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About Gregario Dawnborne

For the better part of a lifetime, Gregario has served Iomadae - the Lady of Valor. In his youth he served in a temple and when he was older as a squire to a decorated knight. As he grew into a man he trained his body and mind until he was a worthy instrument of the Inheritor's will. Somehow he found the time to fall in love with a young beauty and together they had children - a boy and a girl.

In spite of this shining pious life, Gregario faced tragedy after tragedy in what should have been the crowning years of his life. Not long after his 30th birthday his lovely wife died - taken by plague. Within the next two years his children passed away too, his son slain during a petty duel and his daughter raped and murdered by a local drunk.

Rocked by these losses, Gregario began to falter in his faith. He continued to fight in Iomadae's name traveling from battlefield to battlefield as the Great War ravaged the land, but what use was honor without meaning? How could there ever be justice when fate was so cruel?

When the war dwindled to a close Gregario quickly found himself without a cause to distract his troubled thoughts. He searched for work but not many had use for a holy warrior, especially one with such an unyielding past. Eventually word of an expedition to Zahvroma came to his attention.

Zahvroma. The name was foreign to him but it still had meaning. To the people of Icathia it was a forgotten land, full of secrets, power, and hope. To Gregario it was one last chance. In Zahvroma's deadly jungles he would find meaning to the hardships and suffering he'd endured or he would die trying.

Gregario Dawnborne
Human Paladin (Oath of Vengeance, Sacred Servant) 4
LG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +0; Senses Perception +0
AC 21, touch 10, flat-footed 21 (+9 armor, +2 shield)
hp 45 (4d10+16)
Fort +10, Ref +5, Will +9
Immune disease, fear
Speed 20 ft.
Melee Heavy Shield Bash +7 (1d4+3/x2) and
. . +1 Longsword +8 (1d8+4/19-20/x2)
Special Attacks smite evil (1/day)
Spell-Like Abilities
. . At will—Detect Evil (At will)
Paladin (Oath of Vengeance, Sacred Servant) Spells Prepared (CL 1):
1 (1/day) Shield of Faith, Wrath
Str 17, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16
Base Atk +4; CMB +7; CMD 17
Feats Extra Lay on Hands, Power Attack -2/+4, Toughness
Traits Armor Expert, Indomitable Faith
Skills Acrobatics -5 (-9 jump), Climb -2, Diplomacy +10, Escape Artist -5, Fly -5, Heal +7, Knowledge (religion) +7, Ride -5, Stealth -5, Swim -2
Languages Common
SQ aura of courage, aura of good, channel wrath, domains (heroism), lay on hands (2d6) (7/day), mercies (mercy [sickened]), touch of glory (3/day)
Other Gear Masterwork Full plate, Masterwork Heavy wooden shield, +1 Longsword, Cloak of resistance +1, 150 GP
Special Abilities
Armor Expert -1 Armor check penalty.
Aura of Courage +4 (10' radius) (Su) You are immune to Fear. Allies within aura gain a morale bonus to saves vs Fear.
Aura of Good (Ex) The paladin has an Aura of Good with power equal to her class level.
Channel Wrath (Su) When an oathbound paladin reach 4th level, she can spend two uses of her lay on hands ability to gain an extra use of smite evil that day.
Detect Evil (At will) (Sp) You can use detect evil at will (as the spell).
Immunity to Disease You are immune to diseases.
Immunity to Fear (Ex) You are immune to all fear effects.
Lay on Hands (2d6) (7/day) (Su) You can heal 2d6 damage, 7/day
Mercy (Sickened) (Su) When you use your lay on hands ability, it also removes the sickened condition.
Paladin (Oath of Vengeance, Sacred Servant) Domain (Heroism) Associated Domain: Glory
Power Attack -2/+4 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Smite Evil (1/day) (Su) +3 to hit, +4 to damage, +3 deflection bonus to AC when used.
Touch of Glory (3/day) (Sp) Grant +4 to a CHA-based skill or ability check.