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The Belching Boar is a modest inn and tavern that doesn't appear very remarkable, but is particularly respected by the hunters and gatherers in the region as a place where drifters are welcome. The building is log cabin built from rough hewn cedar with a small second story reaching up over the common room. The barkeep, a balding human by the name of Matthias, asks everyone entering to please keep quiet, as there's an important meeting upstairs today. When he hears that you are attending this meeting, he blinks for a moment, then points toward a ladder that is attached to the back of the brick fireplace. "Sheriff said there'd be a few arriving by now, but he had to tend to something quick like. Food is all layed out upstairs. Help yourself till he gets back."
A single elven man is sleeping slumped over the bar, and a gentle murmur is audible from a table in the back where two human men are speaking as their steaming bowls of stew cool down.