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Player Expectations:
Posting Frequency
I tend to both play and run fast games. I'm lucky to be in a place where I seem to be able to post frequently throughout the day. I understand that this isn't the case for all GMs and players. As such, while my capabilities typically exceed this, my expectations are in line with what seems common in the Flaxseed Lodge.
  • I expect PCs to post once a day throughout the week, and once on weekends
  • If your character has nothing to do or say, but hasn't posted today, please post something so that we know you're still with us (this is actually a great opportunity to inject additional roleplay, as you can play out the reason why your character isn't doing anything - got distracted by the glowing mold growths on the wall? Grumbling about not being good with traps while others disarm them? Enthusiastically encouraging the player climbing up to the ledge to get the gem? Let us know! But even an OOC "ready to move on" helps keep the pace up)
    Real-life is a real thing, and it takes precedence over any game that you're playing. But in the same vein, the GM and players have all committed to giving up some portion of real-life to participate in this game, and we should all respect that.
  • I expect PCs to announce planned absences in advance, and to provide botting instructions (see below) in a spoiler or in the Discussion thread at that time
  • I expect that when there are unplanned absences, PCs will communicate about their absence to the best of their ability
  • I highly recommend maintaining a "Bot Me" spoiler to ease unplanned absences

  • Botting:
    Per Jesse Davis, Regional Venture-Coordinator, Online (aka IronHelixx):
    If there are no posted bot practices in writing for your table, you should not bot a PC without the player's permission or direction.

    These are my posted bot practices:

  • I prefer not to bot
  • In general, I will only bot after 24 hours of inactivity (if the table has momentum, I may bot sooner)
  • I am the only one who will bot you; I will not ask players to bot other players
  • I will always defer to your written instructions in a "Bot Me" spoiler if I that's available
  • If you don't have a "Bot Me" spoiler, I will do my best to guess based on your prior gameplay
  • I will aggressively attempt to avoid using my plot knowledge (i.e. your player will likely do something very basic)
  • I will only use scarce/expensive consumable resources if instructed or if it prevents player death (but I'll fire your arrows and use your spells as needed)
  • I reserve the right to have your character take the delay action instead of botting them, especially during long, unannounced absences
  • I prefer not to bot

  • Gameplay Aids:

    Rule of Two Three: In order to facilitate momentum in a PbP game, I will consider party decisions to be made when three PCs agree on a strategy in the Gameplay thread. (Since PFS can leave lasting marks on your PC, I wait for three to agree--instead of two--before pushing, to ensure stronger party consensus.) If you as a party want to specifically make decisions differently, let me know and I'll respect your direction; otherwise, this is a fair and effective approach to avoid the decision-making paralysis that can occur in a PbP environment.

    Doors: Another big PbP hangup is doors. Feel free to hash out and let me know your preferred door strategy, so that I can implement it on your behalf to speed up play in dungeon-crawl type settings. If doors start to slow us down and you haven't specified a strategy, I will likely begin to bot your doors by making reasoned decisions about who checks for traps, removes traps, and enters first, based on party composition and abilities.

    Animal Companion/Mount/Familiar/Eidolon: Please create a separate alias for it, especially if it will act on its own.


    Cover, and similar bonuses that affect NPCs: Cover provides a bonus to armor class. My preference is that you not include bonuses or penalties that modify the opponent's stats (i.e. cover) in your posts. When you post, you should only include bonuses and penalties that modify your action, not the target for success (for example: include the -4 penalty for firing into melee if you don't have Precise Strike, but don't apply a -4 "penalty" to your attack roll because the NPC has cover; I will apply a +4 bonus to AC for cover instead). This principle applies to all bonuses and penalties that affect NPCs. You manage your bonuses and penalties; I'll manage the NPC bonuses and penalties. Do notify me if you feel that your PC should benefit from a bonus like Cover and you don't think I included it.

    Miss chance and other percentages: Miss chance is always low. 20% miss chance = 01-20 misses; 50% miss chance = 01-50 misses. This rule overrules whatever you might otherwise specify in your post. (For example, you can't post "Miss 50% (low is good)" and hit on 01-50; you will miss if the roll is low.) This principle applies to all percentage rolls; percent chances always count up from 01.

    Initiative & Pets: Animal Companions/Mounts/Familiars/Eidolons will have their own Initiative results, unless the PC is mounted on the creature. They can act independently or you can opt to have you and your companion act at the same time on the lower of the two Initiative results. The one with the higher result will be considered delayed, but not flat-footed. (If mounted, the mount acts on the PC's initiative.)

    Knowledge Checks You may request one category of info for every 5 by which you beat the listed DC

  • CR - CR; HD; class levels
  • Alignment - alignment (if the monster type has a standard alignment, else "varies"); type, subtype(s)
  • Senses - low-light vision, darkvision, etc.
  • AC - AC (including which of touch/flat-footed is worse); CMD
  • Saves - ranked in order without specific bonuses; types of situational modifiers
  • Immunities/Resistances - spell resistance; energy resistance; damage reduction
  • Special Defenses - evasion, fast healing, etc.
  • Weaknesses - weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Speed - all movement rates with maneuverability
  • Attacks - BAB; CMB; melee attack types; ranged attack types; primary/secondary natural attacks
  • Special Attacks - grab, pounce, etc.
  • Spells - spell-casting levels; arcane/divine; spell-like abilities
  • Statistics - ability scores in order from high to low
  • Feats - all feats
  • Skills - which skills are trained and which have a racial modifier (no vaues)
  • Languages - written, spoken, and understood
  • Special Abilities - change shape, water breathing, etc.