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About Inoue Souma

Clan/Family: Ronin
Role: Shugenja
School: Ronin Order Shugenja (Kanosei Furudera Order)
School Rank: 1

Exp/spent: 50/50
Inisight: 124 [Rank 1]

Glory: 0.0
Status: 0.0
Honor: 5.2

2 Air: 2 Reflexes / 3 Awareness
2 Earth: 2 Stamina / 3 Willpower [days without food] 0
2 Fire: 2 Agility / 2 Intelligence
3 Water: 3 Strength / 3 Perception
2 Void

1 Athletics [Bugei, Str]
1 Craft (Cooking) [Merchant, ?]
1 Craft (Fishing) [Merchant, ?]
1 Etiquette [High, Awa]
1 Medicine [High, Int]
1 Perform (Samisen) [High, Agi]
1 Sincerity [High, Awa]

1 Calligraphy (Cipher) [High, Int]
1 Divination [High, Int]
1 Lore: Theology [High, Int]
1 Lore: Shugenja [High, Int]
1 Meditation [High, Void]
1 Spellcraft [High, Int]
1 Staves [Bugei, Agi]

Absolute Direction [Mental] 1 pt.
Elemental Blessing (Water) [Spiritual] 4 pt.
Friendly Kami (Air) [Spiritual] 5 pt.
Sage [Mental] 3 pt.

Social Disadvantage (Ronin) [Social] 3 pt.
Unlucky (2 ranks) [Spiritual] 4 pt.

School Technique:
The Path of Discipline – one Free Raise on all Sense, Commune, and Summon spells for all elements except Void and Earth.

Affinity: Air spells.
Deficiency: Earth spells.

Sense [All 1] - memorized
Commune [All 1] - memorized
Summon [All 1] - memorized
Legacy of Kaze-no-Kami [Air 1]
Nature's Touch [Air 1]
Tempest of Air [Air 1]
Path to Inner Peace [Water 1]
Speed of the Waterfall [Water 1]
Extinguish [Fire 1]

Outfit: sturdy robes, wakizashi, bo, traveling pack, scroll satchel, 4 bu 7 zeni
Traveling Pack: blanket, cooking pot, divination kit (yarrow sticks), fishing pole, flint and tinder, samisen, small knife, spare kimono and sandals, 6 days rations, wide-brimmed straw hat

Exp costs:
Advantages - 13 pt.
Disadvantages - 7 pt.
Willpower 2->3 - 12 pt.
Strength 2->3 - 11 pt.
Perception 2->3 - 11 pt.
Skills - 7 pt.
Memorized spells - 3 pt.

20 Questions:

1,2. Clan/Family - Ronin
3. Role - Shugenja
4. Appearance - Souma is a tall man with long dark brown hair tied in a ponytail. He has a burn on the left side of his neck from a spell incident.
5. Motivation - Finding other potential shugenja and helping them understand their gift.
6. Most trusted person - Takakazu Yamura is one of the sensei in Kanosei Furudera Dojo. He is also the one who found Souma and brought him to the Order for shugenja's training.
7. Strength and weakness - His concernt for common people is his strength and weakness at the same time.
8. Bushido - The most important tenet is Compassion. The least important is Courtesy.
9. Clan - Being a ronin doesn't justify things many clanless do. Those criminals are a disgrace.
10. Married - He is not married.
11. Prejudices - Souma dislikes Great Clans. They are prideful, arrogant and caught up too much in their feuds and court intrigues.
12. Loyalty - While Souma doesn't really serve anyone, he is loyal to his Order and his sensei.
13. Most and least favourite things - Souma enjoys playing shamisen - he remembers his mother playing it for him. He dislikes shogi - because he never once won in it, and rain - drying clothes is a pain.
14. Mannersims - He rubs his index finger and thumb when thinking and weighing options. Before praying to kami for assistance, Souma always closes his eyes and lowers his head for a few moments.
15. Emotions - Souma is generally a calm person, but unnecessary violence angers him quickly and he has hard time hiding it. Boredom he can hide easliy enough - long hours studying at the dojo and listening to sensei is a great training.
16. Subordinate - Being born a ronin, he never thought about that, but Souma tends to forgive people if nothing seriuous happened.
17. Parents - Souma was brought to the Order in the young age and didn't knew his parents well. He knows one of them was a shugenja, other than that it's just bits and pieces.
18. Ambition - He wants to become one of the greatest clanless shugenja, so that the Great Clans recognize that one don't need to be born into a Clan to achieve anything.
19. Religion - Souma is, of course, religious. He will offer a prayer to any shrine he come across, and will visit a temple if an opportunity presents itself.
20. Death - He will die protecting or helping his friends.


Inoue Souma was born twenty three years ago. He didn't spend much time with his parents - at the age of 6 he displayed affinity with kami. His parents were not shugenja, so they had to decide what to do. Luckily, Takakazu Yamura - a shugenja from the expanding Order of Kanosei Furudera - was passing through the settlement.
The following years were hard. Not physically, but mentally - studying the kami etiquette, learning correct words and prayers is not an easy task. Inoue's gempukku was held a year later than usual - when he was fifteen. After that he joined his sensei - Takakazu Yamura, the same person that took him into the Order - in his traveling. Offering help when needed and searching for other gifted children.
The last couple of years, however, Inoue travelled without Yamura-sensei - the man's health lately was not the same as before.