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Full Name

Honne Adennin


HP 13/13| AC: 15| Fort: +4; Ref: +5; Will: +6 | Init: +0 | Per +4 | Spd 25 ft. |


Female CG Halfling Witch 1 |

About "Honey" Adennin

Honne "Honey" Adennin, Witch 1


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Alignment CG Size Small Ancestry/HeritageHalfling (Gutsy heritage)

Perception +4;
Languages Common, Varisian, Elven, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling
Skills Acrobatics +2, Arcana +7, Athletics +0, Crafting +7, Diplomacy +4, Lore: Herbalism +7, Nature +4, Occultism +7, Religion +4, Society +7, Survival +4
Str +0, Dex +2, Con +1, Int +4, Wis +1, Cha +1

Items Explorer's Clothing, Backpack, Bedroll, Chalk (10), Flint and Steel, Rope, Rations (2), Torch (5), Waterskin, Soap, Sling Bullets (20), Material Component Pouch, Healer's Toolkit, Writing Set, Waterproof Journal

AC 15; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6
HP 13

Speed 25 feet
Melee Sickle +5 (Agile, Finesse, Trip), Damage 1d4 S
Ranged Sling +5 (Propulsive), Damage 1d6 B

Halfling Luck (Fortune, Halfling) Frequency once per day Trigger You fail a skill check or saving throw. Your happy-go-lucky nature makes it seem like misfortune avoids you, and to an extent, that might even be true. You can reroll the triggering check, but you must use the new result, even if it's worse.
Occult Prepared Spells DC 17, attack +7; 1st ll Omen, Soothe; Cantrips Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Phase Bolt, Shield
Focus Spells (1 points) Nudge Fate Range 30 feet; Targets 1 creature Defense Will; Duration 1 minute The barest spin of your patron's spool is enough to alter fate. When the target fails an attack roll, skill check, or saving throw and a +1 status bonus would turn a critical failure into a failure, or failure into a success, you grant the target a +1 status bonus to the check retroactively, changing the outcome appropriately. The spell then ends. If you cast nudge fate while a previous casting of this hex is still in effect, the previous effect ends.
Phase Familiar Trigger Your familiar would take damage. Range 60 feet; Targets your familiar Your patron momentarily recalls your familiar to the ether, shifting it from its solid, physical form into a ghostly version of itself. Against the triggering damage, your familiar gains resistance 5 to all damage and is immune to precision damage. Heightened (+1) Increase the resistance by 2.
Additional Feats Gutsy Halfling, Natural Medicine
Additional Specials Familiar, Familiar of Balanced Luck, Hex Spells (Phase Familiar), Keen Eyes, Patron (Spinner of Threads), Witch Spellcasting

Cantrips(10) - Detect Magic, Forbidding Ward, Guidance, Know the Way, Light, Message, Phase Bolt, Prestidigitation, Read Aura, Shield
1st Level(6) - Bless, Fear, Ill Omen, Liberating Command, Soothe, Sure Strike


[Tiny] [Minion] [Familiar]
Perception +5; Low-Light Vision;
Skills Acrobatics +5, Stealth +5, All other skills +1
Str +0, Dex +0, Con +0, Int +0, Wis +0, Cha +0

AC 15; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6
HP 5

Speed 25 feet land, 25 foot fly
Familiar of Balanced Luck Your familiar has a spot on its body that looks like a good luck charm or a bad omen, depending on the angle. When you Cast or Sustain a hex, one creature within 15 feet of your familiar gets your choice of either a +1 status bonus to its AC or a –1 status penalty to its AC until the start of your next turn.
Familiar Ability: Flier It gains a fly Speed of 25 feet.
Master Ability: Share Senses Once every 10 minutes, you can use a single action with the concentrate trait to project your senses into your familiar. When you do, you lose all sensory information from your own body, but can sense through your familiar's body for up to 1 minute. You can Dismiss this effect.
Master Ability: Familiar Focus Once per day, your familiar can use 2 actions with the concentrate trait to regain 1 Focus Point, up to your usual maximum You must have a focus pool to select this.


