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Full Name

Gavin Entwhistle




Cleric 1 | HP: | AC: () | CMD: | Fort:+ Refl:+ Will:+ | Init:+ | Perception:+










common, halfling

Strength 14
Dexterity 15
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 15

About Gavin Entwhistle

Gavin Entwhistle
Male Halfling Cleric 1
NG Small Humanoid
Init ; Senses Perception

Fort + Ref + Will +

Speed 30 ft.
Special Attacks

Str 14, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 15
Base Atk +; CMB +; CMD
Spells(u/2) 0th - 1st -

Combat Gear
Other Gear







In the cold winter months of 1348, one halfling family in the Western Heartlands market town of Asbravn was blessed with the birth of a son. The Entwhistle's kept a small farm on the outskirts of the town, and having no family nearby, named their son after the local innkeep, Gavin. Life was good for the Entwhistles, their small lot was bountiful, Gavin's father traded their goods with passing caravans, their mother tended to the house and raised young Gavin. Life was simple for the Entwhistle clan...

But such tranquility was not to be. In late 1358, following the dawn of the Time of Troubles, Asbravn suffered an aggressive raid from the Zhent forces from Darkhold. The farms toward the outskirts of the town were struck first, the Entwhistle's cluster, all settled by halflings, were no match against the vile cultists that slaughtered and burned their way through their farmsteads. Gavin's father took up a stout axe to defend him family, but it only ensured that Gavin and his mother would endure something far worse than death at the hands of the Zhents - a life of slavery.

Gavin and his mother lived as slaves to Vargus Halfeye, a slaver and leuitenant in the Outriders of Darkhold, for the next seven years. Vargus inflicted horrible cruelties upon them, mocking their very existence. Yet never enough to kill them. No, he preferred to keep them alive, so as to show his power and dominion over them. So they served as keeper's of Vargus' quarters, cooking his meals, and tending to his daily needs. As the years passed, other slaves came and went, yet never was he nor his mother sold. No, Vargus kept them.

One night, Gavin awoke to Vargus shouting for him, "Boy!!" He hurried into his master's chambers and found a furious Vargus drunk as a skunk. Vargus beat Gavin horribly, then said, "I am done with you! Say goodbye to that b*!&# of a mother!" He ran back to the small quarters he shared with his mother, and hugged and kissed her, crying, not understanding all that was transpiring. She looked at him, blessed him and told him she would always love him, and sent him on his way.

Walking out, he found Vargus standing with a strange looking man, twisting a waxed mustache. "'ello, I am Rodrigo Antinori. You belong to me now Gavin." As they departed, Gavin looked back and saw his mother looking down at him for the last time from their little window...

Rodrigo was nothing like Vargus. Charming, friendly, and kind, he was the leader of a traveling carnival. A band of misfits, monsters, and madmen, the performers traveled the realms making a living for themselves. Their morales regarding personal possessions were... loose, but otherwise they were a friendly lot and worked to protect their own. Among the company Gavin grew into a skilled acrobat and pickpocket. He also developed a knack for doublespeak, and would sometimes act as Master of Ceremonies as sideshows. A talented entertainer even began to teach Gavin a smattering of magic. But through it all, the others were perhaps most fascinated by the immeasurable sense of luck that hung over Gavin.

As their caravan prepared to board a ship out of Westgate, Gavin came across a slave he had formerly been held with working the dock. Despite the years that had passed, the two recognized each other. The slave told Gavin that his mother had died of an illness not long after Gavin was sold off. After that, the excitement the carnival had granted seemed hollow, and reaching land once again, Gavin wanted something more...

So at the age of 23, he said goodbye to his friends in the carnival. They had brought him as far as the Vilhon Reach, to the port city of Samra in Chondath. His feet lead him down the Emerald Corridor to Arrabar. A city of taverns and intrigue, he quickly found work as a cook and barkeep. During his day work, he would also identify marks - the wealthy and powerful, particularly those who were not the nicest of folks. He would make a name for himself, and then, he would make a difference...

Short Term: unite a band of like minded individuals and right wrongs... and perhaps, have a little fun along the way.
Long Term: track down Vargus and end his time on Toril, and then cause endless trouble for the Zhentarim.

Known by PC: known as a rascal, thief, and burglar who is all about money and the score, in truth a majority of his "earnings" he gives to the poor and homeless
Unknown to PC: Gavin's mother is still alive (I will leave the details of this to you...)

Rodrigo Antinori (ally): The leader of the caravan and carnival, Rodrigo is an accomplished entertainer and thief. He was Gavin's mentor and holds a soft spot for the rascal.
Kaern Bjornnson (ally): The resident "strongman" of the carnival, Kaern is a mountain of a man with lycanthrope heritage in his blood. Though Gavin never saw it, the legends say he could turn into a mighty bear!
Lucius Orita (ally): A jeweler and fence located in Arrabar, he has purchased Gavin's ill-gotten gains.
Edmund Silving (enemy): a wealthy Sembian merchant with questionable connections through the he Sea of Fallen Stars, he was publicly embarrassed when Gavin successfully looted Silving's warehouse in Arrabar, calling into question the security his company could offer and costing him several lucrative contracts.
Vargus Halfeye (enemy): the Zhent slaver who captured Gavin and his mother, and killed his father, Vargus is a cruel, brutal man. He stills carries with him the anger from being bested by Rodrigo, and selfishly wants to reclaim Gavin as his lost 'property'.

1 - the first beating he received after Vargus captured them came after he picked up a half-eaten chunk of stale bread off the ground and ate it. He reviles the memory, and hates those who treat others in a similar manner.
2 - The tears of joy streaming from his mother's face as he told her he had been sold to another. She knew they would never see each other again, and that he would no longer suffer under Vargus' evil hand.

Appearance Tall, and more lean than is typical for a halfling, Gavin has shaggy brown hair and lengthy sideburns. He sports a variety of fashions depending on his work, but is most comfortably in a leather longcoat, with a dark vest and grey cotton shirt beneath. He wears a (rather worn) great hat, though will leave it behind when stealth is necessary. He wears a matching short sword and dagger on his hip. Though he hides them well, his body is marked by countless scars from his life as a slave.

Faith Raised by a traditional family, Gavin holds a devotion to Yondalla and her darker half, Dallah Thaun, the deliverer of vengeance for the Hin. Yet beyond that, Gavin's life has perhaps been blessed by Brandobaris and his paramour Tymora. An otherworldly luck seems to bless Gavin, carrying through a myriad of misadventures, and a unique coin, baring the footprint of Brandobaris on one side, and the spinning coin of Tymora on the other, can be found in his vest pocket.

Personality Friendly to all who meet him, with a strong memory and a sharper wit, Gavin is the quintessential companion. Glib, entertaining, and amusing, most new acquaintances enjoy his company and he is remembered fondly even by those whose pockets he unburdens. Like all halflings, Gavin has a taste for simple comforts - a hearty meal, a good pint of ale, a warm hearth, and the company of good folks (not the least of which include a lovely maid or two...). A product of slavery and poverty, Gavin has known hardship greatly, and has a soft spot for those suffering a similar life. Despite being a self-proclaimed loner, Gavin is loyal to a fault and will not leave a fallen comrade behind. He also is quite skilled at assisting others with their goals. His carefree, indulgent demeanor hides a noble streak, and he dreams of standing beside the great heroes and fighting against the darkness that threatens Faerun, yet can't seem to shake his knack of getting into trouble.