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Welcome to the game! This space is for OOC discussion and planning.

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The Academy Arcane, the most prestigious magic school of the continent, has opened its doors to you. It's famously built on top of a logic-defying, mind-boggling, ever-growing dungeon filled with books: some common, some rare, some nonsensical, most referencing creatures unknown to our world or history that never happened.

The Academy was built on top of the Library with the double intent of allowing researchers to investigate the structure and students to take advantage of the unique atmosphere and facilities.

You have been shown the main campus areas, assigned a spot in the dormitories and painstakingly registered into the Academy's books. Now you find yourself, together with little more than a dozen new freshmen, in a classroom: your welcome speech will soon be delivered by the Dean during the first lesson of the term, marked on your timetable simply as "Research".

The lesson will begin once enough people are in. I'm adding a link to your timetable in the short description.

Hello everyone! I want to run this small, fun, lighthearted module as a PbP, but I can't seem to decide whether to use Pathfinder or D&D 5th Edition (which the module was originally written for). So, for the moment I'd like to have this thread be an interest check to see what system to use.

The module itself is set in a magical academy (heavily inspired by Harry Potter and, I'd say, the Kingkiller Chronicles) and made for level 1 spellcasters. This would mean that in Pathfinder, I'd accept classes with 6-level or 9-level casting, and in D&D I'd accept those who have spellcasting at level 1 (as well as Warlocks and Artificers).

To reiterate, you will not level up during the adventure. This means that you will be heavily limited by your spells per day, cantrips will be important and the local cat shelter has the potential to be a TPK. However, the module itself is very light on combat: a quick mind and a quick tongue will be more important than the cosmic power of color spray.

About me:
I've been on these boards for two years and a half, I think, and I've been playing for the last 10 years or so. I don't claim to be the best GM ever, but I feel like I do a decent job, I try to give every player a chance to shine and I've never disappeared without a warning yet. I don't stress out too much about posting rate, as I'm quite busy myself and I can miss the odd day.

If you are interested in playing the freshman student at the most interesting school of magic around, the Academy Arcane, drop me a line, a concept, a limerick, a joke or anything that strikes my fancy, and choose which system you'd prefer ("either" is very acceptable if you have no net preference). And remember: illness, injury and death are not excuses for failing your assignment.

Some time ago, I set up a game set during World War 2, specifically in the Laundryverse (although I took some liberties with the setting). If you know the great book series by Charles Stross, you now what I mean. If not, the basic premise is that magic is an advanced form of mathematics, using algorithms as spells and geometry curves as summoning diagrams to invoke horrific, Cthulhu-like creatures.
A combination of bad luck, the Great Paizo Bug Season, personal problems and my own shortcomings brought the game to haemorrage players until we are left with two. So, here's my re-recruitment. I'm not sure how many characters I'll be picking, it will depend on the number and quality of submissions.

The playing characters are agents of an Allies team of occult agencies (codenamed REVERSE CHARLEMAGNE), and bound to secrecy to avoid breaking the Masquerade. The game itself is organized in different missions, and you have the chance to create entirely different characters between one mission and the next one. Currently, the party is carrying out the assassination of the Nazi senior officer Reinhardt Heydrich, and they just acquired one legendary Golem.

The original recruitment rules can be found at this post, the first post in the recruitment and the Campaign Info tab, with the following differences:
- The level is 7 instead of 6.
- You have access to two kinds of special bullets: unstable silver, more powerful against the undead, and banishing iron, more powerful against summoned creatures and demons (they act as bane, inflicting 2d6 extra damage). However, they deal reduced damage against humans.
- Most importantly: the current mission is set in Prague, behind enemy lines, so I'd like you to make a character who can reasonably be there: a refugee of some sort, a resistance fighter, someone fleeing from the SS, perhaps a spy infiltrated in the government. We can work together at finding a reasonable motive for you to be there.

I try to keep a healthy amount of non-combat challenges, so be sure that your character has out-of-combat utility, as well as in-combat utility, as tactics and reactivity will be required more than sheer damage output.

I'd set a soft deadline (no new applications accepted) for December 7th, and a hard one for the 11th. And of course I'm here for any question you may have.

Hello everyone, I'm looking for two players to place in my Harrowing game. It's a lovely, fun module filled with all kinds of wacky characters and situations. This particular game features a restrictions, in that only archetypes that relate to the Harrow are allowed.
The two current characters are a Sczarni Swindler Rogue and a Cartomancer Witch, but don't fret about party balance: having a fun, creative character is the most important part.
You will begin playing captured by a weird planar traveler known as the Nightpeddler, enslaved and transported to an outpost in the desert.

Level: 8
Races: Core, Featured and Uncommon up to 17 RP
Classes: Suit Seeker Inquisitor, Card Caster Magus, Cartomancer Witch, Story Summoner (uses the unchained spell list), Harrow Bloodline Sorcerer, Harrowed Society Student Arcanist, and Sczarni Swindler Rogue. Additional archetypes can be homebrewed and houseruled if you'd like (I cobbled together a variation on the Varisian Pilgrim Cleric, for instance).
Harrow Warden Monk and Order of the Hammer Cavalier are Harrow-themed regarding lore, not gameplay, so not allowed.
Abilities: 20 pt buy, none over 18 or under 8 before racial modifiers.
Alignment: All and any, with some caveats. Lawful characters should know that the module takes place far from organized society and that the Harrow deck is bound to the powers of luck and randomness. Be mindful of this. Evil characters WILL be allowed, but take note: should you harm the party, murdering you in retaliation would not only be allowed, it would be thematically appropriate for the scenario. If you want to be evil, keep it tasteful. All in all, play alignments responsibly.
Traits: Two, and flavorwise appropriate.
Additional Rules: VMC is allowed, Automatic Bonus Progression and Background Skills are in effect.

