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Oh, wow... I've been playing this for 2 years and I never knew you didn't need to have a skill as in your class to put ranks into it. -_-

Well, thanks! At least I learned something new... :)

I'm making a kitsune Eldritch Scion build, but I've run into a roadblock. I'm planning on getting Dervish Dance since I know its common for Magi, but...it needs 2 ranks in Perform (Dance). I'm stumped on how I'm supposed to get this; Perform isn't a class skill for the Magus, and for some reason Perform is also the only skill that has no traits (As far as I know) for me to get it from.

Any answers on how Dervish Dance Magus builds get these 2 ranks in Perform (Dance)?

Non-Magic: Samurai
Arcane: Magus
Divine: Cleric
Nature: Hunter

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61. Clearly Acererak knew he was a danger to all near him. He was just trying to isolate himself so he would never harm anyone again.

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My best names include: Seoni V2.0 the Sorcerer, Danny the Hunter, Dean the Cleric, Bob the Monk, Joe the Rogue, Steve the Wizard, and Toby the other Wizard.

My Hunter. It's like playing 2 characters at once: the Hunter shoots people and stuff, while my Lion is a meatshield and multiattacks

There's been times where the whole party will forget cold weather gear, buy it, then forget they even bought it and have to buy it again in a later scenario.

william Nightmoon wrote:
my character is a sorcerer, not a rouge. sorry if that wasn't posted here :P

Ah, okay. Slightly more varied then.

So, I just realized this: what happens to the player that gets the traitor? Do they get no XP/Prestige, or are they now stuck as an evil PC, or...?

So it looks like we got 2 rogues (Me, maybe Nightmoon???), a swashbuckler (Anthony), 2 bards (Nurri?, Samantha), an investigator (Tedal), and a wizard (Jacob).

We're such a tanky party! XD

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Maneuvermoose wrote:
Anyhow, I restrict all PCs to the USUAL races from STANDARD fantasy. You know: talking lions, golems made of straw or tin, quadlins, munchkins, and flying monkeys. The races that show up in mainstream fantasy. None of these bizarre MMO races like elves or dwarves.

I'd love to play as a flying monkey.

"Life is like an infinitely going game of chess."

Frosty Silversky was born into poverty, and was forced to steal to survive after his kitsune parents were killed when their house burnt down. Eventually, he was caught during one of his heists of the home of a well-known politician in his region. However, the man, who Frosty only names as "Black King", made a deal: that he do his dirty work for him, and Frosty walks away with some gold and scot-free from the attempted robbery.

And so Frosty went off, doing odd-jobs for "Black King" : Making his political rivals disappear or wind up dead in their homes, destroying any evidence against him, scaring witnesses of his political corruption into silence . Frosty gradually became a professional and had survived all of his trials. Frosty was expecting a reward once all was said and done.

Frosty Silversky didn't see himself as "Black King" did, as just another loose end to be tied up, as just a pawn in his game. He didn't expect to see 5 armed men breaking through his door with swords. However, Frosty wasn't about to die just yet. He was not going to let "Black King" dispose of him so easily.

"Black King" disappeared without a trace that night, never to be seen again.

Frosty moved from place to place before starting a new life in Salingallow. Charismatic but suspicious of everyone's intentions, Frosty is now a respected figure and does his best to be better than he once was, hiding his secrets of what he had done to people deep within.

For combat, is there anything I'd need to download or is it all on here? I'm using a PS4 as my source of internet currently. I'm a noob here, so sry if I accidentally put in "Crunch".
Also, what are the rules for traits?
PM incoming!

I'm interested, if there's still space for 10+ players. Will post backstory & PMs later today.