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Oooh things I'd like to see included.....so many in my head....can't formulate them into coherant thoughts...

1. Guilds, affiliations, trade consortiums, Bardic colleges. In particular what type of groups exist in Golaria. How to create one? What benefits, and problems when you are in one?
2. Building of shops (magic, blacksmith, alchemy), or creation of trade routes. What are the costs of setting one up, maintaining?
3. Mass combat rules....YES PLEASE!!

Can't wait to see what others would like to see.


I'd like to see topics that may not be covered all that well. Such as guilds of all types. I liked the concept of organizations and rules around those, but expand this further.

Owning a business (taverns, magic shops, etc), building and maintaining larger properties, such as keeps and castles.

Mass scale combat for larger all out wars. Vehicle combat, such as chariots, and "other" types.

Lets see some new things not just rehashes of material already out there.


I was curious if there have been any discussions on either having an "official" software package for Pathfinder, or will the company create it's own?

For example I use DM genie, it works for me, but it takes a lot of time I may not have, nor can I script as much as I would like to in order to automate the process of feats, adventures, etc.

Now I notice you did do some stuff for RPXplorer which is great, but it just doesn't have the GM tools done yet.