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I'm running an urban campaign and the party is not the hardiest bunch, but they can dish out damage at an impressive rate. I'm not sure how to give them a challenging fight.

They started (and still are at) lvl 4. We have:

Fetchling Ninja

Fetchling Bard

Fetchling Summoner

Changeling Rogue

Goblin Machinesmith Bombadier (basically a tech themed Alchemist)

Two players are very new so I gave them an easy fight to get acquainted with combat (a group of lvl 3 fighters they were able to ambush). They destroyed the fighters with only the eidolon actually getting hit.

Given the opportunity to plan ahead, strategize, and pick their terrain I expect them to walk away from a lot of encounters without taking a scratch. At the same time, with no real tank or healer (Bard has CLW and the Goblin can repair the eidolon who is of the construct variety, but that's it) I'm afraid I'm going to squish them with encounters I think should be routine.

Anyone have experience with a group like this one? Would you recommend lots of weak enemies? A few strong enemies? Should the challenge be based more around planning their attack and the reward being the fact that they walk away more or less unscathed?

I'm trying to find the happy medium between fights that are too easy and fights that are too tough without killing them first.

Bonus points if your suggestion fits with a cloak and dagger urban setting.