Honne Adennin (or, as she introduces herself, "Just call me 'Honey', sweetie, everyone else does!") doesn't look like much. While she might not be that short for a Halfling, a halfling she is nonetheless, leaving her at just under 3 feet in height, and everything about her appearance suggests the soft, warm, comforts of home. Her build is plump, and her face is rounded and soft, with freckles across her sun-kissed cheeks and the bridge of her nose, amber-brown eyes always curved upwards with a smile. Her hair is short, cut to only about chin-length, copper curls held in place with a simple brown bandana.

She dresses simply, with no real attempt to be fashionable or catch attention, beyond a decorative amber pin she uses as the top button on a sturdy wool dress, layered in dull green and deep, rusty red. When working, she'll wear a pale yellow apron over her dress, and when she needs to protect herself from the weather, she'll add a knitted orange shawl.

Her familiar, Serrano, is a chicken, and looks very much like every other golden-brown hen kept in town.

Visual reference album, to be added to as I draw more.


Honey's childhood was blessedly calm; uneventful and safe and peaceful, and so, so dreadfully boring. Her parents wanted nothing less for her, both of them escaped slaves from Cheliax themselves who wanted their daughter to grow up knowing a kinder life than they had in their new home of Magnimar. They succeeded, for the most part, but Honey was still raised on stories of their daring and bravery, and wanted so badly for so long to be a hero, just like them.

Thankfully, she grew out of it. Well, mostly. Well, at least out loud. Honey's desire for adventure and acts of heroism never really went anywhere so much as it found more practical outlets. Usually, this was in the form of books, which she read as quickly and on as many subjects as she could get her hands on. In particular, she took an interest in herbalism, in folk magic, in the place where the natural world and the occult meets and mixes and makes new, interesting things more practiced by people in quiet, hidden shops in small towns, and not talked about too loudly. This interest led her to an herbalist's work, sure, treating the sick and injured as best she could, but this endless curiosity also led her into contact, eventually, with her Patron.

Honey doesn't know much about her mysterious Patron, but she knows that, eventually, something from one of her books into the occult had borne real fruit. It came to her in the form of a vision, a massive spider's web spun of golden thread that, when she tried to touch a strand, showed her a flash of a possible future. She touched a thread whose origin was her own chest, and saw herself tending an egg, and knew that tending it would lead her to the future she wanted. The next morning, one of the family's chickens laid an egg with a strange discoloration in the shell, a symbol that her parents couldn't decide if it meant a good or ill omen. Honey took this to be the sign from her vision, and decided she'd raise the chick herself.

Over time, as her new familiar - Serrano - grew, so did Honey's connection with whatever it was that granted her vision. She began to be able to induce similar visions, force herself to see traces of the golden spiderweb again, and, with enough effort, twist and bend them. Not enough to do anything monumental, but enough that her luck, already good in the way that a halfling's luck often is, became truly supernatural. But, it was never quite so clear again. She could never make herself see the full extent of the golden web, and touching the strands she could see traces of didn't bring with them any future sight, only the knowledge of how to nudge things to her favor.

She was beginning to reach a plateau in her abilities, with no new breakthroughs in her magic for a while, and no clear idea how to progress, she tried to contact her patron again, recreating the situation that caused that first, clear vision, and this time, keeping a singular question in mind; What do I do next?

What answered her was, like she'd hoped, another clear and vibrant dream. Again, she saw the golden web spanning out, branching and connecting infinitely into the distance, but this time, her awareness spread, showing the way the web tangled across what the recognized as the Varisian coast, where a number of threads all converged on a singular point - what she soon learned was Sandpoint. She touched one of the threads, and saw fire, and blood, and herself, mending a wound. If she wanted to improve, to learn as much as she could and help as many people as she could and maybe earn the title of Hero, it would be possible here.

This was almost five years ago.

When she arrived in Sandpoint, the Late Unpleasantness was recently over, and she found a town not experiencing crisis, as she thought she would, but one that was scared, and in mourning, and in desperate need of help, of comfort, of a few simple turns of good luck. And that, she thought, as she rolled up her sleeves and tried to find a place to start, might not be the heroics she had hoped for, but it was maybe one more fitting for her.

She's been in Sandpoint since, mostly assisting Hannah Velerin with her herbalist's business, but she tries to offer a little warmth and kindness to any who seem like they need it. She's settled in quite happily to life here, and, although she would still like to, one day, see real adventure, if the small bits of good she's been able to do is all her patron meant for her, she wouldn't call it a loss.