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Full Name

Katherine Anderson


Aasimar Dual-Blooded Sorcerer 1/Incanter 6 |Negative Level 1 | HP 17/26(31)| AC 22, T 18, FF 19, PAC 18, KAC 19 | Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +10 | CMB +3, CMD 15 | Perc +14 | Init +3 | Spell Points 11/13










Wherever the job takes her.


English (Native), German (Native), French (Native), Russian (Native), Czech (Native), Spanish (Proficient), Arabic (Proficient), Hindu (Proficient), Portuguese (Proficient), Italian (Proficient), Gaelic, Sanskrit, Latin, Hebrew, Sumerian



Strength 9
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Katherine Anderson

Katherine Anderson
Female Perikin Aasimar Dual-Blooded Sorcerer
Neutral Medium Humanoid (Native Outsider, Humanoid)
Initiative; +3 Perception +14

AC 22 |touch 18 |flat-footed 19 |PAC 19 BAC 18 (+10 Base, +3 Dex, +1 Natural, +1 Deflection, +5 Armour (applies to touch), +2 Attunement Armour)
hp 31
Fort +5 Ref +7, Will +10

Speed 30 ft.
Melee - Destructive Blast - +3 (Touch) - 4d6+4 Bludgeoning Damage - x20 Crit.
Pyro Destructive Blast - +3 (Touch) to Hit - 5d8+10 Fire Damage - x20 Crit
Ranged Destructive Blast - +8 (Ranged Touch) - 5d6+5 Bludgeoning Damage - x20 Crit.
Pyro Destructive Blast - +8 (Ranged Touch) to Hit - 6d8+12 Fire Damage - x20 Crit
Pyro Burst Blast - DC 20 Reflex Save - 5ft Blast - 6d8+12 Fire Damage

Spheres of Power

Casting Tradition - Magical Agent - Katherine’s magic is focused towards espionage and assassination, although it can also be used in more direct warfare.
Focused Casting - Katherine must wear a small ring of silver or struggle to cast.
Somatic Casting - More adept at sneaking, Katherine cannot wear armour or use a shield and cast effectively.
Easy Focus - Maintain a spell’s focus as a move action.
Disapearence - Gain a bonus talent to Illusion, but can only cast illusions that make things vanish.

Caster Level 7
Spell Points 13
Magic Skill Bonus 7
Magic Skill Defence 18

Destruction Sphere (DC 19) - Inflict damage upon a target.
Blast - Inflict 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage per two caster levels, or 1d6 per caster level if a spell point is spent.
- Searing Blast (Blast Type) - Inflict 1d8 fire damage instead of the usual bludgeoning.
- Explosive Orb (Blast Shape) - 1 spell point - Inflict an explosive blast over an area equal to 10ft, plus 5ft per per 5 caster levels.
- Greater Blast - Increase the number of die used by 1.
- Focused Blast - When not using a Blast Shape add +1 damage per die.

Mind Sphere (DC 21) - Read and manipulate the minds of others. Each ability comes in three categories - Lesser, which costs no sphere points but can only be used once per day per target, Greater which costs 1 spell point, and Powerful which costs 2.
Suggestion - Implant a suggestion a target should follow.
--Lesser - Implant a sentence or two of instructions, which must be a very simple request.
--Greater - 1 spell point - Implant a basic request, or if implanting a very simple one the target takes a -2 to there Save.
--Powerful - 2 spell points - Target follows any course of action that isn’t fatal to themselves or someone close to them.
- Amnesia - Erase the targets memories.
--Lesser - Remove memories back to the start of the last round. A reminder from another person or object allows another save.
--Greater - 1 spell point - Erase up to 1 minute per caster level, or a single person, item, event or location.
--Powerful - 2 spell points - Erase up to 1 day per caster level, or there entire life.
-Inception - Create and manipulate a target’s memories.
--Lesser - Create a rumour or something they once read. Make a MSC or Bluff to see if they believe it.
--Greater - 1 spell point - Alter the memories of a target’s actual life events. These memories exist with the old ones, but take precedence. Encountering evidence that the new memories is false allows a new save.
--Powerful - 2 spell points - Create entirely new memories, and naturally fit the flow, but the old memories remain beneath the surface.
-Read Mind - Scan the mind of a a target.
--Lesser - Read a target’s emotional state. Does not have the usual once a day limit.
--Greater - 1 spell point - Read the Surface thoughts of a creature as long as you concentrate.
--Powerful - 2 spell points - Pull a single piece of information from a target’s mind.
- Subtlety - Targets that succeed one a save must take a second at the same DC to realize they were ever the target of a spell.
- Powerful Charm - Gain access to the Powerful charms allowed.
- Group Charm - 1 spell point - Add 1 creature per two caster levels.
- Expanded Charm - Effect everything but constructs, oozes, the undead and vermin with Mind effects.

