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I am getting the following error trying to download digital content:
Not Found
The requested URL /download/135744/v5748aid7pjbv/v5748btpy9zk0/PathfinderSocietyScenario9-17O athOfTheOverwatchedPDF.zip was not found on this server.

Apache Server at remote1.paizo.com Port 80

It appears that this is happening for PFS Season 9 scenarios 9-09 through 9-17. A sampling of earlier season scenarios and even earlier Season 9 scenarios seems to be OK.

I am scheduled to run this tonight, so any expedient resolution would be greatly appreciated.

I had a player at a Pathfinder Society table that I was running this past weekend who had a level in druid and was wearing mithral armor. (He was really a halfling rogue who took a level in druid to get an animal companion/mount.)

So, according to the rules:
A druid who wears prohibited armor or carries a prohibited shield is unable to cast druid spells or use any of her supernatural or spell-like class abilities while doing so and for 24 hours thereafter.

Would wearing mithral armor impede a druid's ability to use wands since they cannot cast spells while wearing the armor?

My group is in the middle of the Demonskar Legacy. They breezed through the mod until they met the hag covey. Then, a group that normally is suspicious of their own shadows blindly trusted the hags. Here’s what happened:

The hags materialized and did their spiel. The wizard knowledge-monkey determined what they were (at least by appearance) and with one of his questions asked their alignment. From that point on, it’s been downhill.

Though the wizard is not the most charismatic PC, he did the majority of the talking so the hag approached him with the cup of poison. He drank and blew his Fort save; he let the group know he wasn’t feeling well, but that didn’t stop more PCs (a total of 5 of the 7) from partaking. 3 blew their initial Fort save.

Yes, I know this is not how the encounter was written to happen. I just didn’t think that the PCs would do anything but become suspicious of the hags if the hags came out with their, “Kill it! It’s evil!” ploy. So I had the hag keep offering the chalice to others.

The hags gave each other worried looks and said, “Perhaps we were wrong…perhaps you’re not the heroes we thought you were.” Instead of denying it, the PCs actually started questioning if something happened that they weren't aware of. I couldn’t believe it!

The hags then said, “Maybe we can help. Here let’s try this…” The three simultaneously touched 3 PCs. All 3 blew their Fort saves.

At this point the PCs said, “Uh, we need to get out of here.” The hags weren’t so obliging. In a nutshell, 3 PCs (wizard, cleric, warmage) dimension door’ed out to the pipe opening. Everyone else got confused; in addition, the archer was dropped, and the rogue and fighter got dominated.

The remaining PCs have started to regroup and re-enter the cave. The hags have turned invisible and retreated with their thralls.

At this point, I’m thinking of sending the two dominated PCs into the mirror and bargaining to get the rest in.

Some things to note:
• the PCs met with Nidrama and puzzled over the “false sisters” comment for the better part of half an hour, so it’s not like they didn’t have had a clue
• only once did one person ask for a Sense Motive check; not that anyone could have made the check against the hags’ Bluffs, but they didn’t even try

They've had a lot of bad luck, too, considering how few rolls they've had to make:
• the first time the wizard tried to cast dimension door, he missed his Concentration check
• the warmage attacked once, rolled a natural one
• twice the two-weapon fighter rolled a natural one on his first or second attack of the round; a house rule is a DC 10 Dex check to recover from a nat 1; a 20 Dex and he blew both

What would you do as a DM in this situation? I want to be fair without being overly cruel or a pushover.

In Hellfire Mountain in issue 140, on page 77, it says of Copperbelt, the azer smith:
"Mephistopheles sent Copperbelt, one of his best blacksmiths, to the Temple of Hellfire to assist with the production of weapons and armor."

Turning the page to see the rest of his stat block I was horrified (OK, I'm kidding, I was surprised, though) to see:
Craft (armorsmithing) +9, Craft (blacksmithing) +9, Craft (gemcutting) +4, Craft (weaponsmithing) +9, Craft (locksmithing) +3, Craft (sculpting) +3

While he is definitely proficient in armor-, black-, and weaponsmithing he's not what I imagined. He's not even hitting double digits. I don't imagine he's one of the best a prime king could muster, let alone an archdevil.

Or are my expectations skewed?

OK, it's a little after the fact, but since we're still in the Kopru ruins, there may be time to redeem myself.

1. How do the doors in the ruins work? This is from the SCAP hardcover, page 112: "The doors in the ruins are constructed of heavy stones that pivot on a central bar, allowing the door to rotate along the center and providing an opening to either side a little less than 3 feet wide. The cultists have fitted several key doors with locks, but if the text doesn't say that a door is locked (or can be locked), it cannot be locked at all."