Bonus Abilities
Your character is an expert harrower. You all get these abilities for free:
- Deck Connection: You starts the game with a masterwork harrow deck, which works as the wizard's arcane bond item (or the equivalent Arcane Bloodline feature if you are a spontaneous caster, Arcanists use the wizard-like rule). Any number of times per day, you can spend 10 minutes to attune with your deck. Doing so replenishes any card that has been destroyed. In case the whole deck has been destroyed, this attunement requires 8 hours and 200 gp per character level and generates a new masterwork harrow deck, without any magic enhancements that may have been placed on it. In case you are not a spellcaster, the deck allows you to prepare and cast a single 1st-level spell from the wizard/sorcerer or witch spell list once per day. The save DC of that spell is based on your highest mental score.
- Expert Harrower: You gain Harrowed as a bonus feat.
- Heart of the Cards: Choose one: you can use Harrow Casting as per the Harrower prestige class a number of day equal to half your character level, with access to all of the six Tower abilities, you can cast a greater harrowing spell as a spell-like ability once per day, or you gain access to the Card Sharp, Papercraft Tools and Harrow Strike rogue talents.

Posting Expectations: I'm going to take a page from Painlord and say "I'm going to hold you to the same standard as I hold myself: I expect you to post as often as is needed, adjusting to the pace of the group, as set by me. I plan to post at least once per day. When you do post, I expect you to push the action/story/RP or leave/pick up RP hooks. If our pacing changes to the point of negatively impacting your ability to keep up, I hope and expect that you will talk to me earlier rather than later. I promise to do the same if our positions are reversed." I admit I'm not the most punctual GM, but I am consistent and I won't abandon the game. If you have to leave or be away from the boards for a while, please warn beforehand.

I want to make a fun game. If you want to play a race for its flavor but the racial modifiers are all wrong (I don't mean suboptimal, I'm talking dwarf sorcerer wrong), or if you would like to take an archetype that would not be compatible with the harrowed one for just one feature(like Spirit Summoner and Story Summoner), ask away! I don't guarantee that I'll agree to everything, but I'll do my best to keep an open mind.

What to submit:
- Crunch. There will be time to collaboratively tweak your builds, but I want the complete character. You don't need to make an alias right away but keep fluff and crunch together.
- A backstory. There won't be a connection to the backstory during the module, so you can keep it short, but I'd like a paragraph on what made you go adventuring and another on what you did during your first levels.
- A description of your personality, with a couple of quirks. Tell me if your character dislikes boiled vegetables, has a secret love for romantic literature and an irrational fear of chickens, stuff like this.
- A roleplaying sample. Tell me a scene from your past, or how you found yourself captured, anything you like. Does not need to be extra-long.

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Welcome and congratulations for getting in! I'll try to put up a first post tomorrow. Dot and delete the gameplay thread so that it shows in your campaign page, and remember to fill your stat bar if you haven't already.

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Where things happen. Dot and delete so that you get this campaign in your main page.

A while ago, I ran a recruitment for a child-themed adventure, that would then turn into Rise of the Runelords. As it turns out, the module I waned to use as a prologue was a lot harder than expected to adapt to Sandpoint, the game went sleepy and people disappeared. BUT! I still like the idea, so I'll look for FOUR more perky children to face the dangers of the Runelords.

At least for the first levels, I'd like to keep an atmosphere of wonder, fascination and exploration: Golarion is a beautiful world and adventuring is fun, so it will be a bit more light-hearted than written: and even if there are bad things, darkness will not overcome the light in our hearts.

The current lineup has a Slayer and a Shaman, so you can go wild with the characters you want. And I don't much care for party balance. Rules are underwards.

I'll set a soft deadline for applications (no new applications after that point on January 16, and a hard one for January 20. It should be enough time.

Character Creation:
Race: Any Core, Featured, Kitsune, Samsarans, Suli, Changelings, Grippli, Vanara. If you want to reflavour a race, or try your hand at the Race Builder, drop me a message, but keep it believable and flavor over all, let's not make a full-Moogles party (though it could be an idea).
Starting Age: In human terms, between 8 and 14. Read below for details on other races.
Rule Override: Age: Curse the long-lived races and their slow growth, throwing everything out of sync. Let's just handwave and have them age at the same speed as humans. Even if young, you are still your natural size (this is a change from the previous set of rules).

Point Buy: 12 pts. You'll get some extra advancement as you grow up, though. You can dump abilities if you want, but if you do, I'll take advantage of it.

Classes: Any Paizo, Spheres of Power. Spheres of Might will be available after you get level 1, since I wouldn't know how to balance it for low-level play.
Rule Override: Apprenticeship: Of course, you are just training as adventurers, you are not yet. Here are some rules for "level 0.1".
- Class Skills only give a +1 bonus.
- Starting HP are half your HD + Con score.
- Classes with high or medium BAB only have a +0 BAB. Classes with low BAB have a -1 BAB.
- Classes with medium or low BAB are proficient with two simple weapons. Classes with high BAB are proficient with simple weapons and one martial weapon. Unchained Monks are only proficient with their unarmed strikes. Magi are proficient with one martial weapon.
- Casting classes have a Caster Level of 0 for all numerical purposes. They are, however, still considered casters.
- As an integration to the above, spells with a duration of X/level last half as long (minimum 1 round).
- Non-Sphere Casting classes can cast one less Level 1 spell per day. If it would bring the total to 0, they can only cast the bonus spells for having a high casting ability score.
- Spherecasting classes have 2 spell points less than normal. This can't bring the total below zero. They also only gain one bonus magic talent instead of the two usually awarded for the first time a character gains the casting ability.
- Animal Companions, Eidolons, Ghost companions and similar buddies get the Young template.

Feats: You will get a bonus feat at level 1, chosen between Power Attack, Weapon Finesse, Deadly Aim, Point Blank Shot, Combat Casting and Combat Expertise. You do not need to meet the requirements. Plan accordingly.
Reminder: you don't have it right now.

Traits: One trait. No need to choose one from the RotRL player's guide, I think those traits are horrid. Once you get to level 1, I'll give you another trait, customized to how you played your childhood.

Additional Rules: We'll be using the Background Skills system.

Mishaps: Every time you fail an attack, a skill check or some other d20 roll by 5 or more, I reserve the right to add extra effects. Setting your hair on fire while casting spark, disarming yourself with a clunky attack, getting your finger caught in a lock, this sort of things.

