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Full Name

Kargas Stormscar




CN Bloodrager10 l 93/93hp, DR2/-- l F +11 R +8 W +5 l AC20 Touch12 FF18 CMB +15 CMD27 l Perc +13 l Darkvision 60ft l Init +4 l Spd30ft l Intimidate +16


BUFFS: Resist Shock 10 l CONDITIONS: none

Rounds per Day 12/24 l 112/112hp l F +12 R +8 W +7 l AC18 Touch10 FF16 CMB +16 CMD28 l Atk +18 Dmg 2d4+10






Animist spirit-worship


Orcish, Common

Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Kargas Stormscar

Male Half-Orc Bloodrager10
CG Male Humanoid

Init +4; Speed 40ft; 93hp
Light0-133lbs Medium134-266lbs Heavy267-400lbs; Drag2,000lbs
Current Weight Carried: 67lbs
Languages: Common, Orcish, Giant
AC20 (+7 breastplate, +2 Dex, +1 natural); Touch12, Flat-Footed18

Fort +11, Ref +8, Will +6

CMB +15, CMD27
BAB +10

Falchion +16/+11 melee (2d4+8; 18-20/x2)

Ranseur +16/+11 melee (2d4+7; x3; Disarm & Reach)

Javelin +12 ranged (1d6+5)
Power Attack: -2 on attack rolls, +9 damage (Falchion)
Raging Vitality: additional +2Con when raging for a total of +6Con
Eschew Materials*
Arcane Strike +2
Wind Step*: if 10ft or more moved, 20% concealment vs ranged attacks until start of next turn
Cornugon Smash: free Intimidate with every Power Attack hit
Furious Focus:

Adventuring SKILLS (4/level)
Acrobatics +11 (7 ranks, +3 bonus, +2 Dex, -1 ACP)

Fly +9 (5 ranks, +3 bonus, +2 Dex, -1 ACP)

Intimidate +17 (10 ranks, +3 bonus, +2 racial, +1 Cha, +1 trait)

Perception +13 (10 ranks, +3 bonus)

Survival +8 (4 ranks, +3 bonus, +1 trait)

Knowledge (Arcana) +4 (1 ranks, +3 bonus)

Spellcraft +9 (6 ranks, +3 bonus)

Craft (Traps) +10 (7 ranks, +3 bonus)

Knowledge (Geography) +5 (2 ranks, +3 bonus)

Lore (Giants) +13 (10 rank, +3 bonus)

Linguistics +4 (1 rank, +3 bonus)
SPELLS: 2/1/-/-; CL7, Concentration +8
[1]: Shield, Enlarge Person, Burning Hands, Protection from Evil, Shocking Hands, Line in the Sand, Windy Escape
[2]: Mirror Image, See Invisibility, Brow Gasher, Ironskin, Resist Energy, Shocking Ray*
[3]: Twilight Knife, Vampiric Touch
Monster Hunter: +1 on attack rolls & weapon damage against Aberrations & Magical Beasts

Bloody-Minded: +1 Initiative & Intimidate


Half-Orc Abilities
+2 Intimidate

Darkvision 60ft

Sacred Tattoos
Class Abilities
Fast Movement
Uncanny Dodge
Blood Sanctuary
Blood Casting
Improved Uncanny Dodge

Bloodrage: 18 rounds/day; +4Str, +4 Con, +2Will saves; -2AC

Uncanny Dodge

Bloodline Power
Elemental Strikes: 3/day as a Swift Action, wielded weapons gain +1d6 electricity damage for one round

Resist Electricity 10

Adventuring Gear:

+1 keen Falchion [8lbs]
+1 mithral breastplate armor
Masterwork Ranseur [12lbs]
Belt of Str +2
Cloak of Resistance +2
cracked Dusty Rose Prism ioun stone
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Potion of Bull's Strength
Potion of Enlarge Person
(2) javelins [2lbs each]
bedroll, blanket, rucksack [10lbs total]
flint & tinder
(2) days' rations [1lb each]
Totem fetish (small carved ring of stone with several large grey feathers attached) [1lb]
waterskin [4lbs]
traveler's outfit [5lbs]
50ft hemp rope + grappling hook [14lbs]
whetstone [1lb]
1,134gp [6 lbs]


Making their lair in the weathered remnants of Shieldring Keep (formerly a major stronghold anchoring the Sunwall, Lastwall’s first line of defense that fell to the orcs of Belkzen long ago) in the foothills of the Mindspin Mountains, the Stormscars are not the largest or the strongest tribe in the Hold of Belkzen, but their reputation is growing. Decorating their bodies with swirling ritual scars rubbed with a blue ash-paste, these distinctive warriors are swift hunters and brutal raiders—but their greatest weapon is their cadre of “stormragers”, berserkers with the power of the tempest searing through their veins. Taking the thunderbird as their totem, the Stormscars fight primarily with spears, bows, and falchions, their swift-moving troops raiding & ambushing in small warbands, signaling major engagements with the thunderous roll of drums.