Illusion Sphere - Create illusions and tricker.
Illusion - Make a simple illusion up to Gargantuan size.
- Invisibility - Add half of Caster level to sleight of hand to make items ‘vanish’. When cast on a person it adds there caster level to Stealth.

Life Sphere - Allows the use of Healing and Restorative talents.
Invigorate - Add a number of temporary hit points equal to caster level to a target. These do not stack with other temporary hit points and cannot increase it over there starting HP.
Cure - For one spell point, heal 1d8 plus your level.
Restore - Removes a variety of ill effects.


Str 9, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 20, Wis 12, Cha 14,
Base Atk +3; CMB +2; CMD 15

Bonus Feats
Point Blank Shot - Gain +1 to damage and to hit with ranged attacks within 30ft. Gained a Campaign feat.
Energy Specialization (Fire) - All fire sphere spells are cast at +2 caster level. 1st level Incanter Bonus feat.
Orb Expert - You increase the caster level of Explosive Orb attacks by 2 for size, range and DC. Alternatively, use the shape for free but reduce the size to 5ft +5ft per 10 caster levels. 2nd level Incanter Bonus Feat.
Delayed Magic - 1 spell point - Metamagic - Delay the effects of a spell by up to 5 rounds. 4th level Incanter Bonus Feat.
Silver Tongue - 1 spell point - When you roll a Bluff or Diplomacy check, spend a spell point to reroll +2, with an additional +1 per 3 caster levels.

1st - Deceitful - Gain a +2 bonus to Bluff and Disguises.
3rd - Cunning Caster - Make a Bluff check vs the Pof those in attendance. If they fail they do not notice the true source of a spell.
5th - Additional Traits - Gain two additional traits, following the rules such as not taking more than one per category.
7th - Extra Combat Sphere (Equipment - Unarmoured Training) - Gain a +3 bonus to AC, +1 for every three points of Acrobatics.

Laundry Operative - Gain the ability to cast Detect Magic at will.
Innocent - When telling a very believable or totally unbelievable lie the target wants to believe, granting a +5 circumstance bonus to Bluff.
Soaring Sprinter - +2 to keep balance and jump, and Acrobatics is a class skill.
Student of Philosophy - Use Intelligence for Bluff and Diplomacy, except to gather information and feint in combat.
Keeper of the Veil - +1 to Bluff and Disguise, Disguise becomes a class skill.
Empty Mask - Take a -1 to will against compulsion, and a -2 against those who know Katherine’s true name.

Racial Traits
Scion of Humanity - Pass as human without a disguise check, function as both a human and native outsider for all spells and effects.
Darkvision - See in total darkness up to 60ft.
Celestial Resistance - Gain Resistance 5 to Electric, Acid and Cold.
True Speaker - Gain +2 to Linguistics and Sense Motive, and every point in Linguistics grants two languages.
Incorruptible - The Aasimar can cast Corruption Resistance as a spell like ability, and if cast on the Aasimar themself it lasts one hour per level.

Skills Acrobatics +13, Bluff +17 (+5 to lies, -4 to Feint), Climb +1, Diplomacy +16 (-4 to Gather Information), Disguise +12 Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Knowledge (Local) +10, Knowledge (Planes) +10, Linguistics +17, Perception +12, Sense Motive+10, Swim +1, Use Magic Device +7
Bonus Skills Knowledge (Religion) +10, Knowledge (History) +10, Perform (Actor) +10, Sleight of Hand +10
Languages English (Native), German (Native), French (Native), Russian (Native), Czech (Native), Spanish (Proficient), Arabic (Proficient), Hindu (Proficient), Italian (Proficient), Portugese (Proficient), Gaelic, Sanskrit, Latin, Hebrew, Sumerian.

Combat Gear Silvered Spring Knife, Attuned Silk Chemise +2.
Consumable Gear
Other Gear Inkpen, Paper x10, Black Ink, Superior Quality Invisible Ink, Sealing Wax
Stilleto Boots x3, Courtier's Outfit (Slinky Dress) x 3, 100gp jewelly, Street Clothes x 4, Exotic Perfume
Diguise Kit, Grooming Kit, Shaving Kit
Cash $155.85