My interpretation is this: The doors spin freely and can turn a full 360 degrees. The doors have a natural state of being "shut" and will slowly rotate back to that state if left open. (The latter sentence is really my own design idea -- nothing in the description suggests that.)

One of my players suggested that the doors only turned one way, thus closing more solidly. (i.e., the doors open one way and hit the wall another in the other.) Because the map does not show door opening arcs, I assumed that this was NOT how the doors work.

2. Can the ogre zombies (or any large creature) move from room to room in the ruins? Being large sized and having a space that's a little less than 3 feet wide to move through seems like a really tight fit if they can even make. (And how did they get in? Chopped up?)

3. What kind of rules would you use for holding one of these doors shut? This is a little tricky, especially given that the pivot point is on a 5' grid line.

4. K33 has a trap on the floor that's triggered by the northwest door opening. The rogue never checked the floor, but he did check the door. I sprang the trap and he argued that he could have found the trigger on the door and disabled it. I let him do that, but I'm not sure I should have. Should I have sprung the trap or does finding & disabling the trigger count as finding & disabling the trap? Can you find the trigger?


Alek Tercival
Human male, 6’2” 170 lbs., 29 years of age

Alek Tercival, heir to the Tercival name, last in the family line, and devout paladin of St. Cuthbert, is a loner. He spends most of his time in the field, traveling from Red Gorge to Hollowsky to Sasserine with stops in between as he feels necessary.

His life is the church; or rather, his life is doing the works of the church. Although Alek is a very good diplomat, he quickly tires of stationary life and the duties he’s called upon to perform when he’s in Cauldron. In his own words, “I’d rather risk my life, facing an indomitable foe under the most impenetrable jungle canopy than spend one more minute appeasing insipid nobles in their quests of vanity.”

Alek Tercival and Sarcem Delasharn are very close, bonded, it seems, by more than faith. Some event in their shared past has made these two akin to father and son, though there is no blood relation between them.

Alek has never married.

Morina Drakesblood
Human female, 6’0” 165 lbs., 34 years of age

A lifelong worshiper of St. Cuthbert, it is only recently that she’s come into the fold as something more than a lay worshiper. She has a short fuse and is fanatical in St. Cuthbert’s faith. Morina really wants to do field work (i.e., become an adventurer), but she barely knows which end of her cudgel to hold. She has clashed with Jenya on numerous occasions regarding student instruction.

True to her name, Morina’s ancestry is not entirely human. This can be seen most prevalently in her black, almost pupil less eyes. It shows in other ways, too; Morina has some talent as a sorceress.

Part of Morina's zeal stems from the fact that she lost her family to a raiding band of humanoids a couple years ago. The same things that motivate her zeal can send her into a deep depression. Unknown to her, two of her four children still live, though as slaves to the selfsame raiders.

Gelan Elandro
Traveling cleric
Half-elf male, 5’6”, 135 lbs., 43 years of age

Gelan is a traveling cleric of St. Cuthbert, staying for a time in any one area only so long as it suits him. He’s been in Cauldron for almost two months, but has no formal duties within the church. He seems quite taken with the area and spends much of his time meeting the locals. Gelan’s an accomplished musician, singer, and storyteller and is already very popular in Cauldron’s inns and taverns. How long he will stay is anyone’s guess.

Gelan is a lifelong bachelor.

Adalla Cru (Human female)
Bron [Taskerhill] (Human male)
Bruth Ironfold (Dwarf male)
Hendal Kalandar (Human male)
Justina Crysword (Half-elf female)
Kel Shukstan (Human male)
William Sprite (Human male)

The acolytes are a diverse mix of people, with even a noble’s son amongst them. (Bron Taskerhill dropped the use of his surname when he joined the church and few know of his noble background.)

Adalla is a quiet girl who is extremely bright. After correcting the volatile Morina a couple times, Adalla now keeps her comments to herself. Jenya is aware of Adalla’s potential and the two set aside several hours each week for private instruction.

Bron joined the church because he wants to help people. He’s very uncomfortable in his new surroundings, however, because he feels like he doesn’t fit in. He went against his family’s wishes and is unused to having to do things for himself. He’s really quite lost and as a result lashes out at people, even when they don’t really deserve it. It’s unsure whether he will finish his training between familial pressure and his own doubts.