Kargas’ early years were ones of brutality & survival, as his human blood made him an easy target for other children or warriors having a bad day. As he neared adulthood, however, the hulking half-orc began earned some grudging respect for his size and ferocity, but his human blood denied him true acceptance. One day Kargas’ hunting party was ambushed by the rival Warscreamer tribe—in the desperate fighting Kargas first demonstrated the coveted “stormrage” powers and managed to escape with several of his kin. This development set off a storm of argument amongst the tribe’s shamans and elders, for while many saw Kargas as favored by the tribe’s thunderbird totem, many others resented his human blood. A compromise was struck: as a test of the thunderbird’s favor, Kargas was tasked with travelling beyond the Hold of Belkzen and slaying a “great beast” as proof of his worthiness. Few in the tribe expect to ever see him again. Travelling by night to avoid the Shoanti—long enemies of the orcs—Kargas reached Kaer Maga and in a tavern there overheard the legend of the Sandpoint Devil. Kargas decided that such a creature would be a worthy prize, and caught a boat to Magnimar, travelling by foot from there to the small village of Sandpoint. His years as a hunter in his tribe have prepared him well, giving him a working knowledge of geography and the building of simple snares—the wilderness holds little fear for Kargas, but he finds himself a little bewildered by towns—a fact he would never willingly admit.

For the last week or so Kargas has been lurking on the fringes of Sandpoint; after leaving Kaer Maga he befriended a local trapper named Murkan, a fellow half-orc who he's been helping out in order to get a better feel for the surrounding lands. In addition, the exiled Stormscar has become a little bit infatuated with the owner of the Rusty Dragon inn where's he has been staying. A dazzling woman named Ameiko Kaijitsu, she has a tendency to render the hulking berserker tongue-tied and clumsy--he simultaneously dreads and cherishes their brief, professional interactions.

Appearance & Personality:

Kargas is a big man, standing 6' 5" and weighing in at 270lbs. He has dark grey skin, sharp brown eyes, & pronounced pronounced lower canines--but his most striking feature are his royal blue ritual scars. Swirling designs and whorls cover his arms, chest, legs, and even his neck and head (which he keeps carefully shaved). Like his tribesmen, Kargas believes that these scars please the thunderbirds and enhance his rage powers and is extremely fastidious about the "spirit script," going to considerable lengths to have non-ritual scars healed away. When he rages, Kargas' eyes and scars glow with a soft blue light and the air around him is charged with static and an ozone smell. Kargas' mother Nashra was an anomaly in orc society: a huntress and warrior, skilled with bow and spear. She was allowed to take up arms after befriending a cave bear in her youth, and the huge shaggy beast (whom she named Kerchak) has killed more than one orc who tried to attack Nashra or her son. In private, she would sometimes speak wistfully of Kargas' Shoanti father, though never in any detail.

Though eager to prove his worth to his tribe and embarrass the hardliners who despised him for his human blood, Kargas finds to his own surprise that he is enjoying his travels. Though wary of all these strangers around him he is curious about how these folks live. He is especially fascinated by halflings, gnomes, half-elves, and other half-orcs; while distrustful of elves and wary of humans (his tribe has clashed many times with Shoanti and the defenders of Lastwall) he is outright contemptuous of dwarves despite having never met one--many of the sagas told by tribal elders speak of their long wars against the dwarves, and Kargas has some unexamined biases as a result. While CN and brutal as a matter of survival amongst his orcish kin, Kargas does not get into fights lightly as he knows that local authorities are unlikely to treat him favorably. When in civilized areas he prefers to intimidate belligerents into backing down. So far it's worked.

Religiously, the Stormscars have long disdained the usual orc gods and instead given their worship to a pantheon of nature spirits--of which the thunderbirds are considered most sacred, as they are held to be the guardians and progenitors of the tribe. Kargas follows in these traditions, and keeps a pouch containing feathers, fur, unusual stones, a small wooden bowl, and various other knick-knacks used to propitiate local spirits--though Kargas is deeply uncertain about how to recognize their presence and sometimes will perform rituals near landmarks or other notable spots, just in case.

In Case of Botting, Break Glass:

Kargas tries to play to his & his allies' strengths, but is a bit of a show-off. If combat breaks out he will use Power Attack unless he's having difficulty hitting, and try to set up flanks when possible. If he can close with casters or ranged attackers without putting himself at a lot of risk (from AOOs, traps, hazards etc) he will do so.

If they party has come up with a plan he will try to follow it, but he's impulsive and not above abrubtly changing the plan if he thinks he sees an opportunity. He attacks with a javelin throw if a dangerous foe can't be reached in melee.

[dice=Power Attack (Rage)]1d20+7[/dice] [dice=Damage]2d4+10[/dice]

[dice=Attack (Rage)]1d20+8[/dice] [dice=Damage]2d4+7[/dice]

[dice=Javelin Throw]1d20+4[/dice] [dice=Damage]1d6+3[/dice]