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First, Kassii has to animate 10 1HD drow skeletons. That normally costs 250 gp, but with Blood Money it costs a few points of damage and 1 point of strength damage.

next she attaches them to the Gug with a scroll of Make Whole (150 gp)

After gluing the corpses to our Gug, it gains 3 Construction Points (CP)

To make up for the loss of it's Bite attack, I'm adding Extra Attack (claw). (1 cp)

To make up for it's loss of all it's natural armor, I'm adding Metal Armor (2 cp)

Finally, Kassii casts Animate Dead again (with a 50 gp material component cost, but not having to double the effective hit dice this time). So, she uses blood money again and loses another 2 strength.

So, by the time this monstrosity is done, Kassii has spent 150 GP, cast three 1st level spells, three 4th level spells, taken 3d6 damage, and 5 points of strength damage.

Then she takes a nap.

Ok, so here's the first step of making my big Gug minion. The stats are in the profile. It's pretty straightforward. Gug + Bloody Skeleton template. CR 8 (possibly 7, since not having a head makes it less combat effective than normal).

As for animating this guy, the breakdown is more complex. I'll go through it step by step-

The Bloody template counts as double it's usual hit dice to animate (but not to control once it is animated). That means our Gug is effectively a 30 HD undead for animation purposes.

When Casting Animate Dead, Kassi can create twice her caster level worth of Hit Dice.

With Spell Specialization, her CL boosting Traits, and Salt as an alchemical power component, Kassii has an effective Caster Level of 15 when casting Animate Dead (she can raise this even higher by using items and spells if she needs to, but for this Gug, it's exactly what she needs)

Normally, this undead would cost 750 GP in Onyx, but with Blood Money, Kassii instead takes 1d6 damage, and 2 points of strength damage to pay the component cost.

Following everything so far?