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Full Name





Fighter - Level 3




5'11 185 lb



Special Abilities

Hero points (1)


Chaotic Good


Cayden Cailean






Caravan Guardian

Strength 18
Dexterity 11
Constitution 17
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 13

About Grailmont

Grailmont hails from Grayhaven in Brevoy, once a peasant
boy who would make his living from foraging the pockets
of nobles to help feed his family. One day, the target of
his crimes was aimed towards a very powerful, and evil
lord, Dominous Surtova, third cousin of the King-Regent.
Grailmont took his small dirk and took hold of the coin
purse upon the lord's sash, prepared to cut it free and
make his escape. Just as quick as he turned around,
the lord was quicker to grab the nape of Grailmonts shirt,
hoisting the boy high in the air. To make an example of
the child, and to embarass the Garess lord accompanying
him, the lord proclaimed to the surrounding folk the
punishment for stealing from him. The lord took the boy's
knife, and shoved it deep into his chest. The lord later
took the boy back to his demanse in Port Ice, throwing
him in a cell and having his healers mend Grailmont's
Sitting in the cell, the lord told him that he would be
taught to brawl and fight, to serve and entertain an
audiance by fighting others to the "death" until he had
faced as many opponents as there were coins in the
purse Grailmont had tried to make off with. Nearly four
years would pass before the boy again saw the light
of freedom, learning in his servitude that justice wasn't
only blind, but written by the ones who could afford it.
When he was freed from Lord surtova's dungeons,
Grailmont returned the next night, stealling his mount,
arms and armor as well as a few other goods to trade for
equipment and headed south, intending upon loosing
himself in the River Kingdoms. On the way he heard the
call for caravan guardians, and decided this was to be his
destiny. Forge a place where justice and rule was for the
people, not for the privileged few.

Total Weight Carried: 83.38/350lbs, Light Load
(Light: 116 lbs, Medium: 233 lbs, Heavy: 350
Gear maintenance kit <In: Backpack, masterwork
(15 @ 28 lbs)>
2 lbs
Grooming kit <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28
2 lbs
Hammer <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28
2 lbs
Holy symbol, wooden (Cayden Cailean) -Masterwork chain shirt 25 lbs
Masterwork Heavy Shield Bash -Masterwork heavy steel shield 15 lbs
Masterwork longsword <In: Belt Sheath> 4 lbs
Mess kit <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28 lbs)> 1 lb
Miner's pick <In: Horse> 10 lbs
Money <In: Belt pouch (1 @ 0.38 lbs)> 0.38 lbs
Mug/tankard <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28
1 lb
Oil x3 <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28 lbs)> 1 lb
Oil of magic weapon <In: Bandolier (6 @ 0 lbs)> -Oldlaw whiskey (per bottle) <In: Backpack,
masterwork (15 @ 28 lbs)>
1 lb
Potion of barkskin +2 <In: Bandolier (6 @ 0 lbs)> -Potion of bull's strength <In: Bandolier (6 @ 0 lbs)> -Potion of cat's grace <In: Bandolier (6 @ 0 lbs)> -Potion of cure light wounds x2 <In: Bandolier (6 @ 0
-Potion of cure light wounds <In: Backpack, masterwork
(15 @ 28 lbs)>
-Rope <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28 lbs)> 10 lbs
Rope <In: Horse> 10 lbs
Steel Hip Flask 1 lb
Tindertwig x2 <In: Belt pouch (4 @ 0 lbs)> -Trail rations x7 <In: Horse> 1 lb
Traveler's outfit x3 <In: Horse> 5 lbs
Troll styptic <In: Belt pouch (4 @ 0 lbs)> -Waterskin x2 <In: Horse> 4 lbs
Waterskin <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28
4 lbs
Whetstone <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28
1 lb
Whiskey (per cup) x2 <In: Steel Hip Flask> 0.5 lbs
Wrist sheath, spring loaded (1 @ 1 lbs) 1 lb Armor ointment <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28
1 lb
Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28 lbs) 4 lbs
Bandolier (6 @ 0 lbs) -Bedroll <In: Horse> 5 lbs
Belt pouch (1 @ 0.38 lbs) 0.5 lbs
Belt pouch (4 @ 0 lbs) 0.5 lbs
Belt Sheath -Boot Sheath -Chain (10 ft.) x2 <In: Horse> 2 lbs
Cloak of resistance +1 1 lb
Dagger <In: Wrist sheath, spring loaded (1 @ 1 lbs)> 1 lb
Dagger <In: Boot Sheath> 1 lb
Explorer's outfit (Free) -Flint and steel <In: Backpack, masterwork (15 @ 28 lbs)> -Flint and steel <In: Belt pouch (4 @ 0 lbs)> -

Masterwork Heavy Shield Bash
Crit: ×2
1-hand, B
Main hand: +8, 1d4+4
Both hands: +8, 1d4+6
Masterwork longsword
Crit: 19-20/×2
1-hand, S
Main hand: +9, 1d8+4
Both hands: +9, 1d8+6

Max Dex: +5, Armor Check: -
Spell Fail: 20%, Light
Masterwork chain shirt
Max Dex: -, Armor Check: -1
Spell Fail: 15%, Shield
Masterwork heavy steel shield