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About Jemini of Lebeda

Jemini of House Lebeda
Female human paladin 7 oracle of lore 1
LG medium humanoid
Init +7; Senses Perception +0

AC 27, touch 18, flat 21 (armor +5, heavy shield +2, cha +6(max), natural +2, deflect +2)
HP 66 (7d10 + 1d8 + 16)
Fort 15; Ref 14; Will 15

Speed 30ft
Melee +1 holy longsword +11/+6 (1d8+3 19-20/x2) Type: Slashing; Size: Medium; Wgt: 4lbs
Melee smiting +1 holy longsword +18/+13 (1d8+10 19-20/x2) Type: Slashing; Size: Medium; Wgt: 4lbs
+2d6 vs evil

Str 14, Dex 7, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 24 (23pt buy, racial bonus on Charisma, level 4 and 8 = Charisma)
BAB +7; CMB +9; CMD 25
Feats weapon focus (longsword), noble scion (war), dazzling display, antagonize, hands of valor
Traits princess, fast talker
Favored class paladin
Favored bonus 7 skill points
Paladin abilities aura of good, detect evil, smite evil 3/day, divine grace, lay on hands 9/day (3d6), mercy (fatigued, diseased), divine health, aura of courage, channel positive energy, divine bond (weapon)
Oracle mystery sidestep secret
Oracle curse haunted (level 1)
Special booming boast (increased dazzling display radius versus monstrous humanoids)
Skills Skills per level: 3 to 4 (2 class + 1 human + (1 favored)); Armor check penalty: -2
Trained bluff 22(8); diplomacy 22(8); intimidate 22(8); knowledge (nobility, history, planes, religion, engineering) 4(1); ride 3(2); sense motive 4(1); use magic device 11(1)
Untrained acrobatics -3; climb 0; heal 0; perception 0; swim 0

Spells per day, 1st level 5
Cantrips known ghost sound (curse), guidance, light, mage hand (curse), mending
Level 1 spells known cure light wounds, endure elements, obscuring mist (flavored as "makes spirits visible")

Spells per day, 1st level 3
Level 1 spells prepared protection from evil, lesser restoration, honeyed words
Level 2 spells prepared litany of righteousness, litany of righteousness


Wealth 1700gp
Charity 3000gp
Followers 1000gp
Weight 55lb
Encumbrance 58 (light), 116 (medium), 175 (heavy)

Progression (total 8)
+1 weapon
+1 resistance
+1 armor
+2 deflection
+2 natural
+1 prowess (+2 charisma)

  • holy longsword (12315gp) 4lb
  • champion mithril chainshirt (1100gp)
  • bolstering heavy steel shield (170gp)
  • cloak of endure elements (1000gp)
  • immovable rod (5000gp)
  • featherstep slippers (2000gp)
  • circlet of persuasion (2250gp, crafted)
  • parade armor (as studded leather, bonus on diplomacy and intimidate vs members of nation) (25gp) 20lb
  • shield, heavy wooden (7gp) 10lb
  • 1x sunrods (2gp) 1lb
  • 1x rations (2gp) 1lb
  • waterskin (1gp) 4lb
  • backpack (2gp) 2lb
  • fine bed roll (1gp) 5lb
  • fine winter blanket (1gp) 3lb
  • chalk (amortized cost)
  • flint and steal (1gp)
  • 4x paper sheets (1.6gp)
  • ink (8gp)
  • fine ink pen (1gp)
  • fine signet ring (20gp)
  • fine soap (1gp) 1lb
  • sealing wax (1gp) 1lb
  • perfume (5gp)
  • alchemist fire (20gp) 1lb
  • antitoxin (50gp)
  • holy water (25gp) 1lb
  • everburning torch (110gp) 1lb


Jemini of Lebeda radiates an intense presence and conviction. She has held, even as a child, the firm belief that her destiny is one of greatness - that her fate is to rise to and oppose the forces of darkness. Much of her early life has led her to the rising adventure in the Stolen Lands.

Born a lesser scion to nobility, House Lebeda that holds estates along Lake Reykal, she has experienced little need throughout her life. Eclipsed in the line of succession by several brothers and a few sisters her father requires little of his "sunshine" other than to be pleasing. Her mother, a somewhat more deliberate and shrewd lady, however, had her instructed and trained by a variety of teachers - some invited from distant lands - to raise her skill in noble arts such as fencing and polite discourse, as well as presence and mindfulness to the wisdom and diversities of foreign cultures.

Most of her martial instructors agree that Jemini carries tremendous untapped potential - that in her rests a master swordlord the likes of which is rarely seen. Unforetunately that potential is usually obscured by merely adequate martial prowess; but then on just a few occasions a visible aura takes hold of her and she shines with palpable grace of combat and lethal efficiency.

She looks up to and reveres several deities with equal severity: Sarenrae, Iomedae and Irori. Sarenrae who she identifies with her passions. Iomedae who she embraces as the strength of her valor. And finally Irori who embodies her drive to self-perfection. I would leave it to the GM to decide if Jemini effectively follows an ideal (perhaps Good, or Destiny) or whether she truly draws her divinely given powers from a triumverate of deities.


Jemini is not overly cheerful, but still holds a peaceful and pleasant disposition. She embraces new experiences, holding that these are the key to a fulfilling life and a vital ingredient to improving and developing the self. She has relatively little need - or desire - for cold facts and dry knowledge, things she considers of passing relevance: she prefers to gain an intuitive insight and understanding of people and situations.


level 1 - paladin - weapon focus, noble scion (war)
level 2 - oracle (lore) -
level 3 - paladin - dazzling display
level 4 - paladin -
level 5 - paladin - antagonize
level 6 - paladin -
level 7 - paladin - hands of valor


Booming Boast: Once per day when using Dazzling Display, Jemini can affect any monstrous humanoid within an additional radius of ten feet per character level.

If the wording is unclear, she can basically use Dazzling Display with a much wider radius, but only with Monstrous Humanoids.