Starting Gold: 10 gp.
Items: You can buy old hands-me down weapons and armors at half price. Old weapons deal damage as if they were one size smaller, old armor has its ACP increased by 2.

Background: Just answer these few questions in character.
- How would you describe yourself in a single sentence?
- How did you end up in Sandpoint? Born here, moved here...?
- Who do you live with? Family, foster parents, siblings...?
- What do you want to do when you grow up?
- Who is your best friend?
(hint hint, you may do joint backgrounds...)
- What is your favorite scary tale?
- Who is the most awesome person ever, and why is she Shalelu Andosana?

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1d20 ⇒ 5

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Welcome everyone, congrats for getting in! You can dot and delete in the gameplay thread, to get notifications up and running, and you can meet and greet here. If you want to braid backgrounds further, go ahead. Also I'll take a closer look at your sheets for crunch.

I did fumble my Wisdom check and started this game while things are pretty intense at my university, so I apologise in advance: I'll start the game in a couple of days and there may be times where I disappear for a day or two. But I'll come back (and a poke in the Discussion thread will likely bring me back faster).

Now, as I mentioned, we won't start RotRL right away. I'll start with the nice Cat and Mouse 3PP module, unless you are somewhat opposed to it (you can have played it, as long as you keep player and character knowledge separated).

One last important thing: would you rather have this game start before or after the Late Unpleasantness?
Before would mean that you would be just a bit younger than Ameiko Kajitsu, Leandro Mvashti and several other well-known Sandpointers. And the Unpleasantness will be playable (which may also change things further in the story...).
After would mean that Ameiko and company will be noticeably older than you. It will also require me to tweak a few dates so that things remain consistent.

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Where things happen. Dot and delete so that you get this campaign in your main page.

Soooo, I was perusing the Paizo store and happened upon this lovely, child-themed adventure. Since I'm already running a game starring old people, it only seems appropriate to make one filled with children, perhaps trying to make it slightly darker.

But it wouldn't be a GM Sappy's game without some weird, thematic house rules, would it? Therefore, I think it'll be appropriate to make this a...
ridiculously low power game.
Stay with me, please. I know, you've all made countless level 1 characters to attend Petros Lorrimor's funeral, protect the Swallowtail Festival or reclaim the Stolen Lands. Often, first levels feel like a slog until your build really comes online and you start doing your nice tricks. I get it.

What I'm offering is a different perspective, having you start from, basically, level 0. Your characters wouldn't be adventurers, they'd be kids who dream, one day, to become adventurers. Did you read those Dragonlance books on Raistlin and Caramon Majere's childhood? Something like that, perhaps without wizardly crankiness and moon gods shenanigans. You'll get to roleplay the moment that those kids who were fighting with wooden swords have to face their first real challenges, standing bravely in the face of danger. I don't know about you, but I believe that this could be the cutest things since bunnies.

Your characters would begin play with a low point-buy stat distribution and a tuned-down version of class abilities. This will require some balancing on my part, but I believe I can do it. For example, a cleric would only have domain power, reduced spellcasting and no channel energy (NOTE: just off the top of my head, likely not how it'll actually be). A wizard will be learning his cantrips and have no familiar yet. Weapons and armor will likewise be lower-powered: not many people would trust a 12-years old with a sword (perhaps an apprentice blacksmith might get one via a trait, though) so you'd have to make do with what you can find around: kitchen knives, fire pokers, quarterstaves and slings. As for protection, you may be able to sneak into the attic and grab Grandpa's old leather jerkin, but good luck getting a breastplate for yourself.

Then, sooner or later, you'll level up. You'll get all those first-level goodies and they will feel lovely because you earned them. Those little rewards will feel so much better. And even as you gain a few more levels, I'm betting you'll keep that beautiful feeling of adventure and discovery.

An additional note, although the idea came from that adventure, it will not necessarily be the one run for this game. There are several scenarios and APs that could work well with this idea.

So, who's with me?

Do you know Nomic? It's a game where players can vote to change the rules of the game, slowly turning the game into another.

I've had this weird idea of mixing Nomic with an RPG. There would be two initial sets of rules, a set of game rules and a set of "meta" rules, and we'd run parallel games on the Gameplay and Discussion threads:
- In the Gameplay thread, characters would act according to the game rules.
- In the Discussion thread, player would discuss changes to the rules, and vote weekly.
Of course, this would be the initial situation, then everything would likely change quickly.

"Wait, I didn't understand. How would these rule work?"
Let's make a simple example:

Game rules:

#1) Characters can be Humans, Elves or Dwarves.
#2) Characters can be Fighters, Mages or Rogues.
#3) The World is made of:
#3a) - the Quiet Village Inn.
#3b) - the Quiet Village Shop.
#3c) - the Dark Mysterious Forest.
Meta Rules:

#1) Characters post in the Gameplay Thread.
#2) Players post in the Discussion Thread.
#3) Every Player has one and only one Character.
#4) From Monday to Sunday, each Player can make a Proposal, and no more than one.
#5) A Proposal can be one of the following:
#5a) - Enacting, amending or repealing a Game Rule.
#5b) - Enacting, amending or repealing a Meta Rule.
#6) From Monday to Sunday, players can vote on Proposals. Each player may vote Yea or Nay to each submitted Proposal.
#7) Votes can't be changed.
#8) On Monday, Proposals which have more Yea than Nay are enacted and immediately effective.
#9) Proposals with the same number of Yea and Nay are repealed.

"So, how would the game work? I'm lost with these rules."
Sample game:

Andrew and Alice are Players whose Characters are Muruk Burnblade, a Dwarf Fighter, and Ellie Greenwood, an Elf Mage. The Gameplay Thread may look like:
Muruk Burnblade - Muruk takes his axe and heads towards the Dark Mysterious Forest, looking for foes to test his mettle.
Ellie Greenwood - Ellie enters the Shop. "Hello, Shopkeeper, I'd like to buy a sword."

