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Goldoth is a male orc standing at just under twenty-one hands (7') and weighing roughly twenty-two and a half stone (315lbs). He has light green (#7bb661) skin, bright red (#ff0800) eyes, and a short, squashed nose. He has something of an underbite, with prominent lower tusks. A scar that runs along his jawline from his right cheek to his chin mars his face, but his visage is more curious anything else. It is clear that his mass is predominately muscle, though the dirt and grime make it clear that he doesn't care much for appearances. He wears a hauberk and chausses made from riveted steel maile, with short plate gauntlets and sollerets, and an almost comically small skull cap atop his head. He wears a simple leather backpack on his back, laden with all manner of gear: a thick blanket rolled on the top, a lamp and flask of oil on the left, some torches on the right, and a big iron cauldron tied to the back. He has a small leather pouch fastened about his neck, which looks to contain maybe a dozen coins. Pushed through a leather loop at his side are a double-bit felling axe with a haft so long that, were it not for his enormous height, would probably need to be worn on his back, and a shorter broad-bladed hewing axe. A hunting knife with an oddly short blade hangs from his left hip, as well as two small waterskins looking to contain half a gallon of liquid each.

STR 22 (+6) CON 18 (+4) DEX 8 (-1) INT 5 (-3) WIS 5 (-3) CHA 5 (-3)
BAB +2 CMB +8 CMD 17
AC 15 Touch 9 Flat-Footed 15
HP 24/27 NL 6 HD 2d10
Initiative -1
Fort +8 Ref -1 Will -3
Speed 25ft (Land)

Acrobatics: -5
Appraise: -3
Artistry: -3
Bluff: -3
Climb: +2
Craft (All): -3
Diplomacy: -3
Disguise: -3
Escape Artist: -5
Fly: -5
Handle Animal: +2
Heal: -3
Intimidate: -3
Knowledge (Nature): +1
Linguistics: -2
Lore (Trees): +1
Perception: -3
Perform (All): -3
Ride: -5
Sense Motive: -5
Stealth: -5
Survival: +2
Swim: +2

Possessions on Person
Peasant's Outfit (2 lbs)
Mail Armor (40 lbs)
Common Backpack (2 lbs)
-Contents (32.7 lbs)
-Roll on Top (43 lbs)
-Common Lamp (1 lb)
-Glass Flask (0.25 lbs)
--1pt Black Liquid (1 lb)
-Torch x3 (3 lbs)
-Iron Cauldron (5 lbs)
Greataxe (12 lbs)
Battleaxe (6 lbs)
Dagger (1 lb)
Belt Pouch (0.5 lbs)
-Contents (0.13 lbs)
Waterskin (0.5 lbs)
-2qt Liquid (4 lbs)
Waterskin (0.5 lbs)
-2qt Liquid (4 lbs)

Carried Weight 158.68 lbs

Detect Magic Round 1:
No, there are no magical auras.

Detect Magic Round 2:
There are no magical auras, and the most potent is non-existent.

Detect Magic Round 3:
There are seriously no auras.

Detect Magic GM Only:
I don't have any magic items.