Special Abilities

Automatic Bonus Progression - Unlock certain powers and abilities as you level up rather than from magical items. Gained at +2 normal level.
- Resistance - Gain a +2 bonus on all saves.
- Armour Attunement - Add a +2 armour bonus to either some armour or clothing.
- Weapon Attunement - Add a +2 bonus to a single weapon.
- Deflection - Add a +1 deflection bonus to AC.
- Mental Prowess - Add +2 to a mental attribute (Intelligence).
- Physical Prowess - Add +2 to a physical attribute (Dexterity).
- Toughening - Add +1 to natural armour.
Dual-Blooded - Combining the power of two bloodlines, Dual Blooded casters gain abilities from both.
- Brass Dragon Bloodline - The potent blood of a Brass dragon grants several powers.
--Arcana - All fire based spells increase there damage by +1 per dice.
--Claws - Gain claws inflicting 1d3 damage for 5 rounds per day.
- Fey Bloodline - The various creatures that are known as the Fey are reputed to mess with the minds of mortals, and those with there blood can too.
--Arcana - Increase the DC of all compulsion spells by 2.
--Laughing Touch - As a touch attack make a creature laugh, loosing there standard action, for 1 round.
Mystic Heritage - Spend a spell point and a full turn to replenish one use of a Bloodline power.
United Heritage - When you use one 1st level Bloodline power, activated the second as a free action.

Favoured Class Bonus - Gain 1 and 0/6 worth of Bonus Magic Talents.

Appearances can change, especially with a little work. Forms of dress, hairstyles, accents and even tone and pitch can change with a little work, and Katherine often does exactly that. Even skin colour, eye colour and hair colour can change with cosmetics - and what woman wouldn’t have plenty of those?

There are a few things that don’t change, or don’t change often. Katherine’s skin tone is usually pale and smooth. Her hair is naturally red and wavy when longer than shoulder length and she has cheerful green eyes with flecks of broze throughout them. She has a small, trim build and is short and petite herself - pretty, but utterly unthreatening. Which, of course, works for her job quite well.

Her clothes usually match whichever roll she’s playing, with a few careful modifications to allow more movement than ladies fashions sometimes allow and the occasional hidden pocket. She prefers sensible footwear when she can wear it, or easy to slip off heels when she needs to wear something more formal. She likes to wear greens and blues, but certainly isn’t bound by the choice, and equally has a variety of scents of soaps so that even her scent can change.

It’s hard to say what Katherine’s personality really is any more, or who she is. She has worn one mask or another, in one nation after another, to the point where even she struggles to know who she really is. She’s been flighty and determined, stoic and quick to anger. It is safe to say, therefore, that she is a skilled actor and liar - people have a natural desire to trust her, as she seems young, innocent, defenceless in all her incarnations. They want to believe her.

It is also safe to say that she is determined and focused, beneath the facade. She owes her nation for keeping her from whatever fate she was created for, and the people who raised her are the only family she has ever known. With the Reich dominating so much of Europe, even with the aid of the US and Russians, there is still a great danger. Perhaps more, as a desperate animal has little to lose.

Finally, she serves as a killer. She rarely loses sleep over killing, as most of those she destroys are enemies of not just Britain but humanity as a whole. Occasionally, a more innocent person becomes a barrier. Those are harder to remove, but in the end of the day...one life saves untold more. It isn’t nice, but it is needed. And she accepts that.

The British Empire, in its days of glory and conquest, has taken over much of the world and taken even more of it’s treasures. The Spear of Longinus has been in the Empire’s hands, and the Vadjra said to have been wielded by Indra that killed the dragon Vritra. The arrows that slayed the Worm Hill Dragon were found in Derby, and many, many more.

You’d be amazed by how often such weapons still contain traces of the things they have wounded. You'd think such relics would be cleaned better...

Krantzberg-Godel Spongiform Encephalopathy has been the bane of mages through the ages. A normal human will, at some point, succumb to the damage it causes, leaving them rather...less than useful. But perhaps there was a kind of mind that would be immune to the mind destroying disease. Perhaps something a little more than human would be able to survive what a normal human couldn’t. Perhaps, just maybe, more than one kind would work better than a single addition...

And there are an awful lot of uses for a mage that doesn’t succumb.

The woman who became known as Katherine Anderson, for now, has never been granted access to the details surrounding her eventual conception. She only knows that she was not the only attempt of the Cult that had infected the British Government to make a creature, and that there was a lot of collateral damage. Not all the people who died during the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 were victims of the disease. A lot of them became fodder, in one way or another.

Katherine, and at least some of her ‘siblings’, were taken into custody that was the precursor to the Special Operation Executive Q Division. Several of them were deemed ill-suited to the needs of the British Empire, and met a variety of fates, but Katherine was one of the ones to be kept. As she seemed to be human, with a few...quirks, a close eye was kept on her as she was given a robust education. Mathematics was, of course, a profound part of it, and Katherine revealed herself able to call up the equations that gave rise to the effects known, for simplicity's sake, as magic.

That was not her only skill, however. She proved to be a pretty young woman with a very limited sense of morality and a strong survival sense. Her particular brand of Magic made her rather adept at both gathering information and...removing threats to the Empire. As she approached her maturity and war with the Reich threatened, it was decided that Katherine should head to Europe and...blend in. A simple dead drop system would occasionally give her a mission, a piece of information to be found, a target to be removed, a mind to be...changed.

And now the dead drop has a new mission.