But the Discussion Thread would be like:
Andrew - We'll need a combat system for this game! Let's make it a bit like Pathfinder. My Proposal for the week is to add the following Game Rule: "4) Characters have six abilities: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma."
Alice - I'd like to go for something like the Cypher System, so I'll vote Nay to Andrew's Proposal. But I think we'll need to change rules at a faster place, so my Proposal is to amend Meta Rule #4 to: "From Monday to Sunday, each Player can make up to three Proposals."
Andrew - Sounds alright. I vote Yea to Alice's Proposal.

And of course, everything might change while we play the game. Will it become fantasy? Hard sci-fi? Will it fuse with Chess? Add special charges? Anything can happen in Nomic.

"Why go to all these length? Why not just set up another Rise of the Runelords game?"
Oh, come on!

So, are you up for the most changing, unusual game ever invented? Take Rule Lawyering to the next step, and become Rule Lawmakers?

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It began with a memo from your supervisor, it continued with a rapid upgrade of your clearance, another binding drop of blood just to participate in the briefing. And now you are sitting in a small underground room nominally assigned to the Special Operations Executive. Of course, the whole building isactually property of the Capital Laundry Services, housing the Department of Occult Countermeasures, but that information is classified so deep that even the clearance levels are classified.

Five special agents from three different organization are sitting on wooden office chair, in front of two old men, as different as they may be. Laundry Detached Special Secretary James Angleton looks like an old, balding, gentlemanly British professor with parchment-like skin and vivid blue eyes, while Black Chamber Lieutenant General Harold Fredricksen is a tall, large, burly man with a body honed by a life of fighting and exercise, cropped white hair framing a tough, hardened face.
As Angleton sits with an indecipherable expression on his face, Fredricksen rises and heads to a map of the British Isles that's hanging on the wall.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. You have already been briefed about REVERSE CHARLEMAGNE, so we'll skip that part. And you already know that you have been selected, should you accept the assignment, for the RUTHLESS WIDOW project, a task force aimed at countering the Ahnenerbe-SS operations in the war. I understand that several of you have already been deployed for such operations, now you will act together against this common menace."

"You have a last chance to get out of it. This project will handle extremely difficult operations, most of which will likely be on enemy territory. The Nazis have thrown an incredible amount of money at their magic death squads, and their mastery of necromancy is unparalleled. But from your dossiers, I don't expect that you will."

"Remember, however, that no matter what your grudge may be against the Nazis, you will be a covert group. You will be surgical, you will be discreet and you will be efficient, especially when acting behind enemy lines. You will be alone. You won't have much in terms of support from us, except for those missions bringing you close to our forces, so you will have to go in quiet."

"Now, unless you want to get out of the project, please state your name and your decision to accept RUTHLESS WIDOW duties and responsibilities, so that Doctor Angleton may bind you to service and clear you for HIDDEN HARPIST. And may God be with you."

Back from holidays! Business should resume shortly.

Hello there, congratulations on getting in! The campaign proper will start either tomorrow or Monday, you can use this time to tweak builds, backstories, plan for any eventuality and get to know each other!

A few things on my playstyle:
- I generally use Rednal's modified group initiative. After rolling initiative, those who scored higher than the monsters' average can go, then it's monster time, then we go with group initiative.
- I roll many things that happen outside of your action. Initiative, Perception checks when you need one, even most saving throws.
- I try to be as active as possible but I have a hard semester in front of me, so some days may pass without posts on my part.
- And of course, you can write me for anything.

I've thought about it. How about Draining Casting doesn't apply when you use actions that don't consume spell points and you aren't in immediate danger (sort of like taking 10)? It seems balanced and logical to me.

About the refluffing, a stiletto sounds good. In alternative, it could be a larger bayonet or a Langesmesser, a German medieval knife almost as long as a sword.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to yet another weird game by GM Sappy! I should say, I'm not sure how long this check/recruitment will last, but I'll give notice.

Unlike my previous games, which are following modules, this one will be modified Pathfinder homebrew, consisting in a series of missions for special agents during World War 2 Europe. We'll start with a couple of missions, then kick a plot into gear.

Just in case, here's a small content warning. I'm not one to revel in gory details and disquieting descriptions of body horror, but this is WWII. There may be human sacrifices, war atrocities, racism, and generally ugly things. Players may die or be permanently crippled. If you are easily impressed, I'd advise against this game. I don't believe I'm violating any Paizo guideline by having Nazis as the bad guys, and I'd like to reiterate that I don't endorse hate or violence of any kind.

Aaaand now for the game rules. This is starting as an interest check, but you are welcome to post your character ideas and backgrounds, if you so feel inspired. Legal sources are Paizo, Spheres of Power, Spheres of Might (if a more complete playtest comes out, we'll use that, for now it's the preview), Ascension Games' Path of Iron and Path of Shadows, Dreamscarred Press' Psionics. Other stuff might be approved. No Path of War.
I'll also have to bring up some rules for firearms, what I'm thinking is using two ACs, one for standard weapons and one for firearms: you'll face monsters, so good balance will be important, and it's likely that you'd have some experimental flak vests or whatsit. Another possibility is having some armor granting Damage Reduction against firearms.

About the world:
I'm stealing many things from Charles Stross' exceptional Laundry Files books, except for the paperwork and the Cthulhu flavor. The basic gist is that magic is a rare and dangerous scientific phenomenon, somehow connected with advanced mathematics. There are government agencies that deal secretly with supernatural menaces, keeping their personal bound to secrecy with strong geases. For the rest, it's our world.

About magic:
There won't be divine magic in this game. Cure spells are added to the sorcerer/wizard and psychic spell list; paladins and rangers can use the Spell-less Ranger, the Skirmisher, or other archetypes that remove spellcasting. As said above, magic is a sort of advanced mathematics. Lethal Applications of Algebra is a legitimate research field, and you may even be a Combat Philosopher. The scholarly casters are likely to have stumbled upon magic while doing theoretical research, but that does not exclude "wilders" like Sorcerers. Generally, magic is seen as weird and scary even by those who practice it, not much an empowering tool but a primed bomb that you hope will only blow up against the enemy.

