Felix Dunefang's page

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Full Name

Felix Dunefang




Soldier 4




5' 0"



Special Abilities

Blitz Fighting Style, Melee Striker, 60 ft. Movement Speed, surviving getting his arm burnt off


Chaotic Neutral


Strawberry Machine Cake


At a Strawberry Machine Cake concert


Common, Akitonian



Strength 14
Dexterity 20
Constitution 11
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Felix Dunefang

A light-footed and energetic boy who joined the Society in search of adventure. Though not opposed to technological advances, he is very much old school in his weaponry, rushing into danger spear point first with his best friend Stabbystick.

Felix's origins are shrouded in mystery, the boy's first memory being waking up from a stasis pod in an abandoned pre-Gap facility on Akiton. With no past to draw upon, the young Felix scavenged what clothes he could and did his best to survive on the harsh desert planet. And as a part-time survivalist, urchin, and odd job for hire, he managed to do just that, ekeing out a surprisingly stable living for someone perpetually shirtless. ...So long as he avoided getting his neck wrung by four-armed giants who didn't appreciate getting their food stolen, of course. However, this life eventually wore on Felix, the monotony of which was killing him out of boredom. Not content to live the rest of his life this way, he seized the first opportunity that struck him, stowing away on a starship belonging to the Starfinder Society. And while the circumstances leading up to his arrival were... unorthodox, Felix was quickly inducted into the Society, where he would prove himself a capable mercenarial member of the Acquisitives Faction.

Felix relishes every opportunity to show off his skills in close-quarters combat, dodging and weaving through opponents with youthful aplomb. This specific skill set lends itself quite well to a career in the performing arts, a pursuit which caught his eye after witnessing the likes of Strawberry Machine Cake. He loves their music unironically and aspires to perform on stage alongside his idols.

Felix is also renowned in the Society for an alarming amount of near-death experiences for such a fresh-faced Starfinder. Such instances include:

• Surviving a knife in the chest from a rogue operative that missed his heart by mere millimeters.
• Withstanding an acid ball down his throat from a shady biotech dealer through sheer resolve.
• Getting his left arm burnt off by a demon with Fahrenheit 451 tendencies. (He got better.)
• Being an unwitting participant in a love rectangle between a rat, a robot, and a fanservice-y antenna girl.