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Definitely something I didn't think about and a good reason why everyone suggested to play the game first before instituting any house rules :)

I do like the idea of losing items for each unclosed location to emulate needing to escape and dropping your stuff to get out faster.

So played a test game with a friend last night. I can see how time would be a serious issue if you got unlucky and were playing with a big party with a lot of locations to close.

I was always more concerned about no failure penalty for running out of time than the perma-death mechanic. However, after seeing that the setup of each scenario takes quite a bit of time, the opportunity cost of time would be its own penalty. On that note I do think it makes sense to institute an altered version of the rule, in that if you fail a scenario you can not keep any of the boons you received while going through the failed scenario.

Again, would appreciate experienced players thoughts on this. Thanks for all the input already.

Thanks for the input all.

h4ppy just printed out the turn sequence docs which I'm sure will be a huge help. I like the idea of a random item for each unclosed location but I think I'll have to wait and see just how bad my group of noobs will be :)

Fromper, I agree with the sentiment of not changing anything for the first time playing but luckily my proposed rule wouldn't take effect until we cleared at least one scenario. Just really concerned about the lack of punishment for a failed scenario going forward.

So I just ordered this game in order to play with a group of friends who are inexperienced in both board/card games and RPG games. I have been doing my research on the game the last couple days in order to be most prepared for our first session.

A couple things that stuck out to me as concerning. It seems that due to the nature of permadeath in the rules, the proper strategy for when in potential lethal danger is to stop exploring and restart the scenario. This seems like pretty boring gameplay to me and that is mostly because there doesn't seem to be a punishment for failing a scenario/adventure.

This brings me to my idea for a house rule, also inspired by the fact that with brand new players failure will certainly happen, and I don't want everyone to get too frustrated. Instead of permadeath I would like to create a system of punishment for dying, that also has the same punishment for failing a scenario. This would promote aggressive/heroic gameplay and not just turtling in my opinion.

Since I have never actually played the game though I don't think I am the best person to come up with a system like this so I was hoping for a little help. First, is this a system that would work? Second, if it would work, what would you think the best system is. My basic idea is that on failure or death you roll a die and get a random punishment.

Some ideas I had would be:
1. Banish a random non-basic card from your deck
2. Lose the last trait/skill/feat you gained
3. Play the next scenario with one less card in your deck

Any input or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!