordlords, off to make his fortune in the south. Keldrianne and this "scion" traded insults, and it turned into a regular fistfight, which they promtly got told to take outside. In the end, Kel stood over a corpse, sobering considerably as she realised that the man was in fact a young minor noble, and that he did indeed carry a charter with the seal of a swordlord. Thinking quickly, she decided that this charter will provide her with a nice way to get out of the immediate area without questions of her travels being asked. In addition, she took some of his belongings, leaving the more obvious things on his body.