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Thanks again to everyone!! I just thought I'd share something I did on our first game..As the summer wore on, and we got further away from doing any sort of schoolwork. I thought that I should try to use Pathfinder to help us out in that realm..Obviously there is the simple math which is right around a 3rd grade level..But I also made the goblin boss in Black Fang's dungeon deaf. And in order to communicate they had to write him notes back and forth. At first they just scribbled something down. But when I said that their sloppiness was getting him mad they kicked right in. I've never seen such perfect handwriting.

They were so in tune with the game - they were more than happy to oblige!
It was actually kind of amazing.

Question: What is the rule regarding the amount of stuff that a PC can have. When I reach the end of an adventure, the kids get their gold and they immediately want to go shopping! At first I was trying to limit it..but wasn't sure of the rules..Are PC's supposed to have a certain amount of gold at any time? Or can they just spend it all and collect a huge pile of weapons?

Also: is there some sort of protocol for keeping time? If it takes a day to travel through a forest, how am I supposed to keep track of that?

Hit Points: If someone loses some hit points, do they regain them with some rest? (I know that is probably an easy question, but I actually have trouble finding the answers to the what seem like very basic questions)

My kids insist on marking up their Character sheets whenever they lose a hit point or gain some gold..but the sheets are getting trashed. Is that par for the course or is that information best kept track of somewhere else? And the Character sheet only to be modified after a complete session?

THanks again!