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Basement Level Room 3 - The Cistern - LOOT

Crate 1: Leather Armor (Magic +1), a Composite Shortbow (+1 Str), a Masterwork Hand Crossbow, a Masterwork Silver Morningstar, a Cloak (Magical - Elvenkind), and a pouch of a dozen pearls

Crate 2: Is harder to open as it is a locked, watertight iron coffer and the key you have does not work. Between Irisa and Sholti, you pick the lock revealing the contents. This chest contains scrolls and other documents.

Scrolls: Misdirection, Pass without Trace, Undetectable Alignment, and Whispering Wind.

Perhaps of greater value are the documents numbering in the hundreds of pages in all, many of which are written in a cipher that mixes the languages of Celestial, Elven, and Strix.

Crate 3: Initially it appears that the crate contains what looks like ancient straw, but a cursory examination reveals its actual contents are six fully functional silver raven figurines of wondrous power!