About the Laundry, the Black Chamber and the Разведка(Razvedka):
The Laundry is the United Kingdom (and Ireland's) magic enforcement government agency, not directly tied to any other agency. It has R&D divisions, intel, support and an active team of field agents. These include both casters and military (usually SAS) personnel, to deal with extreme prejudice against menaces.

The Black Chamber is its USA analogue, but it's a transversal organization working with (highly cleared) personnel from the OSS (today CIA), the FBI and the Armed Forces Security Agency (today NSA). They have a somewhat loose moral compass; while the Laundry deals with threats to the British Isles, the Black Chamber also uses magic for spying and counterintelligence.

The Razvedka is a branch of the NVKD (today KGB). They go beyond the Black Chamber's ways, adapting magic to indoctrination, search and reformation of dissidents, even assassination. They are ruthless, but they're also using this ruthlessness to great effect in the war against Germany.
Small note on playing a Soviet Union agent: Stalin was bad, I'm pretty sure we can all agree on that. You can play a Soviet agent, either a supporter of the dictatorship, a bitter critic or somewhere in the between, but let's keep it in the roleplay.

About your role:
You'd play as an agent for the Allied Forces, going against the Axis. The game would likely start in 1942, so that both the USA and the Soviet Union are involved in the war. The Nazis have their own magic agency, the Ahnenerbe-SS. You would act against them in accordance with Allied forces. The timeline of the war should proceed as it did, unless your actions change the world.

Human only. This is our world after all. There may be a spot or two for planetouched passing for humans, but I'd require a good background explanation.


These are basically Campaign Traits, linked to your background.

Black Chamber Operative: You have been trained in the Black Chamber's enhanced interrogation techniques. Once per day, you can cast detect thoughts as a spell-like ability. This only works on a single target, who is aware of it, and is painful for them. DC for Will Save is 10 + 1/2 character level + your Cha modifier.

Independent Contractor: You avoided government recruitment. Perhaps you were a mercenary, perhaps you came from a country without such an agency, perhaps you are a freedom fighter. One way or another, you've had to learn your way into the world. You gain a +1 bonus to two Knowledge skills of your choice, and one becomes a class skill for you. If all Knowledge skills are already class skills to you, increase one bonus (your choice) to 2. Once per day, you can reroll a Knowledge check.

Laundry Operative: The Laundry has the widest archive on magic in the world, and you picked some things up. Choose a cantrip (except those on the cleric and druid spell list). You can cast that cantrip at will. If it allows a save, the DC is 10 + 1/2 character level + your highest mental skill modifier.

Razvedka Operative: Stealth and secrecy are vital to survive in the cutthroat environment of the NKVD. You get a +1 bonus to Stealth and Bluff, and one of these (your choice) is a class skill for you. If both are already class skills for you, increase one bonus (your choice) to 2. You also have an additional language point.

Special Forces Agent: The militarization also means that many highly skilled soldiers are drafted into Magical Enforcement. You are among them, and if you ever though that you were trained for everything, well, you just found out that you were wrong. You gain Quick Draw as a bonus feat.

Background Skills will be in effect, but changed somewhat, as follows.

Knowledge(arcana): This will be used for all monster identifications. Don't expect to learn too many details about a monster, you'll get the gist of it.

Knowledge(dungeoneering, religion): These two become Background Skills.

Knowledge(engineering, geography): These two are NOT Background Skills.

Linguistics: This is NOT a background skill. Languages have three levels: School Level, which means that you can understand if it's spoken slowly and can make others understand you, Proficient Level, which means that you can understand almost everything, but still have an accent, and Native Level, which means that people won't recognize you as a foreigner. You start with your mothertongue at Native Level, each rank in Linguistics or bonus point of Intelligence gives you a language point, which can be used to learn a new language at School Level or to improve your proficiency one step (School to Proficient, Proficient to Native).
Therefore, a British character with 16 Int and 3 ranks in Linguistics would have 6 points, so for example he could know: Native Level English (free), Native Level German (3 points), Proficient Level French (2 points) and School Level Italian (1 point).
Spells like tongues can only get you to Proficient Level.

And finally, for background: I'm not requiring a deep, meaningful backstory with plot hooks and opportunities for character development, especially since you may meet a sudden and tragic end. Give an inkling of your character's life before the war, an idea on how they got into Magical Enforcement and a personality sketch. I may ask you for writing samples if I'm conflicted.

Liberty's Edge

So, Starfinder is coming out next August and Paizo is keeping the hype up, what with the last Humble Bundle and all.

So, what better moment to start your very own Iron Gods campaign? Especially when an impressively large recruitment just ended?
There is a wide choice of characters all ready to go explore Numeria for fun and profit, and you, yes, you, GM looking for an excuse to play it, all you have to do is just pick your team, or teams!

Do you have what it takes to mix swords and magic and lasers (oh my!) into running one of the most loved APs ever?

I'll start by pasting here the character I made, an Android who didn't know to be one.

Alsande Roh, Android Blood Arcanist(Nanite Bloodline):

Alsande Roh
Age "24" Height 5ft. 6in. Weight 130 lbs.
Male Android Arcanist(Blood Arcanist(Nanite)) 1

LN Medium humanoid/construct
Init +7; Senses Perception +4, Sense Motive -3, low-light vision, darkvision 60 ft.


AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 10 (+3 Dex)
HP 8
Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +3
. . +4 against mind-affecting, paralysis, poison, stun, immunity to fatigue, exhaustion, disease, sleep, fear, emotion and morale bonuses

Speed 30 ft.
- Dagger -1 [Piercing or Slashing] 1d4-1, 19-20/x2
- Melee Touch Attack -1
- Dagger +3 [Piercing] 1d4-1, 19-20/x2
- Light Crossbow +3 [Piercing] 1d6, 19-20/x2
- Ranged Touch Attack +3

Str 8, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 12
Favorite Class Bonus +1 skill point
Feats Improved Initiative
- Pragmatic Activator (Int to UMD instead of Cha)
- Local Ties (+1 Disable Device, it's a class skill, apply Technologist to it)
Racial Traits
- Constructed (saves bonuses and immunities)
- Emotionless (-4 to Sense Motive)
- Nanite Surge (1/day as an immediate action, get 3+character level on a d20 roll)
Skill Points 7/level
- Craft(mechanical) +8 (1 rank, +4 Int, +3 class)
- Disable Device +8 (1 rank, +3 Dex, +3 class, +1 trait)
- Knowledge(arcana) +8 (1 rank, +4 Int, +3 class)
- Knowledge(engineering) +8 (1 rank, +4 Int, +3 class)
- Knowledge(local) +8 (1 rank, +4 Int, +3 class)
- Perception +4 (1 rank, +1 Wis, +2 racial)
- Spellcraft +8 (1 rank, +4 Int, +3 class)
- Use Magic Device +8 (1 rank, +4 Int, +3 class)
Background Skills
- Appraise +8 (1 rank, +4 Int, +3 class)
- Linguistics +8 (1 rank, +4 Int, +3 class) [Androffan]
Languages Common, Hallit, Gnomish, Elven, Dwarven, Androffan
Magic Items --
Mundane Items
Encumbrance /26-53-80 lbs. (light load)
Money 70gp
Class features

Arcane Reservoir 4 points, 3 each morning. Spend one to increase spell DC or CL by 1.
Consume Spells 1/day move action to expend a slot and add level to reservoir
Bloodline Arcana Transmutation school affecting only me last 50% longer
Bloodline Power (1st level) 2/day add nanite poison to melee weapon (injury, DC 12, 1/round for 6 rounds, 1 Str)
Arcanist Spellbook
- Level 0
-- All of them
- Level 1
-- Color Spray
-- Disguise Self
-- Grease
-- Mage Armor
-- Shield
-- True Strike
-- Vanish
Spells Prepared (0/1) 4/2
- Level 0
-- Dancing Lights
-- Detect Magic
-- Mage Hand
-- Mending
- Level 1
-- Color Spray
-- Mage Armor
Spells per Day (0/1) infinite/3

Spell DC 14+level



In hindsight, that Alsande had no memories before his 18 years should have been a clue. That he had an uncanny knack for working with all kinds of gizmos and trinkets could have been another. But when a man named Khonnir Baine shelters you, teaching the tools of his trade and spinning you the tragic tale of how you were the only survivor of a devastating caravan attack, you don't start wondering whether you're actually an android in disguise. Especially if you really are an android, as they are notoriously prone to misunderstanding emotions.

For about six years, Alsande lived in Khonnir's house, working in his lab. He was extremely skilled with magic, assisting Khonnir in the creation of many an item and the repairing of many a trinket. He was frail and awkward around people; his only true friend was Baine's daughter, Val, but he didn't matter. He had a passion for the craft, as if craftsmanship was flowing in his veins. And indeed it was.

A week Khonnir went missing, a woprried Alsande noticed something weird going on with his appearance, as if a disguising spell was fading. His dark hair was turning silk-white, his skin was taking an ashen coloration, and even his eyes seemed to be bleaching. But, most unnervingly, circuit tattoos were emerging on his skin. Circuit patterns that Alsande knew very well. The mark of an android. Val was as shocked as he was by this sudden transformation but her reaction should be written once I know her personality.

Set on finding out the truth about his origins, and why Khonnir had hidden the truth, there was only one decision he could take. He grabbed his spellbook, some gear, and set off to finding him.

Why did Khonnir magically disguise Alsande? Why didn't he tell him the truth? Where did he come from? A few plot hooks.



Alsande used to look like a normal human, with black hair and brown eyes, but that was before the magic hiding his real nature wore off. Now he's weirldy colorless, his hair, eyes and skin all in the same shade of pearl-grayish white. He's of medium height and feeble corporature, and he usually dresses in an artificer's outfit, with a cotton shirt (recently dyed a bright blue to provide the color his carnation is missing) and leather breeches (dyed a deep red).



Alsande used to be an awkward, introverted, geekish kid. This hasn't changed much, except that, of lately, he has decidedly freaked out. The discovery of his nature has made him restless, anxious and worried, a bad match for the android's innate lack of social capabilities. He's the tipe of guy who could speak for a couple hours about something he found interesting (usually related to magic, engineering or craftworks), without thinking whether his interlocutor is understanding even a single word. He could, as well, unwillingly offend people with a remark that he thought to be innocent.

As for alignment, I wrote him LN to represent both his dedication to magic and crafts and the fact that he hasn't yet been faced with any significant moral decision.

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Gameplay thread: dot to get updates. Remember that you can dot and delete.

Back from holidays! Business should resume shortly.

Discussion Thread! OOC, planning, strategy, the like.

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Gentlemen, gentlewomen and Elves, welcome to another of my weird games! This time, involving an implausible set of venerable heroes, who had their glory days a long time ago and are now forced to come out of retirement.
This is your chance to play the old codger who's yelling at the housekeeper for no sensible reason, grumbling at the young kids, or maybe the kind, wizened old paladin, or a wizard with a long, white beard and foggy eyes. Who said that world-saving belongs to those young guys? Let old age shine!

What to play? I'm not sure yet. Tomb of the Iron Medusa, Witchwar Legacy and The Moonscar are all in the right level range, and so is the last book of Curse of the Crimson Throne. Otherwise, I really like Doom Comes to Dustpawn, and I think I could rework it to fit the levels. Those chosen will get to decide, and it's possible that we may play more than one module.

There are two spots already filled, so I'll be choosing three or four characters to play. Also, I'm picking without any regards for party balance, because it's more fun that way. Choose something you want to play.

So, here are the character creation rules: the basics.