Bruth joined the church because it had a part in rescuing his mother from a half-troll slaver whose base was under the streets of Cauldron. He wants to learn as much as he can before embarking on a quest to find and rescue his father.

Hendal’s family have been devout worshipers of St. Cuthbert for several generations. It was only a matter of time before someone in the family joined the clergy.

Justina is a personable young lady who became an acolyte after being smitten by Gelan’s stories. (Truth be told, she’s just as smitten with Gelan himself.) Justina’s talents are actually better suited to a bardic college and she has a history with the Last Laugh that she doesn’t talk about.

Kel aspires to be a paladin, but has become a bit disillusioned by Alek’s lack of interest in retaining him as an apprentice.

William is lazy and unmotivated. His parents sent him here with the hope he’d find some direction and become a contributing member of society. Judging by the results so far, they’re going to be disappointed.

Alright, we've just finished "Life's Bazaar" and rather than have the SCAP adventures run one right after another, I've decided that they'll take place spread over several years. So my players are getting introduced to the Flood Festival well before I run "Flood Season.”

After "Life's Bazaar," an impromptu celebration broke out in the "Drunken Morkoth," the inn where they're staying. They were joined by some of the NPCs they adventured with during LB, as well as some ancillary NPCs like Skylar Krewis and Triel Eldurast (one of the PCs' backgrounds is that he was kicked out of the Cauldron city guard; Triel has yet to commit her heinous crime), "Tyro Amberhelm,” and Lord Vhalantru himself, who came to congratulate the party on their brave deeds.

During the celebration, they were approached by some locals who mistook the PCs for the Stormblades (no real similarities, other than they're both bands of adventurers). They also found out that the Stormblades were getting all the press in the Cauldron Herald, with the PCs’ story relegated to a small item that even managed to misspell their group's name.

My original plans were to have the Stormblades be ahead in the court of public opinion until mid-level, when the PCs, through their continued good deeds, came to the forefront. They’re now actively trying to move up this timeline and I’m having to make up rules for Reputation that I didn’t think about before.

When they found out about the Demonskar Ball (which is hosted by the Aslaxin family) at the end of the Flood Festival, they decided to throw their own party; theirs is to be on the first day of the festival.

I asked every character who was going to "spread the word" to make a Gather Information check. I plan on using the total of all the checks as the total number of people who are going to show up to this shindig.

I'm going to charge the group 5 gp per person who made a Gather Information check and 2 gp per person who shows up during for the party as expenses.

At first, I was really happy that they were running with this, getting involved in Cauldron. But from the comments I heard from a couple players at the end of the last session, it sounds more like a direct public relations campaign. They’re planning on having a huge banner there that says something along the lines of, “Sponsored by Destiny’s Hand.” Who knows what else they’ll come up with in the next week.

Now’s the part where I’m looking for help. I’d like to come up with something that’ll reflect their efforts, reward them if they do well and hinder them if they botch something up. But what kind of checks do they make? What kind of circumstance modifiers should they get for things they do? When it’s all said and done, how have they influenced public opinion?

Any and all help would be appreciated.

30 seconds and I'm already replying to my own post. :-)

At the end of the book, the PCs and several of the NPCs are near epic level. They potentially have access to miracle and wish, not to mention lesser spells. How effective would a miracle or wish be at rebuilding the town? I imagine it would take several to make any kind of a difference. What other spells could be used and how effective will they be, given the extensive damage to the southeast part of town?

Thanks in advance!

On page 178 of the SCAP book, Kaurophon lies about what happened when he tried to take the first test of the Smoking Eye (if the party asks). He says he chose the bebilith and couldn't defeat the creature. In truth, he can't even get to the creature because he has lower planar blood and can't enter the chamber.

Kaurophon will admit to being a half-fiend is asked (What are you?, also page 178) and as soon as the party gets to the proctor's chamber, it's obvious that Kaurophon couldn't have faced the bebilith because he can't enter the chamber. So why the lie?

Kaurophon is reasonably intelligent (14) and he knows that in a couple days the party will discover his lie, so why bother? The only thing I can think of is that it makes the party more wary of his true intentions when they realize he wasn't truthful. But most groups at this point, I think, will be highly suspicious of him regardless of his help.

I also have a problem with it being an evil act to toss Kaurophon in the plasma once his true intentions are clear. I don't understand how it's OK to kill him in combat, but not toss him in the pillar of plasma.

Finally, I don't understand how he or the party can be considered allies once the battle starts. They were once allies, now they're enemies.

Any clarification would be sweet...