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Scarab Sages

I translated into Spanish soil articles to be found in the blog Paiz, before emerging society pathfinder, did the same with the articles that gave a small look at the factions, especially those who spoke to serve as a faction, but belongs to a class that has conflict with the nation, as was the case of Paladin and the nation of Cheliax. Do they think draw more of these articles or leave it as this?

Scarab Sages

The gods in the atmosphere have their weight, but I wonder What role is played in the secret war of pathfinder? I was more a question arises, is not a deity Sarenrae very united to Qadira? and if the answer be Do not bring this conflict to a member of society that belongs to the cult of the goddess and is not Qadira? This case is particularly evident in Osirion see ... as belong to one faith and able to serve your nation at once?