Crunchy bits:

Abilities: 16, 14, 14, 12, 10, 10 array.
Race: Core, Featured, and Uncommon, but keep it plausible. Svirfneblins will be nerfed a bit if you want to play one, Drow Nobles will be laughed at, and generally expect people to look at you in a weird way if you play something weird. Kobolds will have some buffs if you want to play one. Basically, choose what you want and we'll worry about mechanics later.
Class: Any Paizo. Guns are emerging. Summoners must use the unchained spell list, unchained rogues can ask to take talents that are chained-only, monks and barbarians can choose.
Archetypes: If you would like to stack two archetypes that are unstackable just for that tiny little detail, or to use an unchained class but with an archetype that would not be valid (looking at you, Zen Archer) ask. I may allow it.
3rd Party: Spheres of Power is allowed. So is Ethermagic. If at least five people show interest in them, Psionics and Path of War can be allowed. Other content might be allowed on a case-by-case basis. No godlings.
My Golden Rule: If you like an idea, but it's bad in gameplay terms (see Dwarf Paladin or Kobold whatever), ask away. I might help. Or just go for it, what's a -2 when you have -6 age penalties? Jeez.

Starting Level: 15. This means that you have 3 ability increases beyond starters.
Starting Wealth: 120,000 gp. I use Automatic Bonus progression, boosting it a bit. Attunement bonuses and weapon special qualities stack instead of eating into each other. No pre-game crafting.

Traits: Two, no drawbacks.
Skills: Background Skills are in effect. A Bard or Skald must have at least half of their Perform skills as non-background skills.
Feats: Everyone gets one bonus feat. "Improved" and "Greater" versions of feats are free once prerequisites are met, this applies to style feats.
Skill Unlocks: Investigators and Slayers can take Signature Skill in place of a talent for one of their class skills. Other characters can take the Signature Skill feat for skills that are, well, signature: for example, a Wizard could unlock Spellcraft or Knowledge(arcana), a ranger Survival or Stealth, and so on.
Combat Stamina: No.
Favorite Class Bonus: Pick any race's.

And here we have THE most important feature of this game:
Old Age Rules: You start the game at Venerable: however, not everyone ages the same way. You can choose any of these options:
* -6 to all physical scores and +4 to all mental score. Almost default adjustments.
* Among the following pair of abilities, choose one to grant a -6 penalty and one to grand a +4 bonus: Str/Dex, Con/Wis, Int/Cha. So if you wanted a +4 to Strength, you'd have to take a -6 to Dex and viceversa.
* You can trade one or more -6 penalties for an equal number of following disadvantages:
--- Feeble Arms: you have a -4 penalty on weapon attacks and damage rolls, and you automatically fail Strength checks. This disadvantage is reserved to classes who have a 3/4 or full BAB.
--- Clouded Eyes: You can't see further than 60 feet. You take a -5 penalty to Perception checks for every 5 feet of distance beyond 30.
--- Weak Legs: Your movement speed is halved. This includes any fast movement skill, but not armor or load reductions, and applies to any other movement mode.
--- Ruined Liver: You automatically fail saving throws against poison, nausea and sickness.
--- Slow Reactions: You take a -4 penalty to initiative rolls and Perception rolls to avoid being surprised.
--- Degraded Memory: You take a -10 penalty to Knowledge rolls. You can cast one spell per day less than usual. This disadvantage is reserved to classes who have at least level 6 spells on their spell list.
--- Heart Condition: You're always fatigued. This condition does not prevent you from doing things that cause fatigue (like barbarian rage), but those actions make you exhausted. You become exhausted after three rounds of combat.

Of course, I know that there are a thousand and a half items, feats and whatnot that could help you circumvent these penalties, so I'm trusting you to be honorable and not abuse them. Age weakness is supposed to be part of the game. For that matters, greater age resistance is not banned, but its duration is nerfed to 1 minute and you can't use it more than 1/day. Any item constantly duplicating the effect is banned.

If you have an idea for another disadvantage, or anything that I may homebrew, propose away. I make no promises, but I'll try to have you play what you want to play.

About Background: You're level 15. There are APs that end before that level. I don't want you to list every heroic deed your character performed, but you're supposed to have been strong, acclaimed and famous back in your days, someone that bards sang about.

As always, the rule is to avoid min/maxing and powerplaying. I'm not against boosting the stats you use and taking disadvantages that don't harm you too much, but I'm choosing flavor over power and balance.

Deadline for submission: January 20

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First things first: this is just a check. If I get interest, I'll probably start the recruitment some time next year, depending on my school schedule. In the meantime, if you like the idea, feel free to make your own table.

Second things second: this will be a silly game. Not full Monty Python silly, but it will have serious situations not taken seriously, weird characters and some general wackiness.

So, what's the idea? The idea is running a module or two, or possibly a few scenarios, with a group of old PCs. And by old, I mean venerable. And by venerable I don't just mean -6 Str, Dex, Con and +3 Int, Wis, Cha, I mean that you'd yell at kids to get off your lawn, get cranky without your cup of tea and forget the name of the housekeeper.

You would be retired adventurers, somewhere around level 14-16, once famous but now almost forgotten, going to live another adventure for old time's sake, or possibly because there was no one else suited for the task, what with all these young adventurers going to Lorrimor's funeral or the Swallowtail Festival.
Of course, I'd give you something in exchange for your old age. First thing off the top of the head, turn the +3 age bonus into a +4 because odd numbers irk me. Then I'd probably allow traits giving access to class features (like Mummy's Mask's trapfinding trait) so that you wouldn't have to play a weaker class just because someone's gotta find that spike pit. Possibly put up feats for stuff like getting a mental stat to AC or attack, or something like that.

So, if you want to play a wizened, bearded old wizard, or the ancient monk who is still great at kicking foes in the face, if you want to be a paladin who has back pain from the heavy armor or an old, hideous, wrinkly witch, this is the game for you.

A quick note about myself: I've started PbP recently, but I have several years of RL mastering experience and I believe that I'm pretty good at GMing. I like houseruling a few aspects of the game, because I believe that creating deep characters does not mean making them weak, and if someone wants to Finesse a scimitar, well, Slashing Grace should work without a dip in swashbuckler. I enjoy and usually allow 3PP content, up to a certain point. For example, I would prefer to avoid Psionics and Path of War unless all potential players agreed: I love the systems, but they can sometimes be overwhelming.

Back from holidays! Business should resume shortly.

