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For anyone who has ever participated in one of those StoryBundle or HumbleBundle deals--where you pay what you want for books, graphic novels, or the like--there's a new scifi/fantasy one being run right now for two weeks only.

Here's the link!

(Full disclosure: One of the books is a new release of mine, and I know quite a few of the other authors involved)


If you'd like to jump in and ask me anything over on the reddit/Fantasy page, here's the link!

Thanks to anyone who has already posted a question. I'll be answering them throughout the evening until things wind down.


Hey all,

I recently started at Paizo as their newest editor, and it's great to be here! I appreciate the many warm welcomes, and wanted to make a little offer as a “thanks!”

Some of you may already know of my Pathfinder Tales novel, Forge of Ashes. Well, I've actually got another book out in the world: Enter the Janitor. It’s a more humorous urban fantasy about janitors and maids working for a supernatural sanitation company. Think elements of Ghostbusters, MiB, and Dresden Files tossed into the mix.

Anyways, it’s one of a dozen books in a Halloween/Monsters Storybundle this month. As a bundle author, I’ve got 10 codes that lets people download the whole bundle for free. So, for the next 10 people who express interest, I can send a redeem link and code your way.

Wish I had enough to share with everyone, but I wanted to at least make good use of these, and I figured you all were a safe bet. ;)

Again, great to be here and I look forward to getting to know folks better as things progress.

Onward and upward,

- Josh


Excellent intro to this story. Nice mix of action with the character interaction. Having recently finished Stalking the Beast, it's fun to see how this pair met. I'm sure many readers here will love to see more of Lisette.


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Thanks for giving a peek into your inspirations and processes, Gabrielle! Really enjoying the story thus far. I like your point on how it can be hard work to feel in control of everything about a story and yet try to give it a sense of unpredictability and free will for characters that spring fully from your imagination. Definitely have felt that struggle before.