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Do class features that add a weapon proficiency give weapon specialization if they don't explicitly say so? Or phrased another way, does the proficiency have to come from the ones a class gives at level 1 for the typical 3rd level weapon specialization to apply?

My RAW reading is they don't give specialization, with a couple relevant examples included, but I'd love to have an official answer.

Your exocortex provides you with enhanced combat ability, granting you proficiency with heavy armor and longarms. At 3rd level, you gain weapon specialization in longarms just as if your class granted proficiency.

You gain proficiency with two special weapons, you can select special weapons when learning new major forms, and you learn one special weapon as a bonus major form. At 3rd level, you gain weapon specialization in the two selected weapons just as if your class granted proficiency.

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These questions are regarding the spell animate dead.

Can the caster only create undead minions, or can they make other undead?

If the caster can only make minions, does it have to be a fleshless skeleton to make a skeletal minion, or does the magic rip off the flesh?

If the caster can make whatever, does the minion get abilities from the source creature or do you get to form them into something new? Does the minion lose abilities if it would lower the CR? Does the caster get to decide the lost abilities if so?

Can the caster give them weapons?