It's a warm spring day near Korvosa. A hundred voices are sounding through the air, laughing, joking, chatting, tales are spun and told, coins change hands, dice are spinning. Waitresses dance around, juggling food and drink for those who have chosen to spend their day in the ever-shifting Umbral Carnival. Couples are dancing at the sound of a dozen violins, while a stage magician is producing a flock of doves from his hat.
Slightly apart from the center stands a gaudy tent with a sign advertising a fortune-teller by the name of "All-Seeing Hajeck", and in front of the tent four bizarre characters almost clash into each other, trying to enter.
One could be thought a catfolk, if not for the fact that his face is that of an uncannily large rabbit. Another has the disheveled appearance and the wily smile of a Sczarni. Then there are a girl with bronzed skin and a myriad of thin braids covered in decorations, and another with something savage in her appearance, although you couldn't put a finger on what it is.

The serving girl told you that this Hajeck is the best cartomancer in the carnival. Although she is not really a seer, she is a good storyteller, and she may be able to lead you further in your search for the legend of the Rabbit Prince.

Partly you have traced your mother's blood here, partly the cards have drawn you to it. Apparently this Hajeck is the daughter of someone who used to travel with your mother.

A man named Meloigne was last seen entering Hajeck's tent. Meloigne is a scholar and a collector of tales, and has been known to pay generously for stories from far lands, and you know you're not in short supply of those.

You are looking for a man called Meloigne Garracy, who seems to be linked to the Thassilonian artifact that you and your sister were tasked to deliver on that fateful night. You don't know exactly how Garracy was involved, but he was last seen speaking to Hajeck, the cartomancer in the tent.

Back from holidays! Business should resume shortly.

The outskirts of Korvosa are bustling with life. Tinkers, peddlers, fortunetellers, everyone is working to help build the famed Umbral Carnival, only held during a new moon, always in a different location, always shifting.
You fiddle with your Harrow deck absent-mindedly. Without looking, you already know what card you would draw, the Carnival has been consistent in the last days. The cards told you the way, guided you here for an unknown reason, but you have seen the power of a reading one time too many, you would not dare to fight when destiny pulls so hard at you.
There are chairs on the lawn, a low-bodiced Varisian girl is waltzing among them, carrying frothing mugs of ale from a wagon.
You'd love a drink right now.

Feel free to interact with your fellow characters here.

Greetings, everyone. I have come to see who of you would be interested in running the traditional and well-loved The Harrowing module, with a twist. The twist being that ONLY characters with Harrow-centric archetypes will be accepted. I have looked on the SRD and I have been able to find three: the Suit Seeker Inquisitor, the Card Caster Magus and the Cartomancer Witch. There is also the Harrow Warden Monk, but, weirdly, it looks completely unrelated to the harrow decks. Of course feel free to inform me about any I may have missed.
EDIT: Burnscar pointed out the Haarrow Bloodline for Sorcerers, the Story Summoner and the Tarroh Student Arcanist. These are all available.

About me: I am a 23-years old Computer Science and Engineering student and a roleplayer since I was 14. I have mastered a campaign and a few modules in real life and I would like to try my hand at PBP mastering, starting with a module.

About the module: As said above, harrow-centric archetypes will be necessary, although if you want to mix them with others, you are free to do so. If you want to express interest, just post a brief concept of your character: they can come from anywhere on Golarion, be of any core, featured or uncommon race (up to 17 RP) and the backstory will be rather secondary.
Please note: I will allow all non-evil alignments and Lawful Evil, but only if it's a team-player kind of LE, not a back-stabbing one.

I am thinking of taking five players of level 7, even if the campaign is recommended for level 9, because I'm giving out a plethora of freebies: for example, any character would receive these abilities:
Deck Connection: The character starts the game with a masterwork harrow deck, which works as the wizard's arcane bond item. Any number of times per day, the character can spend 10 minutes to attune with his deck. Doing so replenishes any card that has been destroyed. In case the whole deck has been destroyed, this attunement requires 8 hours and 200 gp per character level and generates a new masterwork harrow deck, without any magic enhancements that may have been placed on it.
Expert Harrower: The character gains Harrowed as a bonus feat at level 1. They can also use the Harrow Casting ability as per the Harrower prestige class, with access to all of the six towers.

I hope that I can run a fun game with you. See you soon!

Greetings everyone,
This thread is classified RED RIBBON. If you do not have clearance, further reading will damage your mind beyond repair. Apply for clearance at the Department of Internal Security, Security Management section.

Clearance RED RIBBON Eyes Only:

For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Laundry Files RPG is a Call of Cthulhu-derived game, set in modern day England, where characters are members of a bureaucratic, beyond top secret organization called "The Laundry", bent on fighting and studying the arcane horrors from beyond, while filing proper paperwork and maintaining ISO9001 certification. There's more to it, but it's covered by CODE NIGHTMARE GREEN clearance (and it's a spoiler from the books).

The PCs are civil servants, and can fall under various categories, from Computational Demonology (in this setting magic is an advanced form of mathematics, therefore computers are incredibly powerful tools) to Archives, from R&D to good old Black Ops (here called the Plumbers).

I will be sincere. This would be my first PbP mastering (I am new to PbP gaming too, although I lurked for a while) and I don't know when I will be able to set up the adventures. However, I really like the setting, and if I see some interest I will study the system and do my best.

Also, the system is not Open Game Content, so you will have, if I understood the legal aspects, to find you own books or PDF.

I would run, as a start, Lost and Found, a freely-available adventure, to test whether I can run a decent game. If the result is positive, I will buy or write some more.

Oh, and as a rule, I don't care for flashy backgrounds or party balance as much as I do for personality and realism. Aside from dark magic and computer scripts written in blood, the Laundry is set in our universe and made up of people like you and me, not bigger than life heroes. I would be perfectly fine with having a group of five geeky CS majors, provided that they act believably. You may play as yourself of you want to, just play it as you are, the good and the bad.

I think that's it, I stand here for any questions.
GM Sappy

Anyone interested please compile a 7477 module in duplicate and send it at the Department of Human Resources, sections Personnel and Training. Be sure to account for any paper clip used for the module in your expense account.