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P. 225, Serum of Appearance Change wrote:
Upon drinking this elixer, your coloration and the general form of your features instantly and permanently changes.

What is the duration of an effect that is "instant and permanent?" This cannot be a wholly mechanical statement; an Instantaneous duration is different from and incompatible with a Permanent duration. The only way that phrase works is if one of them is narratively rather than mechanically descriptive, which leaves two possibilities.

If the Serum's duration is mechanically Instantaneous, it is "permanent" in that the modifications will not simply go away in a few days as something like hair dye would. Changes to underlying bone structure - such as the length of one's fingers as in one of the examples provided - would remain regardless of how much time passed, in as much as they would in light of normal physiological processes potentially altering them anyway, such as hair gradually losing its color as one ages. If the Serum's duration is Permanent, it is "instant" in that the Permanent effect is applied the moment the serum is ingested. However, unlike an Instantaneous effect, this is a form of lingering magic, and is therefore subject to Dispel Magic and similar cancellation effects.

Unfortunately, I think the wording is equally valid for both interpretations, which is quite unhelpful.

As another question, can the use of a Serum allow you to assume your own exact form? I would think yes, as the precise wording is that you cannot assume the exact appearance of another creature, but I've seen some uncertainty on that subject.

If the correct interpretation of all this should be that it is a Permanent effect, it also raises the question of how multiple doses interact with each other. They must either override or outright dispel and replace previous uses, and it's certainly not clear which that would be.

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Most of the environmental hazards provide an explicit frequency at which you make saves against them. Hot and cold conditions both demand saves every hour, every 10 minutes, or every minute depending on their severity. Thick and thin atmospheres both demand hourly saves, and severely thick atmospheres demand saves by the minute. It goes on like that.

But what about radiation? It's treated as a poison, but if you're standing in an irradiated area and pass your first save, when do you make another save against it? Do you just not make another save at all, unless you move into an area with more severe radiation? That doesn't seem right - if you pass your initial save, you can just stay there indefinitely and be fine. Is it with the same frequency as the poison? That doesn't seem right either.

Keep in mind that as a poison, radiation will deal DC-10 HP damage on initial exposure, whether you save against it or not. As a constitution poison specifically, once you're at Weakened or worse, radiation will deal DC-10 HP damage every time you make a save against it - once per round - whether you pass or fail. So one save against ambient radiation doesn't seem like enough, because you can just succeed and be fine indefinitely. Saving every round for initial exposure doesn't seem right either, because then radiation will kill you very quickly no matter what you do unless you leave.

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P. 296 - Power Core wrote:
Each Large and smaller ship has room for only a single power core by default, but Medium and Large starships can be fitted with an extra power core housing. Huge starships can have up to two power cores, Gargantuan starships can have up to three, and Colossal starships can have up to four.
P. 299 - Power Core Housing wrote:
An expansion bay can be set aside for an additional power core must be purchased separately) and the associated wiring and safety apparatuses. A power core housing can be installed on only a Medium or larger ship.

I'd like an interpretation check on this. Some things are clear from these passages: Large and smaller ships can be fitted with only one power core by default, and Medium and Large ships can be fitted with an additional power core housing at the cost of an expansion bay for a second core. And contextually, it's clear to me that Huge and larger ships can hold multiple power cores with no need for power core housing, up to the limits given.

But I do think a couple things here are ambiguous. The power core section specifically calls out Medium and Large ships as being compatible with power core housing, as opposed to Medium and larger ships like power core housing itself. Should this be read as exclusive? Is power core housing only for Medium and Large ships, as the Power Core text indicates, or Medium and larger ships, as the expansion bay text indicates?

Further, should it be read as restrictive? The exact language of the power core section is "fitted with an extra power core housing." Should this be read as a limit, restricting Medium and Large starships to a single extra power core independent of the answer above? And if it is taken as a restriction, do the limits given for Huge and larger starships then refer to their default capacity, or to their augmented capacity when expansion bays are dedicated to it?

Can turrets be mounted on ship frames that do not explicitly possess them? Secondarily, can additional turrets be mounted?

Normally, I would probably say no by default, but looking over how the rules are written in this and other situations, it's actually fairly ambiguous.

What the rules on page 305 do state is that you can add additional weapon mounts to a ship within a limit set by their size - no more than two mounts per arc for a tiny or small ship, for instance. They also state that for a slightly higher price, you can add weapon mounts to a turret that still has room, following the same size-based limit as the other arcs - again, no more than two on a turret for a tiny or small ship. What the rules do not mention is adding a turret if a ship does not already have one.

But they do specifically mention that a ship frame can have no more than x weapons per arc (or per turret). And in the case of tiny and small ships, there isn't a frame given that has a turret to begin with. Now, this may just be future-proofing the ruleset a little, to make it clear that when and if they release base frames in that size range that do have turrets, that it still applies, but Dead Suns has further muddied the issue.

Incident at Absalom Station:
The Hippocampus uses the Shuttle frame but has been upgraded with a turret that the frame does not provide.

To me, that indicates that weapon mounts can be added to a turret that the ship does not explicitly possess, and in doing so add said turret to the ship. Or perhaps, alternatively, that every ship mechanically has a "turret" that can accept mounts, but not every ship actually has mounts in that "turret." By extension, that not every ship even physically has the turret they mechanically possess, up until a weapon mount is added to it.

In either case, the rules aren't clear. I think this is an area where they would normally permit or deny something explicitly, but it appears that they do neither.